Discover what your audience love, then make something they'll love even more.

Like a detective, ViralPixel combs through everything in the digital world to find out what your audience are watching and engaging with. Once that's discovered ViralPixel breaks down in painstaking details each element of the videos your audience love most. This gives you a forensic insight to make a film to captivate your audience.

Social intelligence

We use social intelligence to gain a thorough insight into your audience and the type of video content they resonate with. Finding in-depth analytics from millions of sources on:

  • Best performing videos in your niche in terms of views and engagements.
  • Best time, day and platform to post on
  • Comment sentiment
  • What words, phrases and hashtags your audience use and search for
  • Which video and channel keywords, hashtags and links to use

We also learn about industry trends, competitor strategy and potential partnerships. But because analytics on their own are just a string of numbers, we need to put them into action...

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Creative generation

We weave this data into our own creative generation tool. Think of this like a kind of creative algorithm.

You know how streaming services like Netflix usually have a good idea of what you'd like to watch based on what you've watched in the past? We've created something similar to predict what will engage your audience the most.

This tool is for the ‘qualitative’ parts of the video, the things which you can’t hang a number on.

We analyse each of the top-performing videos in-depth using a matrix of over 500 elements.

Using this extensive insight we write a script or storyboard and work with you to make a film which will bewitch your audience.

Why does this make a better video?

To win hearts and minds you need art and science. Our proprietary creative generation tool, ViralPixel, fuses both for remarkable results. It helps you make a more effective and engaging video because nothing's made in a vacuum, and there are wider trends to what any audience enjoy watching. SimplyThrilled is proud to live in the place where creativity and tech meet, creating this tool from scratch which is used solely by us.

Get in touch to see how we can use our next generation mix of creative and tech to help you, details below...


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