Nexus Works

Helping veterans build a life after their service

Coming up with a creative way-in for this project was tricky…

 We had to pull together a few different threads, and have the result appeal to a very specific niche audience…

 Nexus Works is a service which helps ease the transition into the world of work on civvy street for former members of the Armed Forces. Often when they leave the service it’s a huge culture shock to have to put together a CV and digital presence for potential employers. Nexus Works also serves ex-military who are looking to start their own business from scratch.

We kicked around a few ideas and realised we needed a bit of a creative through-line to act as a kind of crimp to hold this film together. We settled on the concept of ‘Flying Your Flag’ as based on research it seemed very apt given the heavy symbolism, and that on a practical level flags are used in the Armed Forces to signal their whereabouts and send different messages.

 We thought the best method of portraying this was through a 2d animation as the form means you can jump through concepts in a quicker way than with live-action filmmaking. We also wanted to give the film a warm feeling to give an indication of the rapport and camaraderie of ex-forces personnel building a community after their time serving together.