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In Northampton and its sprawling countryside, Simply Thrilled has stitched its narrative expertise into the fabric of the area with the precision of a shoemaker working on a fine pair of brogues. Our familiarity with Northamptonshire is not just surface deep; it's a comprehensive understanding that spans from the bustling town centre to the tranquil villages which dot the landscape. We've let this knowledge loose across a spectrum of projects, like a promotional film for a local theatre company, or a mock film trailer set against the historic backdrop of Northampton's factories.

One memorable project took us to the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, where we captured the serene beauty of Pitsford Water at sunset, for a sports tech brand looking to highlight the calming effects of nature. Another day found us navigating the energetic sidelines of a community football match in Northampton, capturing the passionate local spirit. These anecdotes reflect more than just our ability to find and film in diverse locations; they showcase our knack for embedding ourselves within the community, turning each project into a piece of visual poetry which resonates with authenticity and warmth. Through our lens, Northamptonshire isn't just a backdrop; it's a character in its own right, vibrant and full of stories waiting to be told.

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