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Simply Thrilled develops and produces projects spanning film, tv, and new media, covering all genres and formats. Our work ranges from adaptations to original IP.

We are actively looking to develop a slate of scripted projects with both new and established talent.


Our film and tv work can be seen here.

In the past our projects have ranged from 12+ hours of fantasy audio drama, a horror sci-fi feature film, new media soap operas, streaming series, reality shows, short films and documentaries.

Opportunities for Brands:

  • Brand Integration: Seamlessly integrate products or services into storylines, creating an organic and memorable connection with the audience.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Align with specific genres or themes relevant to your brand for precision marketing and reaching viewers more likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Associate with creative and innovative film and tv projects to enhance your brand's image, linking it with the sophistication and excitement of the entertainment industry.
  • Long-term Visibility: Gain long-term visibility as opposed to fleeting traditional advertisements, with sponsorship and product placement in films and TV shows that continue to be consumed over years across various platforms.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Low-budget projects provide cost-effective opportunities for brand integration, reaching niche but dedicated audiences.
  • Supporting Emerging Talent: Position your brand as a champion of emerging talent and innovative storytelling, resonating with audiences who appreciate authenticity and creativity.

Opportunities for Investors:

  • Diverse Portfolio: Add another asset class to your porfolio.
  • Return on Investment: Unique opportunities for financial return in the entertainment industry, especially as content consumption grows with streaming services and international markets.
  • Cultural Impact: Contribute to culturally significant projects, potentially influencing trends and conversations in the media landscape.
  • High Potential Returns: Low-budget films and TV shows can yield high returns, especially if they gain critical acclaim or develop a cult following.
  • Market Flexibility: Low-budget projects often have greater flexibility to adapt to market demands and trends, allowing for innovative and timely content.
  • Supporting Innovation: Investments support the grassroots of the film and tv industry, fostering innovation and allowing new voices and ideas to be heard.

Get in touch to learn more about these opportunities.

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59 million+ views

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