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In Sheffield, Simply Thrilled has woven its passion for film through the city's steel spine, demonstrating a deep understanding of both its industrial heritage and its green, urban landscape. Our familiarity with Sheffield goes beyond the postcard images of the Peak District's edges; it encompasses the city's vibrant cultural and business communities, from Kelham Island's bustling breweries to the quiet, leafy suburbs of Nether Edge. We've turned our lenses towards a diverse array of projects: capturing the gritty determination of a local manufacturing startup, its machines whirring in harmony with Sheffield's storied past, or spotlighting the dynamic energy of the city's burgeoning tech scene through a series of engaging promotional videos.

Our knack for tapping into Sheffield's unique resources and locations — be it the iconic Winter Garden or the lesser-known graffiti alleys which tell a different story of the city — sets our work apart. With projects ranging from heartfelt charity videos that tap into the city's strong sense of community to high-energy event coverage that captures the pulse of Sheffield's nightlife, our portfolio is a testament to our ability to not just navigate but narrate Sheffield's multifaceted identity. Through our lens, Sheffield isn't just seen; it's understood, with each video amassing enough engagement to tell the world what this fine city is about. Simply Thrilled doesn't just produce content; we craft narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, showcasing the depth and diversity of Sheffield with authenticity and flair.

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59 million+ views

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