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Elevate Your Educational Initiatives with Training, Instructional and E-Learning Video Production by Simply Thrilled

Revolutionise the Way You Educate, Train, and Inform

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, conventional training manuals and e-learning modules often fall short in engaging the learner. The staggering statistic from Forrester Research underscores this, revealing that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read textual content. Simply Thrilled specialises in top-notch training, instructional, and e-learning video production that transforms the way your brand educates, trains, and informs.

Why Choose Simply Thrilled?

Precision Targeting via Viralpixel

Our bespoke creative tool, Viralpixel, along with industry-leading research and social listening platforms, empowers us to tailor video content that directly resonates with your target audience, whether they are employees, customers, or stakeholders.

Unbounded Creativity

For every open brief, we propose at least four creative ideas to ensure that your educational videos are as engaging as they are informative. Say goodbye to dull training sessions and hello to captivating learning experiences.

Rapid Turnaround with Scalability

Time is of the essence, especially in fast-paced corporate settings. Whether you need to roll out an emergency training module or a comprehensive e-learning course, we're equipped to deliver top-quality content swiftly, often within a fortnight.

Engaging Storytelling

With deep roots in the film and TV industry, our creative prowess extends to crafting compelling narratives. The power of storytelling can make even the most complex subjects digestible and engaging.

By the Numbers: Our Proven Track Record

53 Million+ Views Online: We know how to capture and retain attention.

900 Thousand+ Likes Online: Our videos don't just inform; they engage.

80 Thousand+ Comments Online: Creating meaningful conversations is one of our key deliverables.

Tangible Benefits for Your Brand

Enhanced Knowledge Retention

The Journal of Applied Psychology found that training programmes incorporating video improved knowledge retention by up to 27%, proving that visual learning isn’t just a trend; it’s effective.

Streamlined Costs

The versatility of video content allows you to amortise production costs over multiple uses, from onboarding sessions to customer education, making it a highly cost-effective choice.

Elevated Employee and Customer Engagement

Companies with highly engaged teams outperform their peers by up to 202% according to Dale Carnegie Training. Similarly, engaged customers are more likely to convert, proving that high-quality videos can be game-changers in both arenas.

Flexible Learning

The convenience of accessing video training modules anytime, anywhere, aligns perfectly with the needs of today's remote and globally dispersed workforce.

Your Next Step in Digital Learning Excellence

Don’t let your brand get left behind in the old paradigms of training and education. Partner with Simply Thrilled and experience the transformative power of meticulously crafted training, instructional, and e-learning videos. Reach out to us today to find out how we can elevate your brand’s educational initiatives.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Training and Educational Content? Get Started with Simply Thrilled Today!

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59 million+ views

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