NHS Lucy’s Story

How do you tell a traumatic story in a sensitive way?

After childbirth, Lucy was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in her womb, spinal cord, lungs and brain. She was told she’d never walk again. We made a film of what happened next…

The NHS wanted to create a motivational and impactful film which detailed what Personalized Care is and does without being overly corporate or complex. We proposed to capture Lucy's story in a visually emotive way that would inform viewers of the Personalized Care service.

We believe that stories are the most effective way to make a lasting impression.

We spoke with Lucy to gain insight into her story, personality and background. We then hired a hospital ward and used the exact same medical kit to recreate the scenes of her recovery. Lucy directed the shots alongside our team, with an actor modelling for her in some of the scenes.

The visuals were created to reflect the stark, bleak hospital atmosphere, with fluorescent lighting and intrusive repetition. To add a dreamlike effect, we used a split diopter on the camera lens. The ending of the film changed the visual language to something much more open, with Lucy riding a horse in a vast, airy Sherwood forest. Wide panoramic shots highlighted a big contrast with the claustrophobia of the hospital.

This is a film we’re immensely proud of at Simply Thrilled documenting one person’s deep-seated stoicism, determination and bravery was a pleasure from start to finish!