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Navigating Birmingham's bustling streets and quiet canals, Simply Thrilled has become something of a local fixture, albeit one with a camera in hand and a story to tell. Our adventures in filming have taken us from the echoing vastness of the Library of Birmingham, where we captured the hushed whispers of knowledge being passed from page to person, to the industrial chic of the Custard Factory, where creativity seems to seep from the very brickwork. Each location, from the green expanses of Sutton Park to the historical lanes of the Jewellery Quarter, has served as a backdrop to a myriad of stories, each as diverse as Birmingham itself.

There's the time we spent an entire day chasing a jogger across the city for a wearable brand, ending up with an amazing shot at sunset which encapsulated the brand's ethos perfectly. Or the challenge of bringing the quiet dignity of a local charity's work to life, filming in the less trodden paths of the city's outskirts, where the real Birmingham breathes and thrives away from the tourist spots. These anecdotes are more than just tales of logistical feats; they're testaments to our deep understanding of Birmingham and its ever-changing personality. With every frame, Simply Thrilled doesn't just showcase Birmingham's locations; we weave the essence of the city into narratives which resonate, proving that our lens is as much a part of the local landscape as the stories we're telling.

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