What are the Differences Between Video and Film Production?

Video Production
November 1, 2023

Though quite similar in many ways, there are still some subtle differences between filmmaking and video production. These differences are often overlooked, which could sometimes result in poor results with either category. So, if you want to know how film and TV production companies work separately on film and video production, continue reading this post.


Crew Size

Films, even on a small scale, require film and TV production companies to have a large team of people to help produce them. The credits often seem to roll on forever. However, in the case of video production, it is done by small teams. Sometimes, videos are even produced individually very easily, all thanks to modern video and audio recording technology.  


Script Length

Scripts for films are likely to be more elaborate undertakings that must be constantly edited., especially feature films. But in the case of video scripts, they are more simple and straightforward. Once the video script is written, very few changes are made to it. The actual words uttered may also be unrehearsed. Sometimes, they may even add text to the video during the editing process, and there is no spoken script at all.


Location Size

Films and TV productions are usually shot in at least three different locations, but things are improving due to the advancement of computer-generated graphics. But with video production, the local footprint can be accomplished in a single location like a studio, warehouse, or office.


Target Audience

Videos and films usually have different audiences since they are made for different purposes. Film production is mostly done for entertainment, though videos may also be produced for enjoyment; most are meant to express opinions, introduce a business, promote a product or service, create demand for a certain job, give instructions and supply information.

Shooting Medium

This is a major difference between filmmaking and video production. Most videos are shot using digital videos since they have a much-improved quality and are a budget-friendly form of visual media production. Though movies may also be shot using digital videos, they are mostly shot using a film.



Videos are often short, while films are much longer. A video can be expected to be at least 3-30 minutes, but a film can take 1-3 hours. Since films are longer, they require more time, resources, money and people for their creation.



Money is another factor that differentiates video and film production. Films require much more investment than a short video.



The time taken will depend on how long your project is, i.e. the intended running time of the video or film. A 2-hour film can take months or years, but a video production may take a week or two.

Video Production for Business

So, if you are looking for video production for your business, now you know what to look for. Shooting digital videos comes with a lot less stress than shooting a film. Whether you want corporate videos from marketing or small business video production, look for a reliable video production company for stress-free and reasonably priced services with a team of professionals and editors who can assist you.

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