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In Peterborough, Simply Thrilled has navigated the city's unique landscape with the agility of a Fenland hare. Our deep-rooted understanding of the area extends from the historic Peterborough Cathedral, with its awe-inspiring architecture, to the modern bustle of Queensgate Shopping Centre. This comprehensive knowledge has enabled us to serve a broad spectrum of sectors, crafting compelling narratives that resonate. Think the fusion of tradition and innovation in a promotional video for a local estate agents, filmed against the backdrop of the city's ancient stone and the vibrant green of Nene Park, or a heartwarming charity video that captures the spirit of community in the lesser-known, quaint villages surrounding Peterborough.

Our filming escapades in Peterborough have yielded stories as rich and varied as the city itself. There was the time we captured the serene beauty of Ferry Meadows at sunset, only for a curious family of ducks to decide they wanted in on the action, providing an unexpected yet delightful twist to the opening montage of our promo film shoot. Or the challenge of filming a high-octane sports event in the city centre, navigating through crowds with the precision of a medieval knight at a jousting tournament. These anecdotes not only highlight our adaptability and creativity but also underscore our commitment to producing videos that truly encapsulate the essence of Peterborough and its diverse communities.

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