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Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are not just locations on the map for Simply Thrilled; they are the backdrop to our storytelling canvas, imbued with history and vibrant contemporary life that's as familiar to us as our own back garden. Our home advantage in Nottingham has allowed us to delve into a plethora of sectors, from educational documentaries set against the historic halls of the University of Nottingham to electrifying promotional videos for local music festivals in Sherwood Forest, where the legendary tales of Robin Hood meet modern day merrymaking. Our intimate knowledge of local resources and filming locations means we can capture the essence of Nottinghamshire in every frame, from the bustling Old Market Square to the serene landscapes of Wollaton Park.

One project had us filming mindfullness meditation in the mud and noise of Download Festival. Then there was the impromptu jazz performance in Hockley which, while scouting locations, we stumbled upon and which ended up being the heart and soul of a local business's promotional video, embodying the spontaneous rhythm of city life. These anecdotes showcase not just our creative versatility and logistical acumen but also our deep-rooted love and understanding of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, painting a picture of a place where history and modernity dance in harmony, and where every corner has a story waiting to be told through our lenses.

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