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In the historic city of Cambridge and the surrounding Cambridgeshire countryside, Simply Thrilled has been weaving its video production magic, capturing the essence of this iconic location with the finesse of a punter navigating the River Cam. Our team's profound understanding of Cambridge goes beyond the prestigious university colleges and picturesque bridges; it encompasses the innovative spirit of the city's business startups and the rustic charm of the surrounding villages. This deep knowledge has enabled us to produce a diverse portfolio of projects, from a documentary exploring the cutting-edge research within the university's laboratories, tying back to the city's centuries-old tradition of academic excellence, to a vibrant promotional video for a local artisan food market in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, showcasing the region's rich agricultural heritage.

Our filming adventures in Cambridge have been filled with memorable moments, such as the early morning shoot in the Backs, where the serene beauty of the college gardens provided a breathtaking backdrop, only for a curious cat to wander into frame, and stare unblinking directly into the camera lens adding an unexpected touch of humour. Or the time we captured the hustle and bustle of the Cambridge Science Park, where navigating through a maze of innovative companies felt like stepping into the future, each turn revealing a new story of discovery and invention. These experiences not only highlight our versatility and creative flair but also our commitment to capturing the unique stories of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, blending the historic with the contemporary to create compelling narratives which resonate with viewers.

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