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In the tapestry of Derby and Derbyshire, Simply Thrilled threads its expertise with the precision of a skilled artisan. Our familiarity with Derby isn't just about knowing which café serves the best Bakewell tart; it's about understanding the pulse of this vibrant area, from the industrial heart of the city to the serene landscapes of the Peak District. This isn't just knowledge; it's a deep connection, allowing us to pinpoint the perfect setting for any tale, whether it’s capturing the innovative spirit of a tech startup in one of the city’s business parks or the steadfast resolve of a Peak District conservation project. Our portfolio here is as diverse as the region itself, a mosaic of stories from different sectors, each vividly brought to life against the backdrop of Derbyshire's rich landscape.

Our knack for utilising local resources and locations isn't just happenstance; it's the result of years of experience and over fifty projects successfully delivered in the area, garnering upwards of a million views online. These aren't just numbers; they're testaments to our ability to resonate with audiences far and wide. Whether it's a promotional video for a local mortgage provider, or an educational piece for a Derbyshire charity, highlighting the lush landscapes which frame their work, Simply Thrilled crafts each narrative with a keen understanding of its audience. We're not just filming; we're weaving Derbyshire's unique stories into the global tapestry, showcasing the region's diversity and dynamism through the universal language of video.

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59 million+ views
1 million+ likes
80 thousand+ comments
2 thousand+ tv broadcasts

59 million+ views

1 million+ likes

80 thousand+ comments

2 thousand+ tv broadcasts