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What do you think of when you imagine ‘strategy’? We’re guessing you visualise some kind of chessboard 10-moves-ahead, battle-of-wits kinda scenario?  It doesn’t need to be that much of a head-scratcher. Strategy basically means having an overall plan of how the video(s) are going to help hit your over-arching organisational goals. What they’re for, where they’re going and who they’re aimed at as well as how they best capture what your organisation stands for. 

Applying all of that knowledge and information to video marketing can seem daunting, but with the right tools, the right know-how, and the right passion, video strategy can lift your organisation head-and-shoulders above the melee of noise out there and really get across what you want. Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled is well-versed in creating data-driven video strategies that take your organisation into the stratosphere.

Nottingham’s friendly neighbourhood video production company Simply Thrilled has a video strategy that is hardwired for success. We use first-class proprietary technology and social intelligence to comb through the digital space and find out what audiences want to watch. Armed with this info, we make magical films which really connect to people. Our decades of experience means we know exactly how to take your video strategy to the next level.

Simply Thrilled makes video strategy...

  • Impactful - We have the experience and a reputation that proves that we know what makes a good video strategy. With 50 million views online, 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand thrilled comments, and countless 5-star reviews on Google, our content and our strategies are clear winners.
  • Numbers-backed - We know, we know. Combining science and art? It’s famously a case of chalk-and-cheese, but bringing together data and artistry is what allows us to create strategies that are as effective as they are beautiful. Using our ViralPixel technology to develop a deep understanding of when, where, and why audiences watch your content, we concentrate on creativity that hinges on matching the wants and needs of the audience.
  • Reputable - Good strategy considers all avenues of your business, and the ways in which your video can be used and often re-used cross-platform by your entire organisation. Our attention-to-detail means we have the potential of your brand or other organisation in mind from the initial germination of an idea to the final post-production stage. We have collaborated with many varied and exciting clients, from Universal to Bose to Download Festival, so rest assured that we know how to implement a killer video strategy to your organisation.
  • Quality - Using cinema and broadcast-quality cameras is a standard at Simply Thrilled, making the video itself easy-on-the-eye and effective in conveying your message. At the same time, our focus on successful strategy means we can tap into competitor insights, production trends, and more to refine our ideas to be the best they can be.

Video strategy can seem overwhelming, but Simply Thrilled prides itself on being invigorated by a challenge. Using data to inform how we generate ideas and develop effective, bespoke video strategy, we are a video production company with passion and practicality at the forefront. 

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