Toploader ‘This is the Night’

How do you bring the noise for a Brit nominated rock band?

Multi-million album selling household name Toploader approached us viatheir record label to concoct this charming trip-down-memory-lane of a musicvideo.


Best known for their track ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ which has hadpeople rushing to the dancefloor for over 20 years, it was a huge privilege tore-ignite their career with a music video for their come-back single.


To set the scene, we had a detailed conversation with the band’sfrontman Joseph Washbourn who spoke of the impetus behind the song’s fruition,that of his childhood memories of growing up in the 80s. It became obvious thatthis was a touchstone which needed to be explored…


Working extensively with Joseph we envisioned an 80s nostalgia-fest ofa music video with a loose narrative about an underdog gawky boy, who strivesto get the girl!


Turning to frequent collaborators of ours, the Bafta winning talent atthe Actors Workshop, we cast a range of debut talent, including our lead boywho’d never appeared on camera before the shoot.


Often, when working with younger talent they can either clam-upentirely and appear stifled in the scene or go too far the other way and reallyever-egg the pudding, becoming too heightened so we were really happy with theperformances delivered. The restrictions of working with kids of that age meantwe had to film the entirety of the music video in just half a day, shooting inIona School locally.


Despite a limited budget and just a fortnight turnaround on the wholeproject we produced a film which has gone down a storm with tv stations andfans alike. And you’d need a heart of pure granite not to crack a smilewatching!