Mira Park

How do you bring a sterile tech park to life?

Mira Tech Park is a place where new technology is conceived, created,explored and tested. It's forward thinking, innovative. Think hydrogen fuel anddifferent types of engine, all in an eco-friendly way.


They approached us to promote the site as a vibrant, futuristic,experimental place where companies can come and test their products with thefreedom of no one being allowed to know what's going on in the facility.

The client sent a reference to a piece of video art by Fantasma, whichwas 20 minutes long and our film was supposed to clock in at no more than 1minute, so it was a challenge to capture the mood and condense that down tosuit a more stringent run-time.


We worked on the premise of juxtaposing technology against a naturallandscape and added the idea of a motif - various shapes - which slowly evolveto form an element of Mira Park’s branding to act as a throughline to bringcohesion to the film.


The Mira Park site is over 40 acres wide, with a car test trackrunning through it. On this track cars can go up to 150 miles per hour entirely legally, so we had all the visualpizzazz we needed!


The tech park itself is very industrial-looking so we had to beselective in choosing which locations to shoot to give off the futuristic vibewe were looking for.


We recce’d the site extensively to find shapes to act as segue devicesto take us from one scene to the next and pull together the disparate elementsof nature, tech and aerial shots.


We filmed over 2 days on the ground returning on a 3rd day for aerialshots with a drone, we edited it over 5 days with constant feedback betweenMira Park, their agency as well as their branding consultancy.