Video production in the East Midlands - a guide

Shobana Sivathevan
August 29, 2023

It is clear that the art of video production has significantly developed from using a phenakistoscope, better known and more easily pronounced as the ‘Spindle viewer’, to stimulate moving images. And Edison’s well known Kinetoscope, which could be branded as the first building block of videography. This is mainly due to the rapid development of computers and smartphones which has intrinsically led to the advancement of video production. It is strange to think that less than hundred years ago the first video with sound was created, or the fact that editing tools were only introduced less than forty years ago. Now we no longer need fancy and hard to pronounce equipment to shoot a cinema level video but equipment like a camera or even a phone is all one needs. These alongside editing equipment have become cheaper and are now accessible to all. The possibilities have been endless since, significantly increasing the importance of video production in today’s society. And whilst using one’s phone may produce a good video, why would you settle for good when a video production company can help you produce a video that is not only sublimely cinematic but can reduce the pressure of creating a professional video.

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East Midland’s very own

Even though video production is now seen as a different craft from film production one cannot look at production in the East Midlands without acknowledging some of the most popular films shot. The Dark Knight rises requires no introduction, this conclusion of the trilogy featuring some of the most talented actors in Hollywood was shot in Nottingham itself. Whilst many productions have chosen to make Nottingham their filmmaking homes, the East Midlands has much to be proud of with regards to the region’s representation on screen. Once again using information compiled from IMDb we have looked into some of the most popular films shot in the East Midlands

The Duchess directed by Saul Dibbs follows the life of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Kiera Knightley), a political and social woman who is trapped in a failed marriage. This film was partly shot in Chatsworth house, referred to as the ‘jewel in the Peak District’s crown’, the house of the Cavendish which Georgianna marries into. This historical house has also been used to film scenes from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice adaptation as Mr Darcy’ infamous Pemberley Estate.

The 1987 critically acclaimed The Princess Bride, whilst using various locations, had prevalent scenes filmed in Derbyshire. Haddon Hall for example has proven to be a popular filming location, for not only Prince Humperdinck’s castle in The Princess Bride, but many periodical pieces including Justin Chadwick’s The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, Shekhar Kapur’s Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett, and Trevor Nunn’s Lady Jane. Other landscapes from Derbyshire were used in the cult classic such as the peak district and the Robin Hood’s stride. It is clear that the scenic route and the grand manors of the East Midlands has made the region a very popular destination for periodical films.

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Growing importance of video on today’s economy

It is a fact that the East Midlands has the UKs fastest growing economy, for which video production is vital for further economic development. Businesses are changing the way they interact with their clients and communities. Hence there is a need, now more than ever, to create a successful video that captivates the relevant audience. Videos have proven to be a powerful platform to spread corporate messages in a simplified and entertaining way across multiple platforms and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. So it is no surprise why it has become a popular marketing strategy and used amongst retailers like Dove and Boots to advertise their products and vision. It has also become a vital tool amongst organisations sharing stories of their work towards the improvement of other lives and the education sector to promote courses. 

Whilst most video production companies offer the same services in terms of pre – production, production, post production and video marketing, when choosing a suitable video production company there are other qualities you need to look out for; previous work, the companies’ ethos and speciality.

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