Video production in Derby - a guide

Shobana Sivathevan
March 12, 2024

Comingrightatcha with our comprehensive guide to video production in Derby - check out what all these creative powerhouses are all about!

Simply Thrilled

Okay okay, we know what you’re thinking, but, it’s our blog! We’re allowed to put ourselves first, right?!

Simply Thrilled is a video production company, armed with fresh ideas and always shooting to thrill.

We work with people like Universal, Island Records, Bose, Boots, Download Festival, The Guardian and many, many more.

We do all the usual stuff you’d expect from a leading video production agency, using Hollywood-grade kit operated by a roster of exceptional creative talent and we offer a full-service approach from the germ of an idea right on through to delivery, marketing, advertising and more.

What’s truly unique about us though, is we felt something was missing in the mix.

 It felt like many people were just making content to fit what they wanted, or what the client wanted but not, necessarily, what the audience wanted to actually watch. These 3 things can sometimes be the same thing, but often aren't.

That’s why we came up with our own unique, proprietary ViralPixel technology which, like a detective, takes the analytics from what the audience in your niche are watching on Youtube, commenting on, liking, sharing and otherwise engaging with and then breaks it down across over 500 elements. 

Then, cos ideas and creativity is at the core of what we do, we  use this comprehensive info to make a film which is fresh as a daisy but also fits like a glove to the audience you’re targeting. If you’d like to know more about this do go and check it out over here

This can lead to fantastic results, we’ve racked up over 50 million views on Youtube alone with hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and shares. We do a bunch of different videos types, as a general rule if you can draw it or point a camera at it we can probably do it :-)

Jet Productions 

A company focusing most on corporate video production and music videos but are skilled in many areas of film making. They describe themselves as a company which helps businesses tell a story through entertaining and innovative corporate video production. The university of Derby is one of their biggest clients and they have produced a variety of videos for them including videos advertising their courses as well as documenting features of student life at the university. Their Blog which covers their work as well as the company as it grows, unfortunately they have not updated the blog in over 6 years so there is little indication of what they have been up to recently.

Impress Video Production

“A video production agency producing creative stories for brands”. They cover a wide range of services including TV adverts, Product videos, Corporate videos, social media marketing and Animated videos. Their website is detailed with many of their past works, their briefs for them and how they produced the service for their clients. One piece which stands out is their work for Visqueen where they created comical adds for the UK’s supposed “strongest black bin liner”. Their ad was targeted at a young female audience and is worth checking out if you’re into ultimate gardening. 

A1 video production

Rather strangely, this company is based just off of the A38 rather than the A1. Despite being founded over 20 years ago, there is almost no information on their past work and they have no social media presence with a website still under construction, they claim to offer high quality photography at unbeatable prices for any occasion. 

All video productions Ltd. Or AVP for short 

A small company with 4 full-time employees, AVP’s motto is “Video Marketing = Problem Solved” and their main focus is on video marketing online. Their unique feature is ‘Done for you’, which they have developed during the Covid-19 lockdown so that they can keep producing videos for clients, so they can keep advertising products and services and help train and recruit employees. This feature takes footage the client has already created and uses editing and an understanding of the client’s business to create engaging content. If the clients are lacking content, AVP has access to a library of stock photos and animations as well as professional voice over artists to create a complete production. They feature a range of their recent clients on their website, with their work from this year ranging from descriptive product videos for photon laser cutters to a theatre trailer for a James Bond Spoof. Their Blog dates back to September 2015 and offers insight into some of their recent work.

5 Lamps Media Ltd 

Not to be confused with the Five Lamps pub in Derby, they describe themselves as a Swiss army Knife, with many tools at their disposal to provide the most suitable and best service for their clients. They appear to be active only on LinkedIn where they have a total of 4 employees listed, making them a compact team. They have produced videos for multiple large clients such as the NHS, Toyota, and Network rail. They feature examples of their work for these clients on their website as well as on their Vimeo profile.

Jimmy Knott Video Creative

Jimmy Knott is a freelance video producer in Derby, he has been working in video production since 2003 and his goal is to help create a business identity for his clients by using his videos. He is an owner of the directing team PUSH and his clients have included Gordon Ramsey, Sainsbury’s and Google. His work has ranged in tone from the informative piece on Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant ‘Lucky Cat’ to the comical style of adverts such as ‘Marmite neglect’.

The Online Video Production Company 

This company specializes in marketing and communications videos for businesses. Unlike other video production companies, online video production don’t use any onsite filming. They highlight that this means there will be no disruption to the client and instead they use a network of professional cinematographers to either produce fresh video content or use their existing content in their production. Their website also features many tips on video marketing in general and on Instagram and Facebook to help those curious to learn about video marketing and what makes it successful. 

Future Proof films

A team of four video production professionals, they work on promotional, animated, event, training, and recruitment videos. The clients they have shown their work with are usually smaller businesses than some of the big names other companies in the area have worked with. Their website also features their Vlog and Blog where they keep the company’s activities up to date and also offer tips and information on the process of video production. During the Covid-19 lockdown, they have developed ‘Pro Remote Video’, a self-shoot service to allow their clients to keep producing new content without any face to face filming. This service includes service hire of equipment they will need to film, on-call assistance on the day of filming and guidance from the team on pre-production, ideas, and on launching the content when its finished. There is also a thorough cleaning service for after each use.

Big Ant Video

Specialists in web-based video, they produce a wide range of content including educational videos, content for YouTube channels, company profile videos, personal CV videos as well as vieo logos and interactive videos. They are active on social media sites including Facebook and twitter and have almost 1000 subscribers on YouTube where they upload some of their work but most uploads onto their channel are guides on video production mainly focused on Adobe Premiere. They have documented a lot of their past work on their website where we see that animation and CGI plays a large part in their videos. Some of their largest and most well-known past clients have included Siemens, Marks and Spencer’s, and BT. They have a solid 5Star rating on Google reviews.

John Watts Video Productions 

Like Jimmy Knott video, John Watts is a freelance video producer who appears to have set up this company in early 2018. He has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years and has gone through many roles in that time, from working at ITV to becoming director at JTA media (a production company in Sheffield). He shoots and edits all projects himself with a full film kit and mostly works on Premiere Pro for editing with a wide range of software for VFX. Past work on his website involves a range of adverts, corporate videos and Trailers he has produced. 

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