Video production companies in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

In this comprehensive (5 thousand words plus), regularly updated article, you will learn about the many and varied video production companies, creative video agencies, videography companies, film production companies and media production companies based throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and a few further afield in the East Midlands but serving clients in Nottingham.

As with every business, each is different and all offer something varied for their clients - there’s a wealth of talent in Notts! If you’re interested in finding a way to promote your business and are wondering if video might be an option this list is the first and only place you need. Without further ado and in no particular order, let’s dive right in!

Simply Thrilled

Okay okay, we know what you’re thinking, but, it’s our blog! We’re allowed to put ourselves first, right?!

Simply Thrilled is a video production company, armed with fresh ideas and always shooting to thrill.

We work with people like Universal, Island Records, Bose, Boots, Download Festival, The Guardian and many, many more.

We do all the usual stuff you’d expect from a leading video production agency, using Hollywood-grade kit operated by a roster of exceptional creative talent and we offer a full-service approach from the germ of an idea right on through to delivery, marketing, advertising and more.

What’s truly unique about us though, is we felt something was missing in the mix.

 It felt like many people were just making content to fit what they wanted, or what the client wanted but not, necessarily, what the audience wanted to actually watch. These 3 things can sometimes be the same thing, but often aren't.

That’s why we came up with our own unique, proprietary ViralPixel technology which, like a detective, takes the analytics from what the audience in your niche are watching on Youtube, commenting on, liking, sharing and otherwise engaging with and then breaks it down across over 500 elements. 

Then, cos ideas and creativity is at the core of what we do, we  use this comprehensive info to make a film which is fresh as a daisy but also fits like a glove to the audience you’re targeting. If you’d like to know more about this do go and check it out over here

This can lead to fantastic results, we’ve racked up over 50 million views on Youtube alone with hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and shares. The types of video production services we provide include the below, but as a general rule if you can draw it or point a camera at it we can probably do it, or know someone that can :-)


Advert (digital, television, cinema)


Brand Film

Client/Customer Testimonial 

Company Profile 


CSR Video Production

Customer Experience/journey 








Internal Communications





Social Media 

video production nottingham steadicam in action

Reel Media

Reel Media is a creative production agency which specialises in a few different areas, seeking to bring your ideas to life in a few different ways. Founded by Ben Newth in 2004, Reel do not settle with the first idea they come up with, instead, they take everything back to basics and explore different ideas to create the right product for their clients. As well as working hard for the best possible final product for their clients, they work closely with those clients to bring the best possible product to life. Not only do they specialise in filming, they even dabble in animation, giving even more creative options for your idea and your product to make your business stand out among the crowd.

During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, the team has carried on non-stop. Though they have not been able to work in their usual environment, they still have managed to work on other things such as their animated projects to bring their customers their production service from their very own homes. 

Some of their clients include; Capital One, NHS, Nottingham City Council, 200 Degrees Coffee, Savoy Cinemas and Hallam Internet, just to name but a few! 

cameraman video production nottingham

Envision Productions

The next company on this list is, Envision Productions. Envision have a decade of experience when it comes to producing films, be it large companies or the smaller ones. As their website states, “We specialise in fun, informative and engaging media to remember.” Not only do Envision have a decade of working in the business, they are one of the first production companies in Britain to adopt 360 video production techniques. What else do they do? I hear you cry.

Well, quite a lot as it happens.

As well as the above of adopting the 360-video production technique, they also specialise in Aerial Video Production which is shot in 4K! They have flying experts within their business who are qualified with years of experience that bring these videos to life through using camera cranes and all sorts of equipment to really spark an interest in your business!

They also do event coverage. If you have an event, whether that be a party, a show or a special business event Envision’s production team can be there! With timings based around half a day or the entire day, giving you the best possible service. After filming your event they will provide you with either a reel of the highlights, the full-length video, or both! After the videos have been produced, they will be provided in whatever format you prefer. Whether that be as a DVD that can be passed on, or sold to family, friends, colleagues or even customers. Additionally, they can create an online web link for you, should you wish to use this method of promoting your business or event.

Following on from event coverage, 360 video and Aerial Video Production, you would think I’m done. Not yet! What else does Envision do? 

They also do promotional videos; corporate video production and they even specialise in animated explainer videos. These animated videos are 2-3 minutes in length, designed in 2D and all you need to do is provide the script and they will do the rest.

Finally, though there is so much more they do, which you can view on their website, they do music videos and can even help with dramas. They work with local actors, drama groups and crews to bring these short scripts to life.

Finally, their client list includes names such as: City Arts, Chatsworth and Benwell Daykin!

video production nottingham over the shoulder shot

Mediabox Productions

The third company on this list is MediaBox Productions. Like Envision, MediaBox also offer a variety of services to you as a customer. Once again, you want to know what they do. Let me have the pleasure of informing you.

MediaBox Productions was established in 2008 by Nick Nixon who is the creative director of the company. As well as working in the UK, the company's expertise stretches globally, and they offer a straight from script to screen service. 

The areas the company specialises in include; video production, animation, web design, digital marketing, voice over and they also offer training courses for businesses and those in the education sector.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, this team has also  adapted to make sure they keep working and bringing you the best possible service with their virtual production offering. They have a virtual academy to teach aspects of media for education sectors such as schools and universities! They even offer to help with any coursework that needs doing, now there’s any idea...

Some of their clients range from; Hopkins Solicitors, Holiday Inn and Nottinghamshire Council to name a few. 

woman with camera video production nottingham

V-point TV

The fourth company in this list is, V-Point TV. So, what do they do?

V-Point productions specialise in many different areas and here is just a taster of what they do: Promotional videos, case studies, TV and online advertising, training videos and even recruitment videos! This is just an example of the extensive work V-Point do! They are also a small team who can deliver for your project. 

The small team comprises of creatives, writers, directors of photography, editors and designers and they’re based near Sherwood in Nottingham. You would also be delighted to know that they do all of this from a Victorian House. With experience in working with large international companies, national companies, charities and more I think this merry group of folks are just brill. Oh, and did I mention, they also work with universities and colleges to promote them too?

woman with camera different angle video production nottingham

Wellington Films

Wellington Films have been operating now for 18 years and unlike some of the previous companies on this list, they have a very specific area of expertise in mind. They produce projects for film and television. They are also one of the ‘Busiest production companies in the country.’ As stated on their website. Their team consists of senior producers and junior producers that operate on many projects whether they be small or large. Wellington was formed to take up the short film commission at central ITV. After getting their big break in 2005, three years after the company was set up they’ve gone on to have many of their films screened at festivals and more to critical acclaim!

The company also partake in consultancy and teaching activities. Their clients include the likes of; The BFI Film Academy, Met Film School and The National Film and Television School. As well as their films reaching international acclaim, they also work internationally in countries such as Belgium, Zambia and Morocco!

man pointing camera video production nottingham

Fat Free Media

Fat Free Media is at number six in this list!

 The variety they offer is huge. From creative and production to strategy and consulting. There seems to be nothing they can’t do! Fat Free aim to give you the best possible product, going into all the nooks and crannies, delving so far in to make sure the outcome of your project gets the right audience for your business! They also do  animation, live-action, sound design, production management, campaign strategy and so much more! They also look at developing your initial idea, stretching it out, pulling it apart, story boarding and everything you could possibly think of!

Some of their clients include; Capital One, Toyota, Woodland Trust and Center Parcs. Once again, just to name a few! 

As I stated at the beginning, the variety they offer is huge and they do not shy away from any idea, no matter how whacky and wonderful it is, they will embrace it to give you what you are looking for. 

man with camera video production nottingham

Black Hawk Productions

I would argue that Black Hawk Productions is somewhat more different to that of some others on this list. Run by Andrew with over 20 year’s experience in the industry, he offers courses such as how to use different types of software such as Final Cut Pro X or Premier Pro CC to edit your own work. He doesn’t stop there! Oh no, he also teaches how to use lighting in things such as interviews, lighting portraits and even cars using LED, tungsten and fluorescent lights! Andrew also offers training courses. Advanced or even beginner courses such as; shooting video for social media, editing video for social media, shooting news and documentary footage for mobile Journalism, editing news and documentary footage for mobile Journalism and  much more besides.

He even offers services such as producing your projects for you. This man can really do it all! Some of Blackhawks clients include; Royal Navy, ITV News, Jewson, Zurich, Sky betting and gaming. The list goes on! 

man outside with camera video production nottingham

DGTL Media

For number 8 in our list we have DGTL Media who are an independent company with two bases. One of them being London the other, Nottingham! DGTL specialise in branding and so if you are a new or existing business that need help with branding, whether that be a new brand or refreshing your current branding DGTL is quite possibly the one for you. They get to know you and what you are all about. They want to know what audience you are looking at targeting so they can pull together something that makes you as a business stand out from the crowd and pull those customers in! Though DGTL have only been around for 6 years, since 2014 that does not mean they have not had an impact. In fact, you should see some of their clients and they range from; Red Bull, Tui, WD-40, Dimensions Festival and that is just a taster. 

people in viewfinder video production nottingham

Otto Video

For number 9, we have a company that has only been around since 2016. Otto Video were originally put together to offer solutions to small businesses and start up businesses within Nottingham, however, now they have ventured further afield. They aim to extend their brand not only in Nottingham, but also other places across the United Kingdom and Ireland. As well as specialising in corporate video, they also create content that can have the maximum impact on social media. They start by looking at the brief you provide them with, discuss with you your ideas before then moving to the planning stages, which involves creating storyboards and looking through an array of concepts that could be suitable for what you would like for your business before then going straight to production. In post-production they add the last finishing touches and review what the outcome could be, staying with you every step of the way. 

What other things does Otto do?

They film at weddings and any other event that they may be required for as well as promotional videos, music videos and even talking head videos which ensures a personal connection between you and your clients. 


Skeleton Productions

At number 10 in this list is Skeleton Productions. Skeleton offer tailored quotes to all their clients as well as a wide variety of services, stemming from video strategy which includes (Video marketing strategy, video content strategy, video campaign planning and even video brand guidelines) secondly, they specialise in video production which is everything from, Promotional, internal comms, corporate, training videos and animation. They also do video marketing. You name it, they (probably) do it.

On their website they also offer some free webinars! 

filming video marketing


At 11 in this list, we move to Bottletop, who specialise in both video production and animation. Bottletop also work in television with clients such as the children’s channel, CITV. Not only have Bottletop worked with CITV, other clients such as; The BBC, Esendex, Kindle Entertainment and even Channel Five on The Gadget Show. The company themselves have also won several awards. Within the business, they have many workers who are skilled in different areas, ensuring the final product is the very best it can be. Other projects they can help with are; TV, promotions, attractions, advertising and more! With 17 years in the business you know your project is in some of the best hands!

focussing camera corporate video production

Page One Media

At number 12, we have Page One Media who specialise in many different areas including; Corporate videos, animated videos, done/aerial videos, property videos and more. With many years of experience, Page One knows how to produce your product fast and efficiently. Not only do they deal with video production, they also deal in photography to make sure your business stands out a mile! Having been working since the 1990s with companies such as The BBC and ITV. The company are also CAA licensed for aerial and drone work that they offer!  Page One know exactly how to give you the product you desire. 

handheld camera video production company

Tale Productions

At lucky number 13 in this list, we have Tale Production, a video marketing strategy company who offer multiple services to ensure that how you market your business is done in the right way. They work with your marketing team to help what your marketing strategy come into fruition. Indeed, if you do not have a marketing strategy, they can help to create one based upon the resources and marketing goals that you currently have in place to ensure that your business reaches the right audiences and beyond.

So, you want to face off or beat any competition from other businesses? Coming to Tale for a consultation and a quick quote could ensure that you and your business can fend off this competition with a personalised video for your marketing strategy needs. 

The style of video you want can, of course, vary. Tale caters for such occasions, offering; Testimonial, Behind the scenes, Social media video, animation, motion graphics and more!

Of course, it is not just businesses that they help. They also deal in event video, corporate video, product videos, video advertisements and in recent times where we have all found ourselves on a Zoom call or two, they even offer that style of service if that is a way you want to market giving that feeling of community that would really grab an audience's attention! There is so much they do that will leave you spoiled for choice!

Some of their clients include NHS, P&G, The Protein Works, Loughborough University and more! 

big camera rig

Dynomite Productions

We are now halfway through this list of amazing video production companies based in Nottingham and there have been some crackers in this list! We are not yet done though! The very next company in this list is explosive which can only mean one thing. Oh yes, at number 14 we have Dynomite Productions! I imagine it is called DynOmite because as soon as clients see what they have to offer, the first thing they exclaim in delight is O! So, let’s see why I think clients may have such a reaction to Dynomite.

With 13 years of experience, Dynomite are visual storytellers, working with both the public and private sectors in a variety of industries. They specialise in mostly corporate productions and when you visit them, they will sit down with you and a coffee, giving you all their attention. 

Dynomite’s team consists of different areas of expertise, ranging from; producing, project management, script writing, set design, editing, animation and more!

What’s more, they have worked with well-known and world-renowned companies and here are a list of some that they have worked with; JCB, Expedia,, Cisco and more! 

camera monitor filming

Aztec Productions

At number 15 we have something which may be considered ancient but is more modern than ever. With 11 years’ experience, we have Aztec Productions. Aztec began as a virtual tour company, but soon saw their potential in corporate video production.

Aztec create corporate videos for every size of business, big or small and have helped create videos for anything from bars, restaurants and can even help you to sell your luxury property. Whatever your needs, the Aztecs are there to help! If you are struggling to sell a product or feel as though you are getting nowhere, Aztec can help with a demonstration video for the product you are trying to sell!

The list of companies they have worked for is extensive. Take a glace here; Nicholas Bonfield Estate Agents, Bentons Estate Agents, CJS Properties, David James Estate Agents and more!

camera on tripod video production nottingham

Video Business Experts

In at number 16 we have a company who promise quality, return on investment, and swiftness for their valued customers.

As stated on their website, ‘Business Video Experts exists to help businesses become much more visible, trusted and credible in their sector.’ With, they offer multiple services such as Testimonial, Case Study, Event Video and even bespoke video for you and your business needs!

camera in nottinghamshire


Heads up! Here on our list, we have ThinkAllowed, a very modern company working with 3D and 3D animation in their work to help create a deeply engaging presentations and more for you and your company. The team at ThinkAllowed engage and utilise a mix of industry experience providing, the compatibility, skill set and most importantly, the capability to provide a solution to your business needs.

ThinkAllowed really want your idea to pull in the right clients for you and will take all the care in the world to achieve the end product that you are looking for to make you and your business stand out from others.

The company work on corporate video, documentary, case study videos, conferences, event  videos and more!  Their full production services include; Script writing, Story Boarding, Camera work, 2D motion graphics and even as mentioned before, 3D CGI animation. 

camera in room film production nottingham

Dimension 2

At number 18 we are travelling to different dimensions, (I know, I know) 

Dimension 2 are a film production company based within Nottingham (But of course, we knew this!) and they have been around for nine years! Collaborating with agencies, brands and individuals to create a top-notch film and video content for a vast array of platforms that are out there in the universe! Of course, they are driven by quality storytelling and stitching it up with the finest threads and putting it together with stunning cinematic visuals! 

Short films, whether that be drama or factual, they can do it for all of the brands that may need their help to make their own business stand out in a world that is filled with millions of  businesses. Yours needs to be a supernova to outshine the others and that is what Dimension 2 endeavour to do! They work, not only local, but global too!

Out in the cosmos, Dimension 2 have worked with some of the best out there. Take a look through the Kaleidoscope and see; British Council, Amazon, Speedo, UniDays, Warner Music, Bella Freud and many more!

light and camera with man video production nottingham

Other places for video production in Nottingham

If you’re looking further for other companies, or wanting to combine services here’s a list of other companies that do video as part of their mix:

Coales Capture

Capture this! At number 19 we have Coales Capture a digital media house, ran by Joe Coales in Nottingham, UK. From product photography, music videos to food photography and corporate videos, Coales Capture aims to supply the good creative content.


Since 2012 the goal has been to create videos and photography, with being passionate about creating engaging stories for audiences all around the world to enjoy. This company wants to represent your business, brands and organisations with stunning video content. They offer a variety of services that will cater for all your project needs, from start to finish. They have worked with well-known companies like The Institute of Mental Health Nottingham, Broadway Cinema Cafebar Nottingham, etc. The list goes on!

video production nottingham filming

E R D Visual Media

The big 2 0 is Nottingham's Video Production E R D Visual Media, this company strongly believes that video is the most powerful tool that any brand or business can use to achieve its goals. Do you have an interesting and compelling story to tell? They love to work with unique creative businesses and individuals who are full of stories, whether it be to reach new audiences, strengthen your brand identity or promote a message in a visually engaging way. Sounds good? 

They’re based in Nottingham and they have worked with some amazing clients both nationally and internationally such as, Stroke Association, Warlord Games, ENSO Music Management and Sheltered Spaces.

close up of camera lens

Rusty Monkey

Rusty Monkey is an exciting branding agency that focuses on something slightly different to the other companies on this list. Rusty Monkey’s mission statement tells us they want to work together to create a happier business by resolving your problems and improving your success. They will help you to define your audience and figure out the best way to communicate with them. Then they will help define your visual presence so that all your communication looks and feels just right. They want to help make you stand out from the crowd and as we all know there is a lot of competition!


What do Rusty Monkey do?

The variety they offer is huge! From Branding & Communication to websites, Ecommerce & Apps to Video Animation & Photography, Graphics & Illustration to content and writing, the list goes on! They even offer ongoing support and improvement, choose between a marketing retainer – for producing all your marketing assets or an online marketing retainer for taking care of your social media, online strategy and advertising budget - or both!

Their clients include big brands like the Viking, Travis Perkins and more.

close up of camera lens 2nd angle video production nottingham

Aether Digital

At number 22 we have Aether Digital, a professional video production in Nottingham offering a range of marketing services. This company came to life in 2008 set up by Holly Jarrett and Kevin Packham, back then they specialised in the fitness video industry creating videos for companies and individuals varying from event showreels to exercise DVDs. Within 6 years their client base grew as they gradually moved to the corporate world of video, they gained clients such as Serco, University of Greenwich, just to name a few! 

They offer a range of video styles from infographic animation explainer videos to presenter-to-camera style advice videos with step-by-step guides. Whatever your requirement may be they are able to make a video which accomplishes it. Offering a range of video production services such as: video filming, video editing and video animation. Their marketing services vary from Video Production, Graphic Design, WordPress Website Creation and Social Media Management with a few other options too! They also have created a set of bespoke package options which are designed for specific purposes and created to achieve an exact aim such as, monthly marketing package, video prospectus package, start-up marketing package and a rebrand marketing package.  

red camera video production nottingham


The Eldraw Video Production team are based in easy travel distance from Nottingham, who regularly produce video content for businesses throughout the Midlands. With a range of video based services whether it be corporate videos, client video case study production, aerial drone capture, or even animated videos – they’ve got it covered. They work with all sizes of businesses, from start up with aspirations right through to the global big brands.


Since 2012 they have been lucky enough to secure clients like Anytime Fitness, George Foreman, Russell Hobbs, University of Northampton and many more!

red camera


At number 24 we have foxy Fuzzfox an ethical video production that “won’t break the bank.” Laura who runs Fuzzfox has 15 years of experience of video production and for the last 10 years has specialised in creating online video content for businesses and charities. Whether you’re an independent business, charity or non-profit, they are here to help your organisation effectively use video to raise your profile, engage with your customers and improve your overall google ranking. Specialising in charity video, video production, social media, whiteboard animation and animation. 


Who have Fuzzfox worked with?

The Wildlife Trusts Nottinghamshire, Universities UK, Stonebridge City Farm and many more!

red raven camera video production nottingham

Ian Dearman Media Productions

At 25 in this list, we move onto Ian Dearman Media Productions, Nottingham based video and photography production. They create high quality videos for your business or to capture your event, all films are now captured in 4K and they meet all current broadcast standards. Also offering professional photography services to help you stand out from the crowd. The company will guide you through every step of your video or photography production making the process easy and straightforward.


They offer specialist techniques such as aerial filming or gimbal stabilisation systems to give your video that high production feel. With over 20 years of experience you can rest assured they have the experience to help and deliver your message, in addition they also offer wedding films and photography!

camera in gimbal video production nottingham

Platinum Media TV

For number 26 we have Platinum Media TV, launched in 2010 and still going strong since the start of the last decade. They offer is to be fast and flexible,  producing over 200 videos in their history. They are B2B experts and offer a friendly service as we all know a smile goes a long way! They are passionate about delivering good video production by balancing efficiency and streamlining, with impact, messaging and nice video production quality.

camera handle video production nottingham

Purpose Media

Purpose Media, another problem solving marketing company with an enthusiastic team with a collaborative approach that’s beyond agency and client. They evolve ideas together and believe it to be exciting and challenging, yet it works for them.  

What do they do?

Ecommerce, web design, video & animation, brand content, marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, social media, digital marketing and design, it's everything you could want and more! They don't offer a service, they provide a solution!

set of 3 lenses

Cowper Media

Coming near the end of the list we have number 28... Cowper Media, located in Nottingham is a video and multimedia production company of in the East Midlands. Do you need a web video, a promotional, marketing, training or conference video? Then they might be the company for you!

They undertake work from across the country with clients ranging from Broadcasters, blue chip pics, events companies and creative agencies.  

camera from above video production nottingham

Hold That Shot

At number 29 we have the snazzy Hold That Shot TV & Corporate Film Production company, you might not recognise the name but you’ll definitely recognise the short film shown weekly on Sky TV and Amazon Prime. The three services they offer are TV, Corporate and Film and have they 2 things that make them, as they say, special: Firstly, quality production, and also technical ability such as having the latest and most advanced equipment.

 They have produced many projects and have a list of clients, including World Superdrone Racing, Adrift in Soho and so on. 

handycam on tripod video production nottingham

Spinning Clock

30 on the list is Spinning Clock, a little different from the other companies in this list as the business is a strategic design and interactive agency. They offer a wide range of creative, design and digital services and they assign a dedicated project manager to every client to facilitate the planning and smooth running of each piece of work. The services are as follows, strategy, design, digital and interactive. They tend to work with progressive and transformative organisations who share the same desire to explore innovative technologies and change, this includes some well known brand clients such as, Disney Junior, The Walt Disney Company,  BBC, Santander, Karrimor and many more. 

video marketing nottingham

Dhp Digital

Dhp Digital offers video production, photography, post production and CGI services working with advertising agencies and directly business to business. They pride themselves on working closely with clients from the early stages and throughout the entire production process. David Hoare is founder of this company and they are based in Nottingham and are happy to travel to any location in the UK or globally. 

Some of their clients are Jaguar Land Rover, Santander, Virgin Atlantic, just to name a few!

canon camera corporate video production nottingham


The end is near with number 32, Vertex a video marketing service in Nottingham and across the UK. They produce videos that are engaging, memorable and most importantly delivering results. Whether you’re looking to produce film content for your website, YouTube, social media or internal communications, they have it covered! They offer services such as SEO and PPC, web design, video and photography, PPC Ads, graphic design and branding, 

 They also offer a free website analysis report to find out why your page isn’t ranking on the first page of Google and how you can improve. Handy right? You’ll receive an in-depth video report detailing everything you need to know!

Some of their clients include Renshaw Mortgage, Move and Mortgage, Countrywide, Whitegates, Locate Mortgage, FHP Property Consultants.

video production nottingham

Lightsource Productions

Last but certainly not least its Lightsource Productions a digital media production company who are experienced in events. David Myers founded Lightsource with Pam Myers in 1984 and has clearly led the business from strength to strength as the business is still going strong 36 years on. They have a great deal of experience working with the public sector, charities and social care organisations such as supporting an event on a limited budget or filming sensitive material with vulnerable people for informative videos. 

They also specialise in staged events and video production and pride themselves on providing personal support and excellent value through their services. They have three main services such as, event management, video production and technology innovations. 



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