Top Video Production Companies Nottingham

Top Video Production Companies
March 12, 2024

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Nottingham & Nottinghamshire!

In this comprehensive (6 thousand words plus!), regularly updated article, you will learn about the many and varied video production companies, video marketing agencies, creative video agencies, videography companies, film production companies, freelance videographers and media production companies based throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and a few further afield in the East Midlands but serving clients in Nottingham.

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Without further ado, here we go!

Simply Thrilled

Okay okay, so we figured it’s our blog, so we get to go first yeah? 😉

‍Simply Thrilled is Nottingham’s friendliest video production agency armed with fresh ideas and always shooting to thrill. We like to think we’re primed and ready to bring the most eye-catching and audience-enticing concepts to the table. But don’t just take it from us! We have 50+ five-star reviews from thrilled clients and boast a portfolio of work for a variety of organisations, from the NHS, Bose, Download Festival and Island Records to Creative Scotland and the Home Office. 

Want more? Here's our showreel:

Even more impressive, our portfolio has garnered more than 50 million views online, as well as hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and shares - that’s nothing to sniff at.

Whether you’re looking for a:

  • promotional video 
  • animated video 
  • explainer video 
  • marketing video 
  • event video
  • product video
  • social media video
  • music video

…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

What Sets Simply Thrilled Apart for Video Production in Nottingham?

A Commitment to Excellence: Our clientele includes everything from individual business owners in Nottingham to giants like Universal or Bose. We adapt to diverse needs with ease. 

Unprecedented Success: 59 million YouTube views showcase our ability to create viral content that sets us apart in Nottingham's competitive market.

Targeting with Accuracy: Leveraging advanced tools like Viralpixel, we focus on your specific Nottingham demographic with precision. 

A Den of Creativity: Expect a minimum of 4 innovative concepts for each creative project, designed to connect with your audience. 

Dependable Partnerships: Known for delivering quality bulk video content efficiently and within demanding deadlines, we're famous for executing entire campaigns in a mere fortnight. 

Skillful Storytelling: Our background in the film industry enables us to create enthralling commercial videos that combine emotive storytelling with professional quality, all at a price that respects your budget.

For the highlights, see our showreel below…

For more info on what we can do to help you for video production Nottingham you, please see 

Aztec Films

Aztec Films is a Nottingham-based video production company which focuses primarily on corporate video projects and promotional video creation for a range of clients. They think the corporate image of any business, brand, service, or organisation is highly important and use their role as an independent new media company to ‘aim for excellence’.

Aztec Films started life in 2009 when it launched as a virtual tour company but expanded into video production for big and small clients. Their portfolio includes Nicholas Bonfield Estate Agents, Benton’s Estate Agents, CJS Properties and David James Estate Agents. They specialise in helping clients sell luxury property but have in addition created video content of the promotional kind for bars and restaurants. Despite their name, they try to innovate to meet the demands of the modern digital age.

Aztec specialises in promotional videos which aim to demonstrate products and services offered by clients.. The two-man ‘A-Team’ at Aztec Films includes Shaun Esden, who has a background in TV with Sky and ITV, and Paul Randall whose camera expertise goes back years. Together they have partnered on over 400 films in the UK and abroad and while they work as a duo for most of their corporate projects, they also hire bigger teams when necessary.

Black Hawk Productions

Black Hawk Productions is actually very different from most of the video production companies and creative video agencies on this list. This is because rather than a wide team behind the helm, there is just one expert. Andrew Clark founded Black Hawk Productions in 2013 and aims to share his expertise with prospective creative video creators. He has over 27 years of experience as a television news and documentary cameraman and has been all over the world to work, from Brazil to Rwanda to Sudan. He now offers expertise to corporate and government clients and also shoots news and commercial projects.

Black Hawk Productions offers a range of courses. For example, software training in tech such as Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro CC so that clients can learn how to edit their own work. Black Hawk also teaches clients how to use lighting in video projects such as interviews and portraits and can teach clients how to use LED, tungsten and fluorescent lights! This company also offers courses from the beginner level to the advanced level in topics such as shooting video for social media, editing video for social media, shooting news and documentary footage for mobile journalism, plus editing news and documentary footage for mobile journalism.

Black Hawk Productions also offers to produce client products and aims to help clients regardless of their level of resources or experience. Examples of his past clients include Jewson, Zurich, and Sky Betting and Gaming. 

Toast Films

If a package with several add-ons is what you’re searching for then Toast Films is a great choice. Their motto is: ‘relive your day the second you hit play’. They focus on creating timeless films by subtly capturing the emotional and special moments of the day. Toast Films founder Chris has run the company since 2009, previously having worked on feature films and television shows. Rather than following current trends, he specialises in award-winning wedding films for couples in the UK and beyond. Though primarily based in Nottingham, Toast Films covers the UK and abroad if required by clients.

A typical video package at Toast Films will include either a 7 – 10-minute extended highlights video or a 3- 5 minute highlights video and a 12- 15 minute feature film. A film of the speeches and full ceremony will also be provided as well as a private online gallery and other add-ons. Toast Films will be available for the full day booked by clients as they aim to capture the details of the special day and refuse to be restricted by time. This is ideal for couples who have several events planned for the day. 

Inside Out Group

Want to showcase your business with dynamic video? Having produced a number of high-quality films, InsideOut is a creative team that is experienced in offering a wealth of conventional filming services and time-lapse capture services. They have worked with established brands such as Network Rail and Siemens and a lot of other construction projects. This highly-skilled team prides itself on being discreet, reliable, and intuitive during the filming process, so there is no doubt that your projects will definitely be something you’ll be proud to promote to others. 

Since 1991, they have been evolving in providing a range of technical and creative services, from 360 film productions to design and animation services. 

Envision Productions

The next company on this list is Envision Productions. Envision has a decade of experience when it comes to producing films, be it large companies or the smaller ones. As their website states: ‘we specialise in fun, informative and engaging media to remember’. Not only do Envision have a decade of working in the business, they are one of the first production companies in Britain to adopt 360 video production techniques. Additionally, Envision also specialises in Aerial Video Production which is shot in 4K. They have flying experts within their creative business team who are qualified to bring your potential video to life through the use of camera cranes. This equipment and knowledge might help to spark an interest in your business.

Envision Productions also does event coverage. If you have an event, whether it be a party, a show or a special business event, Envision’s production team can be there. Their projects are based around half a day or the entire day, giving you the best possible service. After filming your event they will provide you with either a reel of the highlights, the full-length video, or both. After the videos have been produced, they will be delivered in whatever format you prefer, such as a DVD which can be passed on or sold to family, friends, colleagues and customers. Additionally, they can create an online web link for you, should you wish to use this method of promoting your business or event.

Envision Productions also does promotional videos, corporate video productions and they even specialise in animated explainer videos. These animated videos are 2-3 minutes in length, designed in 2D and all you need to do is provide the script and they will do the rest. They also create music videos and can even help with dramas. They work with local actors, drama groups and crews to bring these short scripts to life. Their client list includes names such as City Arts, Chatsworth and Benwell Daykin.

Zion Creative

Zion Creative is a video production company known for its work in creating, developing, and producing various types of video content. Operating in a competitive field, they specialize in working closely with their clients to understand specific needs and objectives, tailoring their services to meet those unique requirements.

The company employs a team of skilled professionals who are experienced in various aspects of video production, including scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production. They utilize modern tools and techniques, ensuring a product that aligns with current industry standards.

Zion Creative's portfolio may include a diverse range of projects, such as promotional videos, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, and more. Their client base could vary from small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to larger organizations and brands, reflecting their ability to adapt to different project scales and budgets.

Their approach to video production emphasizes collaboration and creativity, aiming to tell compelling stories that resonate with the target audience. Commitment to quality, timely delivery, and client satisfaction may be some of the core values that guide their operation.

Spinning Shapes

Spinning Shapes Ltd is a Nottingham-based video production company with the flexibility to assemble a crew or animate anywhere. Spearheaded by Edward Fleming, a director and videographer with a rich history in the field, the company offers a range of video production services.

Edward Fleming's passion for videography began at a very young age, and he quickly blossomed into a talented professional. His journey includes creating an award-winning web series as a teenager, earning a film degree in London, and working as a full-time videographer and animator for an award-winning marketing agency. In 2021, he decided to channel his documentary style into providing businesses in Nottingham and beyond with professional and affordable films that defy dull corporate video norms.

Spinning Shapes is designed to be versatile, with the capability to form a crew if a project requires or simply have Edward turn up with a professional camera to work his magic. Whether working with a large affiliated film crew for extensive projects or handling smaller tasks single-handedly, the company assures creativity, regardless of the budget.

The company's mission is built on a love for filmmaking and a digitally-savvy perspective. They strive to approach each story with distinctive creativity, aiming to produce videos that not only stand out from their own library but also set themselves apart from their client's competitors. From capturing anything on camera to producing short films or animating from scratch, Spinning Shapes commits to bringing unique and accessible video solutions to their clients.

Spinning Clock

Spinning Clock describes itself as a strategic design and interactive agency. They are based in Nottingham but work on a global scale to deliver creative solutions that are intelligent and curious. A little different from the other companies on this list, it offers a detail-focused approach to each and every project. Spinning Clock assigns a dedicated project manager to each client to ensure every piece of work is smooth running. They offer services in four key areas: strategy, design, interactive, and digital.

Just some of the expertise provided by Spinning Clock include UI and UX prototyping, motion graphics and animation, front and back-end development, gamified content, audience and market research, concept creation and art direction and design development. They like to work with transformative organisations who desire to explore innovative technologies. Past clients include Disney, the BBC, Santander, and Karrimor.

Wellington Films

Wellington Films have a long history in Nottingham’s creative sector and pride themselves on the development and production of films as well as providing consultancy services. Unlike some of the previous companies on this list, they have a very specific area of expertise. Rather than serving as a general video production company or creative video agency, Wellington Films, if you can believe it, specialise in films!

They have been operating now for 18 years and have produced plenty of films and television projects both in collaboration with other creatives but as freelancers. Wellington Films claims to be one of the ‘busiest production companies in the country’. Their team consists of senior producers and junior producers that operate on many projects whether they be small or large. Wellington was formed to take up the short film commission at central ITV. After getting their big break in 2005, three years after the company was set up, they’ve gone on to have many of their films screened at festivals and more to critical acclaim.

The company also partakes in consultancy and teaching activities. Their clients include the likes of The BFI Film Academy, Met Film School and The National Film and Television School. As well as their films reaching international acclaim, they also work internationally in countries such as Belgium, Zambia and Morocco. Wellington has been operating for over two decades and still boast that they are ‘getting stuff done’.

DHP Digital

The DHP Family is a video production, photography, and CGI company in Nottingham and in London. They are a production house specialising in creating imagery for advertising but also offer services in video production, photography, post-production, and advertising CGI. They have worked on a myriad of different projects across the country and across different sectors. For example, they have produced, promoted, and managed a variety of indoor and outdoor festivals, national tours, and standalone shows.

DHP Digital likes to work closely with advertising agencies and directly with their clients from an early stage and to continue to do so throughout the entire production process. Founded by David Hoare, this four-man team has experience working with lots of different companies and organisations like Jaguar, Santander, Deutsche Bank, Mojo Bags and Virgin Atlantic. They offer expertise in professional photography and video using DSLRs, UHD 4k pro cameras, and virtual environments using CAD. Other pieces of their kit include Sekonic light meters, the Pentax-M Asahi 28mm, and the Movcam cage for A7S mk2.

DGTL Concepts

DGTL Concepts is a film production company based in the Long Eaton in Nottingham. They are an independent company with a background and continuing focus on extreme sports, events, and high-end commercial content production. They also have an equipment hire company called Cinehire to meet the technological needs and requests of clients. The DGTL team is made of commercial film producers who are skilled and flexible.

DGTL specialises in branding, so if new or existing businesses, brands, and organisations need help with branded video content, whether it be a new campaign of a company identity refresher, DGTL has the tools needed to succeed. This creative agency has services in content production, film department roles like DoP (director of photography), gaffer, and drone operators. They also dry hire equipment such as cameras and lighting. DGTL aims to know what audiences want and who clients want to target so they can pull together something that makes any business stand out from the crowd and pull those customers in. Though DGTL have only been around for 6 years, some of their clients include Red Bull, Tui, WD-40 and Dimensions Festival. 

Think Allowed

Think Allowed is another video production agency based in Sherwood, Nottingham which specialises in animation. This goes to show that Nottingham has a wealth of services available from the creatives based in and around the city. Think Allowed used high-tech computer systems and software to develop a range of 2D animations and 3D animations. This team believes that it is animation which helps to make their presentations, programmes, and explainer videos into deeply engaging works of art that wow clients and retain the attention of audiences.

Think Allowed specialises in explainer videos for all kinds of organisations and businesses, whether it is a service or a brand or a product that their client seeks to advertise. Using their expertise in 2D, 3D, and 3D CAD animation technology and artistry, they use their industry experience to provide solutions for business needs. On their website, they claim that customer satisfaction is what they thrive on, so clients can rest assured that their wishes will be met. Their team is comprised of Nick Willett, director, and Matt Burkey, 3D artist, animation and VFX artist and they work on corporate video, documentary, case study videos, conferences, as well as event videos.  Their full production services include script writing, storyboarding, camera work, 2D motion graphics and 3D CGI animation. 

E R D Visual Media

Next on this giant list is ERD Visual Media, a Video Production and Photography company based in Nottingham. ERD specialises in creating visual content for creative brands and businesses, no matter how big or small. They strongly believe that video is the most powerful tool that any brand or business can use to achieve its goals. They love to work with unique creative businesses and individuals who are full of stories, whether their aims are to reach new audiences, strengthen their brand identity or promote a message in a visually engaging way.

Founded in 2017, ERD likes to combine ‘story telling, paired with beautifully crafted visuals’ to win over audiences and engage their interest. Putting clients at the forefront of their respective market is key for ERD and they describe their team as filled with ‘dreamers’ who want to put as much care into the visuals of each project as their clients have put into building their business, brand, or organisation.  The ERD team is small but creative and loves to tell interesting stories. ERD creates brand videos, music videos, commercial videos, brand photography and product photography and has worked with a range of national and international clients such as Sheltered Spaces, Black Iris Brewery, the Stroke Association, Warlord Games, and ENSO Music Management.


Fuzzfox describes itself as a creative video production company in Nottingham. Uniquely on this list, Fuzzfox considers itself an expert in effective and ethical video productions! They work for all kinds of organisations, whether it’s an independent business, charity or non-profit to help boost their profile. Founded by Laura, Fuzzfox is led by a video producer with over 15 years of experience in charity video production. Laura has worked for ten years to create a variety of projects with a team of freelancers with skills in drone filming and photography, animation, voiceovers and photography.

This agency has worked in a variety of fields (quite literally!) including TV commercials, big cat safaris in Kenya, and conservation documentaries in Australia. Fuzzfox specialises in charity videos, video productions that are ‘quality, creative and affordable’, and in social media, as well as whiteboard animation and standard animation. Past clients for this charitable company include the Wildlife Trust Nottinghamshire, Universities UK, and Stonebridge City Farm.

Purpose Media

Purpose Media describes themselves as a strategic marketing agency. They provide services in ecommerce, web design, video and animation, branded content, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, social media platforms, as well as digital marketing and design. They claim that their ideas ‘blend insight, technology and creativity’ to achieve the objectives of their clients. They offer a wide variety of marketing agency services and like to bring content and social media together.

Purpose Media aims to engage their clients’ communities with impactful social media marketing by bringing together content that is shareable, traffic-driven, and SEO friendly to boost their client’s profile on Google. With 13 years of experience, they want to bring technical and creative expertise to every project and to be a reliable marketing partner. Past clients include Derby County Football Club, Edgemere, Penny Hydraulics, and Conspare.

Platinum Media UK

Platinum Media TV is a video production company which specialises in web video production. However, they also offer production in all video types. Launched in 2010, they offer expertise in a range of video production services such as editing, animation, and B2B expertise. Past clients include IBM, Kodak, Samsung, and Tetra Pak. They work with all kinds of brands and products, and businesses and organisations that are big and small.

Platinum Media UK provides a local and friendly video production service and has over 200 videos under their belt. They work in lots of different sectors such as IT and Technology, PR and Marketing, Industrial and Construction, Health and Leisure, as well as Charities and Non-Profit organisations. They believe in creating strong messaging and having a high video production quality while also not breaking the bank. They claim to outperform their competition with quality videos that are of a better value. Platinum Media UK is all about ‘famously fast turnarounds’ and achieves this through their streamlined and modular approach.

Cowper Media

Next up is the video and multimedia production company Cowper Media. Located in Nottingham, they serve the East Midlands and value communication geographically and practically between clients and audiences. They have worked locally and nationally to cover a wide range of sectors and video purposes and have full production and post-production facilities, allowing a project to be started and completed by one dedicated team.

Cowper Media created content that aims to communicate first and foremost. They have created instructional videos, training videos, industrial videos, and manufacturing videos. They use HD equipment, broadcast cameras, sound and lighting crews and edit suites onsite. Graphics and special effects, music and voiceover work is also available, as well as subtitles and signers for hard of hearing programming.

Mediabox Productions

The next featured company on this list is Mediabox Productions. Like Reel Media, MediaBox also offers a variety of services to clients and customers. They were established by the company’s creative direction Nick Nixon and have twenty years of experience in Nottingham. As well as working in the UK, their creative team’s expertise stretches globally, and they offer a straight from script to screen service to keep your project concise and on-schedule.

The areas Mediabox Productions specialises in include: video production, animation, web design, digital marketing, and voiceovers, and they also offer training courses for businesses and those in the education sector. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, this team has also adapted to make sure they keep working and bringing their clients the best possible service with their virtual production offering. They have a virtual academy to teach aspects of media for education sectors such as schools and universities. Some of their clients include Hopkins Solicitors, Holiday Inn and Nottinghamshire Council.

VPoint TV

VPoint TV is a Nottingham-based production company which specialises in many different areas to create ‘distinctive hardworking video’ for ‘brands, businesses and organisations’. These videos can include promotional videos, case studies, TV and online advertising, training videos and even recruitment videos. This is just an example of the extensive work VPoint can do. They are also a small team of ‘story driven, human focused, narrative driven creatives’ who have been delivering projects for over thirty years.

VPoint’s team is made up of creatives, writers, directors of photography, editors and designers. They are based near Sherwood in Nottingham and are led by Ian Sterling, who started out as a live sound engineer in the music industry, and Sally Reynolds, whose career began in the study of the dramatic arts. With experience in working with large international companies, national companies, charities and more, VPoint has a huge range of services to provide all kinds of clients. They also work with universities and colleges to develop promotional video content. They approach projects in three different ways, focusing on strategy, design and development, and content creation. Interestingly they also offer training courses over half or full days to share their expertise.

Apricot Video and Marketing

Apricot Video and Marketing is a marketing video production company based in Nottingham which has one aim: to grow the brand of its clients. They draw upon their experience and their audience data to design video marketing content for all kinds of platforms and campaigns and boast a video history longer than that of YouTube. Combining strategy and behavioural economics is their way to push past the competition and create persuasive campaigns that get results.

Apricot doesn’t believe in the old model of video marketing that’s simply about uploading a video. Instead, they believe in working data into every decision and make content that reaches any targeted audience. Whether it’s animation, data collection, or technical filmmaking, Apricot’s team aims to bring in results with everything they do. They work with strategy to design the growth plan of their clients, before creating campaigns that amplify the ethos of any business, organisation, or brand they work with. Then they use video to persuade audiences to become a part of their client’s story. Past clients include the Institute of Mental Health Nottingham, Primary Site, and 200 Degrees Coffee.

Skeleton Productions

Another Nottingham-based production company with much to offer is Skeleton Productions. They like to use video to do remarkable things. They want to get the attention of clients and audiences as well as inspire them. They want to help brands and organisations grow and thrive. Their client list includes Thomas Sanderson, Merck, Quandoo, and NatWest. Skeleton offers tailored quotes to all their clients as well as a wide variety of services, stemming from their company ethos which is to produce videos that promote brands.

Skeleton Productions’ services which include categories such as video marketing strategy, video content strategy, video campaign planning and also video brand guidelines. Skeleton Productions also provides expertise in video production which includes but is not limited to promotional video, internal communications video, corporate video, training videos, and animation-based video projects. Skeleton Production also offers video marketing consultancy and free webinars on what they do.

Like lots of Nottingham’s brilliant video production agencies, Skeleton Productions ‍ has a three-tiered approach to every project they work on. They focus on the objectives of the client and put their goals at the centre of their approach. They also aim to create content which can ‘rise above the clutter’ and get results. Finally, Skeleton Productions claims they provide a ‘stress-free process’ which arises out of their experience in video creation and distribution.

Boxset Media

Boxset Media is a video production company based in Nottingham, founded by the seasoned professional Mick Walker. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Walker has made a name for himself by traveling the globe and creating award-winning videos for some of the biggest brands. His journey began in the late 90s, using VHS machines to edit videos at school, and has since evolved into a successful career in video production.

Mick Walker's philosophy is anchored in a straightforward approach, encapsulated by the motto "Video Made Simple." This guiding principle has made him the preferred choice for various clients, ranging from high street banks and national charities to local businesses and universities.

Boxset Media, under Walker's direction, aims to demystify the video production process, making it accessible for any company to benefit from. They focus on delivering quality without complicating the procedure, ensuring that clients' visions are translated into visually compelling stories.

Outside of his professional life, Mick is an avid outdoor enthusiast, often found running in preparation for half marathons or walking in the Lake District with his girlfriend, Sarah. His creative pursuits also extend into music, where he enjoys writing electronic music. At home, Mick loves spending time with his cat, Graham.

With a blend of expertise, simplicity, and a broad client base, Boxset Media continues to be a prominent name in the video production industry in Nottingham. Their tailored approach and dedication to quality reflect Mick Walker's experience and passion, contributing to the company's ongoing success.


Animation and motion graphics are a huge part of video production, and very often you and your audience might not even realise the lengthy processes—both artistic and technical—that go into making these visual special effects pop on screen. Alternatively, you might not notice because they’re so subtle—some of the best animation and special effects are almost invisible! Bottletop is a Nottingham-based animation, motion graphics, and video production agency which is able to understand this and produce great videos for corporate promotion and multimedia.

Bottletop is a company which specialises in both video production and animation. Bottletop also works in television with clients such as the children’s channel CITV. Their other clients include the BBC, Esendex, Kindle Entertainment and even Channel Five’s The Gadget Show. The company themselves have also won several awards. Within the business, they have many workers who are skilled in different areas, ensuring the final product is the very best it can be. Other projects they can help with include TV promotions, attractions, advertising and more.

Bottletop has been in operation since 2004 and values small brands and big brands. It is an animation company which believes that ‘exciting ideas start with a pencil and paper’ but brings these ideas onto the big screen for audiences to enjoy. They have worked with clients such as Cytec and the University of Cambridge to bring together video marketing and engaging visuals. They work in the Midlands, London, the UK and globally in a range of sectors.

Page One Media

Page One Media is a corporate video production company based in Nottingham which aims to create great videos with no fuss. They specialise in agile video productions to ensure your corporate story or product is loved by audiences. Page One Media provides services in corporate videos, animated videos, aerial filming videos, property videos and more. They produced their first video way back in the 1990s for the BBC and ITV and have continued to expand across not only the United Kingdom but across Europe. They produce video and stills photography for small business, big businesses, and everything in between.

Page One Media values a fast and efficient process which is also very collaborative. They are CAA licensed for their aerial drone work and describe themselves as a ‘boutique digital visual agency’. Their creative team is small but effective and they aim to engage potential clients with their range of individualised and unique production services. They have worked for E.On UK, Haldex, HORIBA Europe and Nottingham’s own Nottingham City Transport to produce informative, entertaining, and engaging videos that clients and audiences remember.

Tale Productions

Tale Productions is a Nottingham-based company that is all about video production and video marketing strategy. They are a collective of creatives and experts in a range of areas from digital marketing to User Experience (UX) Design, from social media and PR to copyright. Tale Productions offers this variety of variable but focused services to ensure that clients are able to market their brand, production, organisation or business in the most effective way possible.

Tale Productions work with their clients’ marketing teams to help their marketing strategies develop into the next fruitful stage of reaching and engaging with audiences. The Tale team can also provide guidance into creating a fresh marketing strategy from scratch, based upon the unique resources, goals, and characteristics of each client. They do this to ensure that every client gets to reach their audience niche and beyond. Tale provides consultations and quick quotes to put businesses a step above the rest. They also create personalised videos that match individual marketing needs, fulfilling a variety of genres including but not limited to testimonial videos, behind the scenes videos, social media videos, animated video design, motion graphic design, and so forth.

Tale Productions also collaborates with event videos, corporate videos, product videos, and video advertisements. To specialise with the current Zoom-centred ways of doing business, Tale also offers consultancy through video to demonstrate how the format can also be used to grab the attention of an audience. Past clients who have worked with Tale Productions include the NHS, Proctor and Gamble, The Protein Works, and Loughborough University. Their aim is to work with national and international clients whether it is in the food and drink sector, the not for profit sector, the heritage sector, or the retail sector.

Dynomite Productions

Dynomite Productions describes itself as a full-service video production agency which specialises in professional visual storytelling. Based right in the middle of Nottingham, Dynomite is a local video production agency which serves Nottinghamshire. They like to innovate in ways that excite and engage audiences. The company has worked for over thirteen years with a large range of clients, including brands like JCB, Cisco, Expedia, and, as well as organisations such as the University of Bath.

Dynomite has experience in both the public and private sectors in a considerable range of industries. They specialise in corporate productions to boost their clients’ businesses. Behind Dynomite is a team of specialists. They work to create films and animations and are able to provide guidance and services in producing, project management, script writing, set design, editing, camera operation, and sound design. 

Simply Thrilled‍

Hello again. Yes, we’re back, just as a reminder. As you can see, Nottingham is packed with video production companies promising to fulfil your wildest dreams, but Simply Thrilled is, well, simply a really neat option. With a stellar client list, fresh-thinking creative team, the latest in Hollywood-grade tech, and data-fuelled idea generation strategy, it’s not too difficult to understand why we’ve had over 50 million views on our work to date with hundreds of thousands of interactions in the form of likes, shares and comments. We like to think we deliver the full package, and then some.

We do all the usual stuff you’d expect from a leading video agency, using the latest kit operated by a roster of exceptional creative talent and offering a full-service approach from the germ of an idea right on through to delivery, video marketing, video advertising, and more. But our true value lies in the app we created solely for us, ViralPixel. Rather than just making video content to fit what we want, or even what you the client wants, we actually create what the all-important audience wants to watch. We know this, because we use social intelligence analytics from every mainstream video source to engage with your audience by breaking down their viewing and engagement habits across a multitude of unique elements. We then use this information to make a film which is as fresh as a daisy, while also fitting your audience like a glove.

Let us leave you Simply Thrilled. Contact us today to find out what we can bring to your next project, whether it’s a promo, advert, brand film, explainer, or more!

Wrap up!

And there you have it. A huge list of all the video production agencies, video marketing companies, and video and photography businesses to choose from if you’re in Nottingham. You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to getting the best creative, strategy-forward and technologically advanced minds in the Midlands.

A video production company which puts results first will be your best friend if you want to attract new customers, engage your audience, or inspire staff and shareholders. No matter what kind of organisation you work in or what you want to communicate, a video should be top of your list when it comes to marketing, education, and more. Audiences want videos that grab and keep their attention. Retaining audience loyalty starts with creating a recognisable brand and showing audiences what they’ll be missing out on without your brand, product, or service. A creative video is a perfect tool to take into the wide, wide ocean that is the digital world. You can also use it on traditional platforms such as tv and cinema to boot!

Nottingham is positively chock-full of video production companies and videographers vying for your attention. But if you’re after a ginormous list to help you make this big creative decision, look no further. Simply Thrilled believes that a great video production company is one with the fresh-takes and passion to not only make eye-catching video, but to explore the market for new ideas and audience trends. 

For more info get in touch with us today at email or calling the office on  0115 811 4241

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