Video production in Leicester - a comprehensive guide

Priti Amin
November 7, 2023

Leicester! Known for its industry, the River Soar, buried kings and Gary Lineker (as well as, appropriately, the biggest crisp factory in the world) David Attenborough, Richard Attenborough and the fictional diarist Adrian Mole and his creator Sue Townsend...

And now? Well, go ahead and add some great bastions of creativity and commerce: the production companies that help brands communicate in a visual medium. Here, we chart the multitude of creative video productions companies serving Leicester and Leicestershire or proud to call it their home, without further ado...

Simply Thrilled

Although based up the road in the fine city of Nottingham, Simply Thrilled cover the Leicester and wider Leicestershire area for all their video production needs.

Simply Thrilled is a video production company, armed with fresh ideas and always shooting to thrill.

We work with people like Universal, Island Records, Bose, Boots, Download Festival, The Guardian and many, many more.

We do all the usual stuff you’d expect from a leading video production agency, using Hollywood-grade kit operated by a roster of exceptional creative talent and we offer a full-service approach from the germ of an idea right on through to delivery, marketing, advertising and more.

What’s truly unique about us though, is we felt something was missing in the mix.

 It felt like many people were just making content to fit what they wanted, or what the client wanted but not, necessarily, what the audience wanted to actually watch. These 3 things can sometimes be the same thing, but often aren't.

That’s why we came up with our own unique, proprietary ViralPixel technology which, like a detective, takes the analytics from what the audience in your niche are watching on Youtube, commenting on, liking, sharing and otherwise engaging with and then breaks it down across over 500 elements. 

Then, cos ideas and creativity is at the core of what we do, we  use this comprehensive info to make a film which is fresh as a daisy but also fits like a glove to the audience you’re targeting. If you’d like to know more about this do go and check it out over here

This can lead to fantastic results, we’ve racked up over 50 million views on Youtube alone with hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and shares. The types of video production services we provide are huge - as a general rule if you can draw it or point a camera at it we can probably do it, or know someone that can :-)


The first company on the list is ImageNova was founded in the Midlands in 2009 by managing directors Bipin Anand and Kieran Chauhan. ImageNova was built on the love for film and working with talented people. Their creativity and work drive they’re able to transform ideas into their customers' vision. They’ve worked with A variety of companies ranging from small ones to large multinational companies such as SONY, other examples are the University Of Leicester, Cooke Optics, Fosse, NHS, British Gas, Leicester city council, Church of England and many other companies/organisations.

They've invested in the best equipment to deliver on all of their projects and exceed expectations with a mixture of talent, passion and creativity. Not only do they dabble in video production they can also help with animations scriptwriting documentaries…a company of many talents. That process is simple yet effective first they come up with an original idea that can be discussed coffee. Next Their team of professionals works together to produce the clients'. Lastly all of the hard work is visualised on screen, in their own words ‘we want to see the expression on your face when you see your content. It is a victory.

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Crosscut media was officially born in Leicester in 2016, after Duncan and Dan when a large contract on a joint basis and decided to set up shop under one brand. Although the companies only been around for four years they've been passionate about making videos for over a decade, from making videos as teenagers in college through to their degree and into the world of freelance they have always loved the world of video production. The company has grown over the last couple of years, but its aim remains the same ‘to provide an approachable, high-quality service with a personality’. They cover everything from conference filming to animation. They use high-quality equipment such as their ultra-portable high definition multi-camera production unit, that allows them to turn any venue into a studio and even drones, so the sky really is the limit!

Some special projects they’ve worked on include the Leicester comedy festival. Working with comedians such as Johny Vegas and Jo Brand, they filmed some of the festivals unique shows, after they send highlight packages and featuring videos and photographs to the UK press, is there anything these people can’t do!

Although a fairly new company they’re keen to help young and budding students from the De Montfort University’s photo and video course, organising shows for them to attend and help them gain professional practice.

Their client list includes – T.K Maxx, De Montford University, Nottingham playhouse and LOROS.

Orange Fox Studios

Unfortunately, they’re not foxes, however, they are tenacious, smooth and creative. They’re dedicated to helping small and large businesses build their brand through video production, amazing animation and marvellous motion graphics. They’ve worked with a wide range of different companies including creative agencies, SME businesses and not-for-profit organisations. With their strong network of creative talent which includes cinematographers and animators and their flexibility with budgets, they can tailor-make the team that suits you best!

Visual 8

A small group of individuals, with a lot to offer! Visual 8 is slightly different from the other ones on this list, not only do they offer a wide range of different video productions,  they also specialise in YouTube advertising. No matter if it’s In-stream or discovery ads, Visual 8 has your back! They ensure your video content works for you and delivers the results you want to achieve and believe what you do with that video is what really counts.

video production leicester photography videographer services director editor animator brand Digital Film Promotion social media

2020 Media International

The company was originally set up in 1991 by Rob Potter in Leicester, but now has bases in three locations, LA, Leicester and London. A company with nearly 30 years of experience under their sleeve with a full-time team including communication consultants and web developers.  They’ve worked with thousands of clients from around the world on a range of videos, TV and online TV projects.  They push boundaries, innovate and truly love helping their client in a world that’s overloaded with uncertainty and confusions by keeping their work focused. 

They have a portfolio of clients to die for, including drink giant’s Coco-Cola, Microsoft, DHL, Morrisons, ASDA and Marks and Spencer’s, the list of huge brands goes on.

They’ve set up many companies as part of a drive to expand 2020 into new niche areas. The list is extensive, from Golf International to cover two years of programmes for Sky Sports; Shout TV (to create gaming TV programmes mainly for Gameplay Online Classroom (with senior academics at the London School of Economics) to make and sell a wide range of A-level tuition videos in Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, RE, PE, History and Business; 

Interesting facts about 2020 media international

-      They produced BLAM, on SKY ONE, the first TV programme to ever use that little red button on your remote so viewers could buy what they see.

-      Created the first-ever sports series on sky sports that was officially classified as a series of half-hour adverts

-      provided the full creative support to help a small computer games retailer to become an overnight success during the 1990/91 “dot com” boom- worth over £200M (although it fell as quickly as it rose- not everything can work out)

-      one of the first companies to work with BT on developing trials for broadband applications of video-based media back in 2001.

I think you’ll agree with me that 2020 media has grown into a very impressive internationally recognised innovate company, with many great things planned for the future

video production leicester photography videographer services director editor animator brand Digital Film Promotion social media


360red started with a background in TV advertising in 2007 with the aim of engaging with businesses and enhancing their target audience, they’re dedicated to bringing stories to life and creating emotive experiences. They put a real emphasis on getting to the know and understand the client’s needs and target audience before starting the creative process. The companies worked with the likes of British gas, NHS and MadBid. They offer a service’s such as pre-visualisation storyboards, tv commercials and if you don’t have a market strategy, they can even help create one based on the resources and marketing goals to help your business reach the right audience

Just Franklin 

 Seventh on the list is Just Franklin. They’re a small business with decades worth of experience, they work with SME’s, national and international companies. Their team of trust industry professionals will not only help you make an engaging film or video but also in their own words ‘help you bring your website, advertising campaigns and social media to life through dynamic films’.  Their core services range from promotional videos, video marketing to motion graphics and animation

They’ve worked with companies such as Nottingham Playhouse, Coventry and Warwickshire LEP growth, Magnum, R Retreat and Macmillan.

MGL Media 

Eighth on the list is MGL media. Matt Holt, the director, has over 20 years’ experience behind the camera and has worked for BBC, ITV and Sky. Wayne Kelly, the producer, is an award-winning screenwriter who hosts the podcast ‘Joined up Writing’. With this much experience between them, you can be sure you’ve left your brand in the right hands, they’ll produce images and sound of outstanding quality with the best quality equipment. MGL Media can help you produce everything from documentary films to how-to videos! However, they specialise in launching new services, staff recruitment and education/training. They’ll handle everything including scripts, graphics, voice-overs and music, making the experience as smooth as possible

How are MGL Media adjusting to life on set with COVID?

They’re following the social distancing guidelines and a have a smaller crew, but not compromising on quality. They carefully plan with their clients and assess the safest and most practical location for filming. In most cases, they’re still able to come to you but also understand some businesses and organisations have adopted home working practices and have a local studio facility or can arrange a suitable venue for filming. They’ll take care of logistics so you can focus on the message.

video production leicester photography videographer services director editor animator brand Digital Film Promotion social media

Dr Creative productions

Next on the list is Dr Creative Productions.  They can provide you with all the creative services you need for video production, website content and development to the highest standard. They’re dedicated to keeping your business current by using their skills and expertise to help make content that effectively communicates with your clients. Good websites are made great by using still photographs and quality HD videos, they can fulfil both of these goals in a flexible approach that suits your budget. What makes Dr Creative productions different from the other video production companies in Leicester you ask? Well, they have some of the greatest sound production experience in the region, they can even accommodate for you if you need a multi-camera shoot with high spec post-production and 5.1 surround sound! Their resident female voice over artist, Serena Alexander, has loads of radio and television experience which makes her perfect for the job! They’ve created personal videos for trainers, small businesses, motivational videos and the first British Asian WWE wrestler.

Large scale

Large Scale productions are located at the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter. They approach each new project in a unique way but always provide flair, originality and humour. They keep the geek speak to the minimum and pride themselves on their ability to speak plain English, even Grandads could understand! High definition workflows are standard, and they have the best technical specifications for your production, they provide all the equipment and resources necessary, so you don’t have to worry. As well as the normal services provided by a video production company they also help with DVD authoring, graphics, packaging and DVD duplication.

The Main Man

Steve is an award-winning filmmaker, with national and international cinema. Through his work as a director, he’s a built strong understanding of storytelling and production. He also works as a film educator, he’s been working with young people for over 10 years and has professional credits as producer, writer, camera operator, director of photography, editor, sound recordist, composer, animator and actor.

video production leicester photography videographer services director editor animator brand Digital Film Promotion social media


Kinetal has been creating videos for billion-dollar brands to entrepreneurs for 6 years.  They’ve worked with companies and businesses such as Skykick, Stormfront, Dogversity and Elmers to produce high-quality videos. They can be there for you to capture any event, and even broadcast it live for you to other platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Created by TEN

Created by TEN are an independent film production company that specialises in film and commercial content. Founded by Andy Gundelach & Alexander Buja in 2015, created to make some of the best independent films and uniquely memorable visual content in the world. TEN’s combines a carefully considered narrative with strong visual aesthetics produce memorable content for their clients, which include EE, Adobe, NASS and Intel to name a few. They provide an end-to-end service where they use their expertise to make sure everything from the plan to the final product is perfect.


Corporate Motion 

Next on the list is corporate motion, a professional video and photography production company. Dave Sinclair is a film producer, director and editor, a triple threat! He’s had over a decade’s experience in the job and across his career had filmed, edited and produced over 250 TV-style promotional films. He’s worked with TV giants BBC, ITV and SKY and other well-known brands such as Porsche, Jaguar, Subway and B&Q to just name a few. If you’re looking for someone to help produce high-quality videos and photographs for a band, artist or live events, Dave’s perfect for the job, artists he’s helped include Amy McDonalds, The Saturdays and Supergrass. To add to the growing list he’s filmed on behalf of national and local charities including Special Olympics, Sing for Water and Cancer Research UK. Having served some 24 years in the ARMY one of his passions is filming Living History and he’s been asked several times to film on behalf of the organisers of the Victory Show which is UK’s largest WWII themed weekend and the War and Peace Show which is the world’s largest military vehicle extravaganza. Everyone’s dreamt of becoming a superhero, footballer or princess! Dave can make your dreams come true, with a door to door themed backdrop services for kids and adults. Dave prides himself in giving a professional service at a great price!


DIGITILHEART is a group of talented filmmakers whose passion for all things film started from a young age. They’re award-winning freelance filmmakers whose work mainly focuses on short films, music videos and commercial drawing. They’ve worked with various artists in different genres to create music videos that have hundreds of thousands of views. If you’re an actor/actress or model working on a portfolio DIGITILHEART can create a portfolio to showcase your talents and land you your next big role!

Incite Video

Incite Video has a diverse group of creatives who are all about results! To them, nothing is more important than creating content for your business that’s engaging, visually stunning and powerful. They’ll work with you every step of the way from a detail consultancy plan to sending their talented crew to your events. Their clients include big names such as Microsoft Partner Program, LCB and ShareGate

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