Video Production Northampton - A Complete Guide

March 25, 2024

A Proper Look at All Things Video Production in Northampton

Exploring video production Northampton options? This article helps you identify the leading providers, their specialities, and the practical steps for bringing your vision to life. Navigate the local video production landscape with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Northampton has a strong artistic heritage which contributes to a thriving video production scene, boasting companies that excel in storytelling and technical video production expertise.
  • The video production process is extensive, encompassing pre-production (idea development, scripting, and planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing, animation and finalising), with a final step focusing on distribution strategies.
  • Selecting the right video production company requires thorough evaluation including checking portfolios for style and sector experience, assessing cultural fit and communication, and understanding budget with detailed quotes.

Northampton's Creative Scene and Video Production

A video production in Northampton

Northampton boasts a vibrant background in film, TV, and video production, fostering a community ripe with creativity and artistic expression. The town’s cinema industry has flourished since the 1960s, with historical gems such as the Cinema de Luxe, which opened its doors in 1914, contributing to the town’s rich cinematic heritage.

But the artistic prowess of the town doesn’t end there. The town has given rise to illustrious artists and performers, including:

  • Renowned graphic novelist Alan Moore
  • Actor Matt Smith
  • The gothic rock band Bauhaus
  • Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame

This rich tapestry of artistic talent underlines the depth and diversity of Northampton’s creative scene, making it a thriving hub for video production.

Top Video Production Companies in Northampton

Northampton is home to several leading video production companies that offer a plethora of media services. From traditional video production to innovative video marketing optimization, these companies are well-versed in delivering bespoke solutions to cater to a variety of business needs.

Now, let’s explore the unique offerings of each of these leading companies in more detail.

Simply Thrilled

Simply Thrilled (yep, that's us!) is not just any video production company based in Northampton; it's a multi-platinum award-winning agency that packs a punch with its creative content. Boasting an impressive client list that includes heavy-hitters like the BBC, Biffa, Boots, Bose, Dare, Download Festival, Home Office, Department of Work & Pensions, Island Records, Natwest, Wellpet, and Universal, they've made a splash in the video production world.

Their track record speaks for itself with over 53 million views online, more than 900 thousand likes, and upwards of 80 thousand comments, not to mention the 2000+ TV broadcasts that have showcased their work. Simply Thrilled truly lives up to its name by delivering content that not only thrills audiences but also achieves remarkable engagement and reach.

And if you're thinking top-tier service comes with a top-tier price tag, think again. Simply Thrilled offers affordable rates without compromising on quality or impact. They employ their strategic ViralPixel® strategy, which utilises industry-leading audience intelligence, social listening, data, and analytics to target audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

J motion

J motion is a stalwart in the Northampton video production scene. Since its inception in 2002, J motion has been synonymous with creative innovation and a broad service offering that spans multiple sectors.

With a portfolio that showcases their adaptability, J motion has produced everything from high-profile corporate videos to engaging educational content. Their knack for storytelling is evident in each project, ensuring that each video not only reaches but also resonates with its intended audience.

Made in Blue

Made in Blue specialises in delivering high-quality 4K video production and brand photography. Since their establishment in 2018, they have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital media with services like aerial videography and virtual reality tours.

Their approach to content creation is centred around originality and engagement, making sure that every piece of content is not only tailor-made for its platform but also stands out in the competitive digital space. By using the latest in video technology, Made in Blue crafts narratives that connect with audiences and amplify brand presence.

A videographer in Northampton

The Video Production Process Explained

The journey of video production is a thorough one, starting with the development of ideas and ending with the delivery of the final product to its intended audience. The initial stage involves:

  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Considering desired reactions
  • Defining success metrics
  • Making distribution plans

From there, we move into pre-production, where detailed planning takes place. This includes scripting, storyboarding, casting, and securing locations, crew, and equipment.

The video production process typically consists of the following phases:

  1. Pre-production: This phase involves planning and preparation, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, and casting.
  2. Production: This phase focuses on filming and capturing the necessary footage.
  3. Post-production: After the raw footage is captured, this phase involves editing the footage, designing sound, grading colour, and adding effects, titles, and credits to finalise the video.

The final stage is delivery, where the video is distributed and marketed to reach the intended audience on various platforms with the appropriate strategy.

Filming Locations and Resources in Northampton

Scenic filming locations in Northampton

Northampton offers a plethora of scenic locations and resources for filming. The River Nene provides a dramatic backdrop, inspiring musical compositions performed at prestigious locations like the Royal Albert Hall. Meanwhile, the Althorp Estate, prominently featured in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, boasts a vast ground with lakes and tree-lined terraces, providing diverse environments for filming.

Abington Park, with its mix of natural scenery and historic buildings, offers a picturesque setting for filming. The bustling market square, on the other hand, offers a glimpse into the vibrant market life and activities of the town.

Northampton is not just a town with great filming locations, but also boasts a culture that appreciates film, as evidenced by the filming of ‘Kinky Boots’ and its influence on the aesthetic of Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’.

Permissions and Regulations for Filming in Northampton

For a smooth video production process in Northampton, it’s necessary to comply with local council regulations and obtain the required permissions. Especially when the intended crew size exceeds certain limits or filming occurs outside of the hours between 08:00 to 23:00, permissions from the local council are required.

Here's more information on filming permissions in Northampton.

Applicants for a filming license in Northampton must demonstrate their right to work in the UK and may need to go through an immigration status check with the Home Office. Alongside this, a detailed premises plan, mandated by the Licensing Act 2003, must be submitted. To obtain these permissions, one must be aware of the local authority’s specific contact details in Northampton and the wider county.

Filming in Northampton

Planning Your Video Production in Northampton

Several factors need to be considered when planning a video production in Northampton. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Number of filming locations
  • Set up and pack-down time, which can impact the turnaround time of production
  • Weather contingencies, such as backup indoor locations, flexible shooting dates, or a contingency budget, to mitigate weather-related delays.

Taking these factors into account will help ensure a smooth and successful video production in Northampton with an efficient team.

In addition to these, utilising weather tracking tools and consulting meteorological services can aid in preemptively adjusting production schedules to accommodate for changing weather conditions. Finally, legal preparations, such as obtaining release forms for participants and managing the visibility of third-party logos, are crucial aspects to consider to prevent unauthorised use.

Factors Affecting Turnaround Times

A range of factors can influence the turnaround times for video production. Internally, the intended length of the video and the efficiency of on-set filming play significant roles. However, shortened turnaround times can undermine the thoroughness of pre-production, potentially compromising video quality. On-set problems during tight turnarounds may result in increased spending, which could be avoided with more time for creative problem-solving.

Externally, the factors that can influence the pace of video completion include:

  • The number of feedback and revision rounds agreed upon with clients
  • Achieving picture lock swiftly, which frees up time for other aspects of post-production such as sound design and colour grading
  • Talent availability
  • Weather conditions
  • Equipment issues
  • Noise from construction
  • Public events

All of these external elements can have an impact on turnaround times.

Video production in Northampton

Choosing the Right Video Production Company

A careful evaluation and thorough research are needed to choose the right video production company. Online directories like Sortlist can be invaluable tools in connecting businesses with professional video production companies tailored to their project needs. Furthermore, reviews and video testimonials build trust and credibility, providing insight into a company’s ability to deliver quality work and customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, when selecting a company to work with, consider the following factors:

  • Examine their portfolio to see if their previous work aligns with your brand’s storytelling approach.
  • Check their professionalism and specific style to ensure it matches your brand’s image.
  • Look for experience in the relevant sector to ensure they understand your industry.
  • Consider your budget and obtain detailed quotes from various agencies to understand what services are included and if there are any potential additional costs.

Considering these factors will help you determine if a company aligns with your brand’s needs and goals.

Finally, personal interactions with prospective agencies can reveal their cultural fit and ensure they can communicate effectively to foster a seamless video production partnership.

Types of Videos for Different Business Needs

Various business needs can be catered to by different types of videos. Company Profile Videos, for instance, provide insight into a business’s values, offerings, and key executive messages, establishing a company’s brand identity. Promotional Videos, on the other hand, are integral for highlighting products or services, designed to generate consumer interest and awareness.

Explainer Videos use engaging approaches to explain products or services in a way that informs potential customers efficiently and colourfully. CSR Videos present a company’s dedication to social causes, while ESG Videos demonstrate a company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Social media platforms, also known as social media channels, have a strong preference for video content, with features such as Stories and Reels offering engaging formats for social media content, particularly storytelling. For a high-quality, immersive experience, 3D Animation can showcase products with depth and realism, while Stop Motion brings a tactile, handcrafted feel to video content.


In conclusion, Northampton’s rich history in film, TV, and arts, coupled with its thriving creative community, provides a fertile ground for video production. With top-notch video production companies offering diverse services, a variety of scenic filming locations, and a comprehensive video production process, Northampton is a town that offers immense potential for visual storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is production in video production?

Production in video production refers to the phase where all the interviews and footage for the video are captured, bringing the story to life by gathering the raw materials for the video.

What is the video production process in Northampton?

In Northampton, the video production process includes idea development, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery to the audience. It encompasses planning, scripting, filming, editing, and finalising the video for distribution.

What are some top video production companies in Northampton?

Some top video production companies in Northampton include Simply Thrilled, J motion, Made in Blue, and Menace Media, offering a range of services from traditional video production to innovative video marketing optimisation.

What are some common types of business videos?

Some common types of business videos include company profile videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, CSR videos, ESG videos, and various forms of animation. These can effectively communicate a company's message and engage with the audience.

What factors affect the turnaround time for video production?

The factors affecting the turnaround time for video production include the length of the video, filming efficiency, feedback rounds, talent availability, weather conditions, and equipment issues. These elements can significantly impact the overall production timeline.

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