Video Production Hull - A Comprehensive Guide

March 8, 2024

Searching for exceptional video production in Hull? We streamline your journey to find the best service with straightforward insights into the city’s top video production companies, their work ethic, and how to choose the right one for your next event or project. Discover the best video production Hull has to offer and elevate your brand’s visual presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Hull has a vibrant creative scene that nurtures exceptional video production talent, underscored by its history with the Rank Organisation and successful local filmmakers.
  • Finding the right Hull-based video production company involves thorough online research, reading reviews, and aligning a company’s portfolio with your vision and budget.
  • The video production process in Hull entails several critical stages from creative development to distribution, with meticulous planning needed for a successful output and the post-production phase crucial for refining the final product.

Hull's Creative Scene and Video Production Heritage

Filming on location in Hull

Nestled in the heart of East Yorkshire, Hull is not just a city with a picturesque landscape but also a breeding ground for prolific storytelling. The city’s cultural scene is as rich as its history, having birthed internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Sean McAllister and film producer Tracey Seaward, whose works have captivated audiences worldwide. The influence of Hull’s creative minds extends to the founding of the Rank Organisation by J. Arthur Rank and the memorable ‘Doctor’ series by director Ralph Thomas, both of which have left indelible marks on the UK film industry.

The artistic vibrancy of Hull has attracted a plethora of productions, with projects ranging from feature films like ‘Enola Holmes 2’ to the historical series ‘Victoria’, all finding the perfect backdrop in Hull’s historic Old Town. This influx of creative projects not only showcases the city’s versatility and creativity as a filming location but also stimulates the local economy, with businesses from hotels to restaurants reaping the benefits of the film industry’s presence.

How to Find and Hire a Video Production Company in Hull

In pursuit of the perfect video production company based in Hull, where do you begin? It starts with a deep dive into online industry directories, trade bodies, and specific websites dedicated to video production. This research is crucial in uncovering the tapestry of talent nestled within the city. Moving beyond the surface, it’s essential to delve into reviews and testimonials. Past client experiences can offer a window into the reliability and client satisfaction you can expect from a prospective video production partner.

The search does not end at reputation; the quality of work and the level of professionalism must align with your vision. A brief but thorough examination of portfolios will reveal whether a video production company’s creative flair matches your style preferences, experience within your sector, and budget constraints. It’s a matchmaking process, ensuring the story you wish to tell resonates through the lens of the right team.

Top Video Production Companies in Hull

Creative team working on a video production in Hull

First on the list is Simply Thrilled (yep, that's us) which tops the list based on these factors:

  • Accolades as a multi-platinum award-winning video production agency
  • A diverse portfolio of clients including prestigious names like BBC, Biffa, Boots, Bose, Dare, Download Festival, Home Office, Department of Work & Pensions, Island Records, Natwest, Wellpet, and Universal
  • Impressive results with over 53 million views online, more than 900 thousand likes, upwards of 80 thousand comments, and over 2000 TV broadcasts
  • Affordability without compromising on quality, offering cost-effective solutions
  • Speedy delivery, with a track record of turning around videos within as little as 48 hours
  • Storytelling prowess, utilizing our film and TV industry experience to harness the emotive power of storytelling in video content
  • Efficiency in producing hundreds of pieces of content from a single day’s shoot, maximising value.

Following Simply Thrilled are several other brand films from local agencies that contribute to the video production landscape:

  1. Cavewood Productions offers a range of services, including live event coverage.
  2. VIP Creative specialises in corporate and promotional video content.
  3. Blink Video provides post-production services like editing and colour grading.
  4. Astor Film Productions is another option, handling projects from concept to completion.

These agencies collectively represent Hull's great team and diverse video production capabilities, each with its great team and own approach to storytelling and client service.

Video production in Hull

Stages of the Video Production Process

The video production process is a journey from a spark of an idea to the final product that graces screens world. It’s a dance of creativity and logistics, starting with the conception of ideas during Creative Development and moving through to Pre-production where the project begins to take shape with planning and scripting. Here are the key stages of life in the video production process:

  1. Creative Development: Conception of ideas and brainstorming.
  2. Pre-production: Planning, scripting, and assembling crews.
  3. Production: Filming and capturing footage.
  4. Post-production: Editing, adding effects, and finalizing the video.
  5. Distribution: Sharing the video with the intended audience.

Each stage is important and contributes to the overall success of the video production process.

Production is the stage where the magic happens, the cameras roll, and the vision is captured. Then comes Post-Production, the stage where all pieces are stitched together, refined, and polished with editing and effects, culminating in the Delivery of a film ready to engage the audience.

When it comes to animation, the prelude is longer, with an extended pre-production phase crucial for storyboarding and character design. It’s a different beast, with stages encompassing:

  • Researching
  • Brainstorming
  • Script Writing
  • Voiceover Recording
  • Storyboarding
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Sound Design

Each step is an intricate part of the tapestry which becomes the animated story.

Whether it’s a promotional video, an event video, or a brand film, the creating and producing process to which clients create videos is designed to meet and exceed expectations and promote the client’s message to their target audience.

Planning Your Video Production in Hull

The sixth sense of a video production company based in Hull is the ability to anticipate the unpredictable—weather, location availability, and the logistics of moving an entire crew across East Yorkshire’s landscape. The number of shots, locations, and the complexity of each scene dictate the production schedule. With the unpredictability of weather and the necessity of securing locations early to avoid hiccups, meticulous planning becomes the backbone of a successful project.

Beyond the storyboard, one must consider factors such as location fees, setup and pack-down times, and the logistics of unit moves. Hull City Council’s management of location fees and weather-related challenges can significantly impact both budget and timeline, making early preparation a critical component of the planning stage.

Filming Guidelines and Permissions in Hull

Every frame of video tells the audience a story, but to ensure that story is told smoothly, adherence to Hull’s filming guidelines and permissions is paramount. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Every on-camera talent must sign release forms, a non-negotiable in the world of production.
  2. Obtain film permits from the Hull City Council based on the scope of your project and the size of your crew. You can get in touch with them here
  3. Notify residents and traders in the community about your filming activities.
  4. Maintain public access to ensure the community’s harmony.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and successful filming process in Hull.

But it doesn’t end with permissions; it’s about community relations. Attending Q&A sessions, providing professional follow-up communication, doing events and making charitable donations to local causes are all part of building a positive rapport with the city and its residents. A thorough cleansing of the area post-filming underscores a production company’s commitment to the community.

Video Production Timeline and Factors Affecting Turnaround Time

Patience is a virtue, especially in the realm of video production. The typical timeline for a project in Hull is subject to a constellation of factors. The intricate ballet of sign-offs, talent availability, weather conditions, and unforeseen changes can all extend the time it takes to produce the final product,. Public events and noise disruptions add another layer of complexity, requiring a nimble and proactive approach to scheduling.

The goal, however, remains unchanged: to create content that resonates with the brand, target audience and leaves a lasting impact. A video production company based in Hull understands the delicate balance of adhering to a timeline while ensuring the quality of the post-production does not suffer. It’s a symphony of timing, creativity and talent, with the crescendo being the delivery of a video that perfectly encapsulates the client’s vision.

Types of Videos Produced in Hull

Event video production in Hull

The versatility of Hull’s video production scene is showcased in the breadth of video types produced by local companies. Whether it’s:

  • a promotional video which tells a compelling brand story
  • a corporate video for training or health and safety
  • an event video capturing the essence of memorable moments

Hull’s video production company outfits like Simply Thrilled and Cavewood Productions have it covered.

Astor Film Productions and VIP Creative are just a few examples of the talent pool in Hull that create videos tailored to various client needs and industries. With the added capability of Cavewood Productions to provide live event coverage videos and event itself, the city’s companies are adept at catering to the diverse visual content demands of their clients, from broadcasts to advertising needs,.

Post-Production Services in Hull

The final polish of a video production is where the true artistry lies, and Hull’s professional post-production services are nothing short of comprehensive. With local companies like Simply Thrilled, VIP Creative and Blink Video, clients can expect a professional touch to their own videos and recent work, encompassing everything from:

  • editing
  • sound design
  • color correction
  • animation

The level of detail in the post-production phase can be the difference between a good video and a great one, and Hull’s services ensure the latter.

The turnaround time for the final delivery of a video can vary, influenced by the complexity of post-production work and client response times during this phase. But regardless of the timeline, the goal is to provide outstanding service in post-production, elevating the East Yorkshire visual content landscape to new heights.

Cameraman in Hull


From the whimsical lanes of Hull’s historic Old Town to the cutting-edge studios where creative visions come to life, Hull is a beacon of video production excellence. With a seamless blend of creativity, expertise, and state-of-the-art post-production services, Hull stands ready to bring any video project to fruition. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, capture an event, or create a masterpiece, Hull’s video production landscape team is equipped to transform your ideas into visual stories that resonate and captivate your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is production in video production?

Production in video production refers to capturing all the events, the interviews and footage for the promotional video, where the story begins to come to life and all the raw materials are gathered.

How many video production companies are there in the UK?

In 2021, there were around 16.83 thousand video and music production companies in the United Kingdom, creating a diverse market for video and music production.

How does a media production company work?

A media production company works by partnering with brands to create marketing content and handling the entire process from initial concept to final delivery for the brand and its target audience. It provides services for producing projects in collaboration with the brand.

What is the difference between a media and production company?

A media company focuses on creating content for clients, with projects including marketing and social media, while a production company's primary focus is film production, allowing for more creative filmmaking work for clients.

Who owns production companies?

Production companies are often owned or under contract with media conglomerates or entertainment companies, creating a partnership within the studio system to create content together.

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