Top Video Production Companies Yorkshire

Top Video Production Companies
January 30, 2024

All the best for video production companies, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Yorkshire!

Ah, Yorkshire. The land of Yorkshire tea and Yorkshire puddings, a place with a huge cultural history and cultural pride. We bet you also didn’t know that Yorkshire is a hub for creativity! Bands like Def Leppard and the Arctic Monkeys come from Yorkshire’s stormy moors, plus shows like The Last of the Summer Wine and Emmerdale, connoisseurs of the written word like the Brönte sisters and W.H. Auden, and sculptors like Barbara Hepworth. Everyone in Yorkshire is proud of their heritage, and for good reason!

That’s why we wanted to celebrate the magic Yorkshire offers to the video production scene with a list of the top video production companies in the area. The list includes a variety of companies, offering a variety of services in York. Read on to find out more!

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

Welcome to Simply Thrilled, your multi platinum award winning video production agency in Yorkshire!

 Are you in search of an innovative ally to breathe life into your ideas? Discover Simply Thrilled, Yorkshire's renowned video production team that transforms imagination into engaging visual narratives. Moving pictures, inspiring stories, touching hearts in Yorkshire and beyond!

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…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

With our huge expertise in video production, innovative strategies, and a dedication to storytelling, Simply Thrilled is your go-to video production agency in Yorkshire for making your brand stand out. Uncover the potential of video with us and start an exciting creative journey today.

Why Partner with Simply Thrilled for Video Production in Yorkshire?

  • Untold Experience: From solo entrepreneurs to significant brands like Universal, Island Records, Wellpet, or Bose, we’ve collaborated with a spectrum of organisations. Our video production achievements have been showcased by global platforms like The Guardian and BBC news.
  • Outstanding Results: Our Yorkshire video production work has genuinely gone viral, racking up 59 million views on Youtube and engaging hundreds of thousands through likes, comments, and shares.
  • Targeted Reach: Utilising Viralpixel and other top-notch tools, our video production Yorkshire team ensures precise targeting to your desired demographic.
  • Boundless Creativity: Our video production experts in Yorkshire are filled with fresh ideas, promising at least 4 unique concepts for every project.
  • Award Winning Partnership: As your video content partner, we're equipped to handle large-scale projects even within tight deadlines. Our video production Yorkshire team has turned around entire campaigns within two weeks.
  • Expert Storytelling: Leveraging our film and TV background, we offer compelling commercial video production in Yorkshire at affordable rates.

Check it all out at 

InkBlot Films

Let’s kick off this list with InkBlot Films. Working in partnership with agencies and marketing professionals, InkBlot Films offer services such as showreels, animation, advertisements, and corporate films. Inkblot describes themselves as a creative video production company which loves to create interactive experiences. The Inkblot team likes to challenge their audiences and encourage them to take action.

Inkblot was founded in 2011 in York, in the very heart of Yorkshire, and aims to bring together the artistic backgrounds of their team to create videos that are filmed through unconventional lenses. Their three-man team consists of Mike Leigh Cooper, Jay Sillence, and Adam Greenwood, and community is a big part of their mission at Inkblot. They like to work with developmental projects and youth work, so have clients like CALM, IDAS, and Wetwheels Yorkshire. 


Next up on this list is the Leeds-based Talkinglens. They are a multi-award winning film and multimedia production company having worked with the likes of BAFTA, TalkinglensTV and more. Offering script writing services, and headshots for actors as well as creating their own films. Talkinglens are more film-centric, creating their own films and having them submitted to film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival.

Talkinglens describes itself as a company which specialises in films that deal with serious issues with sensitivity, understanding, and humour. They prefer to work with local as well as international partners and talent to create films and documentaries and won Best Feature at the Birmingham Film Festival. They offer production expertise and services, education and training, script consultancy and more.

The Atom

Moving to something more aligned to Greek Philosophy now with the Atom, founded by Tony O’Reilly. O’Reilly has led the company using over 20 years of experience in graphic design and a further 15 years working in video production. As a graphic designer, he has worked with various agencies and clients including the NHS and Leeds City council. With this experience, the Atom team offers services in graphic design and digital video production. They also create documentary films, instructional videos, and web films among their list of services. 

The Atom crew aims to provide a professional service that is focused and courteous over a range of services and products. Whether their clients are after documentaries, short promotional films, lecture films, social media campaigns and more, they know that brands, images, and identities are important in today’s visual-focused marketplace. The Atom designs company logos, websites, banners, posters and more, working with big and small businesses looking for cost-effective design.

Summit Visions

We are now climbing to the top of a mountain, the summit if you will. Yes, next on our list is Summit Visions based in Leeds! Summit Visions not only have a base in Yorkshire, but like to head out beyond the boundaries of the county to the rest of the UK. Describing themselves as a creative video production company, this company likes the extraordinary, not the normal, and states that they will not settle for anything that’s not the best. 

Making bespoke videos for property and property developers, documentary, event video production and more, Summit Visions states that high-quality video content is important. They are a full-service provider and want to work closely with their clients from consultation to distribution. They film live events, use aerial and drone technology, dabble in some photography, and like to specialise in strategy. Past clients include Adventure Events, Calm Collectives, Advent Developments, and Daisy Communications.

Thunder and Lightning Productions

Thunder and Lightning Productions are here to cause a storm on this list. Based in Cleckheaton in Yorkshire, the Thunder and Lightning team work as a production company for advertising, marketing and communications, working with agencies to deliver specified projects. They work with many briefs and mainly work with businesses who require advertisements. The company holds expertise in animation for all mediums whether that be broadcast or non-broadcast television. 

Thunder and Lightning Productions is in love with the moving image whether it’s on the big or small screen and wants to make audiences remember their clients. They want to make things interesting and consider themselves an electrifying film company that benefits from over twenty-five years of experience. Their team brings together scripting, producing, editing, and more, as well as a range of post-production skills. Past clients include Shear Bespoke, Ask Italian, Pizza Hut, and Nestlé.

Northern Visuals

Northern Visuals comes next, and they dabble in many areas of work including on-site photography, video marketing, drone filming and more, such as educational video, animation, documentary, music videos, product showcases, and teaser trailers. Northern Visuals has a client list that includes the likes of P&O, the NHS, Trident, the National Trust, and the University of Hull. Based in Hull, the Northern Visuals team aims to bring together high-quality technical precision and creative vision to make their clients’ videos great.

Northern Visuals specialises in three key areas of production. This includes strategy, creative, and production which allows them to bring together their teams’ expertise to boost their clients. Their process includes the discovery of values and vision without compromise, the creation of new ideas, and the delivery of video content that aims to leave audiences speechless. Northern Visuals consider video to be just as important as oxygen, so put everything they have into their projects.

Tungsten Media

Tungsten Media calls itself an end-to-end creative production company which aims to focus on motion control, visual engineering, and slow motion. Based in Leeds but with an office in London too, Tungsten Media consists of a small team of workers but have worked with big names, creating a host of different videos with different areas of expertise. Past clients include M&S, Morrisons, Lakeland, Northern Bloc, and LG.

Tungsten creates work such as film and music videos, commercials, brand films, and high speed video, and they even offer drone and aerial work. Tungsten offers clients the opportunity to hire out their own 1100 sq ft  studio space, using equipment such as RED and Phantom Camera Systems and AARI Lighting. Other equipment at their disposal includes the Red Dragon 6K and the Ultra Slomo Phantom Gold. The Tungsten team describes itself as a professional crew that welcomes crazy ideas.

Rainbow Trout Film

Moving to the home of Anne Lister and the Brönte sisters, we are now in Halifax with Rainbow Trout Films at the Albion Street Studios. Created in 2010 by filmmaker James Mellor, Rainbow Trout works with businesses big and small as a creative video production partner that collaborates with ideas and concept development, storyboards and scripts, producing, filming, directing, and editing. Rainbow Trout also has an office in London and they aim to work internationally to tell stories.

With many areas of expertise, Rainbow Trout Films is all about creating corporate films, event films, documentary films, feature films, promo spots, and trailers, and they've even worked on TV dramas. They aim to provide products and services that come in flexible packages to suit varying needs and want to use video to help their clients ‘express, emote, connect and convey’ their messages. Some of their past clients include the likes of the BBC, Sky, Mediacom, and clothing retailer Primark. 

Mandrill Video Productions

Mandrill Video Productions is a rather unique company on our list, as they are a health video production company. Led by founder Chris Wise, they are the top for producing health videos in the UK and have produced 20+ health television series as well as over 360 videos for the NHS. The Mandrill team describes their style as bringing expertise and professionalism to every project, whether it be a training video, promotional video, or medical video. 

Mandrill has produced videos for clients such as ITV, the BBC, Discovery Channel, and charities such as the Benenden Charitable Trust. Mandrill is an NHS-centric company and collaborates with their leadership academies and support units across the UK. As a producer of high-quality health videos, they bring together 20 years of experience to support their clients throughout the entire video production process, from planning to delivery. The Mandrill team is a trusted core of professionals and a network of graphic designers, voiceover artists, and presenters.

Pocket Productions

Pocket Productions is a video production company based in Leeds which was founded by Bradford-born Rad Miller in 2006. The Pocket Productions team aims to create ‘people-focused cinematic content’ through short-form video and are providing services for both the public and broadcast sectors as well as a variety of businesses. They believe videos are excellent for promotion and documentation, and help create a buzz on social media, but also know that their clients may have other ‘genius’ ideas to push the form higher.

At Pocket Projects, each video has a small team that is selected from a pool of creatives and freelancers. Many of their projects have been mixed in variety, from live-action to animation to studio shoots. Pocket Productions have worked with UK companies including the BBC, Channel 4, Burberry, Leeds Beckett University and more.


Going straight over to Harrogate, North Yorkshire now with KTV CVP. KTV considers itself a video production company which specialises in the production of business video content for all kinds of budgets and specifications. Offering a full creative service from idea development to optimised delivery, the ‘creative, friendly and professional’ teams at KTV aim to bring their experience in the film and video industry to every client whether it’s a demonstration video or an advert.

KTV boasts an in-house camera and production crew that use the latest equipment to deliver a quality product to their clients. They see their clients through every step of the creative process with storyboarding, scriptwriting, and project management. KTV uses numerous technologies including autocue, green screen capabilities, online delivery solutions, translation, subtitling and sign language and more. They are more focused on creating commercial video and have worked with many clients that include Danone, Kelloggs, L’Oreal, and Shell.

Giant Leap Productions

Giant Leap Productions comes next upon this list. Led by Video Producer/Owner Ellie Tyrrell and Video Director/Owner Nick Padley, their team of photography, sound, and business specialists have diverse backgrounds in the industry and have been nominated at Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying film festivals. With over 25 years in the industry, they specialise and deal in a wide range of products and services for a variety of video projects. 

Giant Leap argues that videos attract 300% more traffic than any other content. They offer not only the usual commercial and training videos but can cater to every specific need of their client. Based in Huddersfield, they deal with clients in both the public and private sectors, with members of their team having worked on some of the biggest television dramas in the UK. Some of Giant Leap Productions’ clients include supermarket chain Morrisons, the bakery chain Greggs and Lovell, and British Gypsum. 

This Film

Over in Harrogate is a video production company that has delivered 1000 films in ten years! This Film was founded by Katie Greenhalf, who originally moved from Yorkshire to London to develop her craft, working with brands and companies including Range Rover, Sky, and British Airways. After returning from London to her homeland of Yorkshire in 2010, Katie set up This Film and is the producer, director and editor of the company. She started working with Gary Lawson, an award-winning videographer and photographer, in 2009.

Combined the This Film team offers multiple services for many different occasions and needs. Some of the services they offer include corporate film, brand film, films, creative film, and talking heads. Some of the brands they have worked with include Samsung, Tom Kerridge, Harrogate Theatre and North Yorkshire County Council. This Film is all about making films ‘full of integrity and creativity’.

Authentic Productions

Authentic Productions claim that they are all about ‘powerful and engaging video content’ that helps put their clients on the map. Authentic Productions is a video production and digital agency based in Yorkshire, founded by  freelance camera OP and video editor, Jamie Langford. Langford has 5 years plus experience of working on commercial and corporate films, this being the focal point of the business. 

A key tenet of Authentic Productions’ ethos is that they state they can work to meet all kinds of deadlines, without compromising on the quality of their video work. They want to create captivating stories and genuine atmospheres to videos. Their production process spans from pre-production to post-production and involves a wide range of technical and creative experts and tools. Some of their clients include Tom Seed Fitness, Harrogate High, and the Harrogate Organics Company.

Seven Video Productions

Seven Video Productions is a collective of filmmakers and storytellers who believe in making great videos to boost ROI by 810% in a single project. They want to create video content that is stunning but aim to do more than just entertain and educate. Located in an active airfield which was formerly the home of an RAF base, the Seven Video Productions site is also used for TV and film production with plans for it to become Pinewood of the North.

Okay, so what about their services? Led by creative director Joe Sherwood, the 12-person Seven Video Productions team offers editors, marketing executives, animators, production coordinators, and so forth, while also offering event videos, animation, explainer videos, internal comms, virtual events, and testimonial/case study videos. Clients of theirs include Heineken Beer, Telefonica, Ampleforth College, and First Bus.

Complete Video Solutions Digital

Complete Video Solutions Digital, or CVS for short, is run by Dave Redmond, a freelance cameraman, video producer and photographer. Redmond founded his company in 1999, however his expertise goes back over 37 years. He offers almost every kind of video production service there is to offer. This includes promotional videos, live event filming, tape to DVD conversion, stills photography and showreel shooting for actors, singers, dancers, presenters and more. 

CVS offers corporate productions, live event filming, and news gathering, a service offered by Redmond after years of journalistic broadcast experience. Alongside these specialties, CVS also offers an equipment hire service for a range of cameras, lighting, sound and grip technologies, and other vital tools and programmes. Redmond recruits and finds talent for his team by selecting them from a freelance talent pool. Past CVS clients include the ITV News Calendar, BBC News, Sky Sports, and ITV News. 

Reel Street Productions

Reel Street Productions, founded by Marcus Lee in 2007, is a video production company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Lee took his passion of script writing and filming to the next level to specialise in creating promotional content in the private and public sectors. Over 13 years later, the Reel Street Productions team has collaborated with a range of clients, such as ASDA, HSBC, Barnardos, and Historic England.

Lee and his business offer services for corporate events, youth projects, music videos, vlogs, and dramatic films. Reel Street Productions also offers a photography service, as well as a service on the site called RSTV. RSTV is a YouTube channel hosted by Lee where he discusses issues that are happening around the world with some guests. Lee also has his own podcast, So This Works, a lifestyle and business podcast focusing on the work/life balance.

Twenty Twenty Films

Twenty Twenty Films is a video production company which has clients nationwide. Based in Bradford, their team has a lot of knowledge when it comes to video production. Having worked with the University of Sheffield, Horton Housing, Martin House Children’s Hospice and many more, Twenty Twenty Films have services to suit each client. The Twenty Twenty Films team boasts a range of experts and specialities, including animation and graphics, explainer and training videos, charity events, event video production, and promo and web videos. 

Twenty Twenty films boasts that it is a full service video agency which is trusted by both small organisations and big brands alike. They aim to produce creative content that engages audiences no matter the type of video they’re working on, or their client’s budget. What they consider important is the message of the video, and the ways in which they can maximise it.

The Northern Video Company

The Halifax-based Northern Video Company is next in this list and they are headed by James Mellor, the founder of Rainbow Trout Films who we mentioned earlier! The Northern Video Company specialises in video production, video distribution strategies, live streaming, and consultation services. Operating with a dedicated team of qualified professions with the creative and technical experience needed, the company is led by Mellor, who began work in the industry in 1999.

Working with 3 studios that clients can hire and an upgraded set of kit that meets broadcast specifications of 4k, HD, 360 and beyond, The Northern Video Company mostly specialises in live streaming events such as music events, festivals, and sporting events. The Northern Video Company is all about offering production services but also training and consultation to deliver bespoke products. Past Clients include Hex Physio, Terberg DTS UK, Optimal PBS, and Flat Stan First Aid.

Motiv Productions

Motiv Productions, based in Leeds right next to the ITV Studios, is a ‘video partner’ which creates video projects and video content for business. They are a team of creatives who develop content for national brands, the UK government, SMEs, and advertising agencies with specialisms in animation, motion graphics, and live action filming technology. Motiv aims to plan, produce, and review content to ensure clients understand how to use content and platforms to their advantage.

Although Motiv Productions is a company which deals mostly with TV advertising, they also work on internal communications videos, case study films, event overviews, and online promotion. They not only specialise in video production, but also in animation. Clients of theirs include Jet2 Holidays, Visit England, GB Racing, and more. Motiv Productions have also won multiple Royal Television Society Awards.

Visualised It

Visualised It is not just a video production company, but a video production team with a wealth of experience in branding and advertising. The Visualised It team is built of expert TV producers, animators, and social media managers. Visualised It has bases in Leeds, Doncaster, Harrogate and Sheffield but is most passionate about advertising the businesses, charities, events, and communities in Leeds itself.

What do they do? As well as offering the usual corporate videos, advertisements and such, they also offer training and consultancy opportunities. On top of this, they also offer educational courses working with schools and colleges to provide learners with various qualifications in media and digital media. The qualifications they offer include BTEC’s, as well as hosting different workshops. Visualised it has worked with some of the top TV companies including ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and ESPN. Other partners include the National Citizen Service (NCS), London Live, and Rotherham College.

Astor Film Productions

Moving to Hull now, the home of the other end of the Humber Bridge and Astor Film Productions Ltd. Astor Film Productions is an independent video production agency that specialises in producing engaging and cinematic content that can be shown across a range of different platforms. Having created promotional films, corporate films, fiction films, and brand videos for a great number of varied clients, the Astor team considers themselves masters of video.

Astor boasts that it has never missed a deadline and aims to ensure every project they collaborate on meets or exceeds the expectations of their clients, whether they’re global corporations or smaller local businesses. Astor can record their films from 4K all the way up to 12K and they complete all of their projects in-house. Clients include Dunelm, Just Eat, Ford, Yorkshire Water, Aston Martin, Siemens, and Humberside Police.

Simply Thrilled

Oh, come on. Can you blame us for another sneaky bit of self-promo?

Simply Thrilled is the UK’s friendliest neighbourhood production company which works worldwide to produce content that thrills. From idea generation and market strategy to animation and distribution, our collective of first-rate creatives have bags of experience and always aim to wow our clients. With a wide-ranging portfolio and team built of specialists who have honed their abilities, we have the know-how and the passion to bring your brand, business, or organisation to the next level with the power of video.

Our clients include Bose, Boots, the NHS, and Universal, just to name a few, as well as plenty of absolutely lovely local businesses and professionals. Our video portfolio has reached over 50 million people and we combine the art of filmmaking with rock-solid science to create video content that audiences not only love, but remember. Using our proprietary ViralPixel technology, we comb the web to find out what makes audiences tick, imbuing every single video project we collaborate on with a true magic.

Get in touch today, and check out our portfolio to see what we can bring to your next video campaign!

…And that completes this list of the top video production companies in Yorkshire, plus our sneaky little bit! As you can see there are an array of companies in this beautiful county, each having something unique and different to offer. Yorkshire is a fairly big place with services either next door or up the road. Take a look and see which intrigues and pulls you in the most. 

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