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Top Video Production Companies
December 8, 2023

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Sheffield!

In this comprehensive article that is regularly updated, you will learn about and find out about the many and the varied video production companies, agencies, creative video agencies and more in the industrial town of Sheffield

Sheffield is a city with a large steel industry, this is a renowned fact, but did you know that Sheffield is home to many video production companies, agencies and much more? This comprehensive article is regularly updated so that you can find and learn more about all these wonderful companies.

With a determination as tough as Sheffield steel itself, let’s go right ahead and begin this list.

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

Introducing Simply Thrilled: Sheffield's multi platinum award-winning video production hub! Seeking an imaginative ally to realise your creative concepts? Simply Thrilled, a prominent video production agency in Sheffield, excels at transforming your ideas into enthralling visual narratives. We strive to inspire by moving pictures, stories, and emotions!

Our team is fueled by expertise, innovation, and a love for storytelling, committed to highlighting your brand through remarkable video creation. Explore the potential of video and join us on an exciting creative expedition.

Why Partner with Simply Thrilled for video production Sheffield?

 Join Prestigious Company 

Collaborating with diverse organisations, from individual entrepreneurs to distinguished brands like Universal and Bose, we’ve made headlines in The Guardian and BBC News. Our work stands as a testament to our quality and recognition. 

Achieving Real Impact 

Our content has achieved viral status, earning millions of engagements, including 59 million YouTube views. We provide the interaction others merely aspire to. 

Precise Audience Targeting

 Using Viralpixel and top-notch research tools, we target your preferred audience with unparalleled accuracy. 

A Place of Untold Creativity 

Our skilled creators formulate at least four novel ideas for every project, guaranteeing your brand's distinctiveness. 

Commitment to Long-Term Partnership

 We are devoted to long-term partnerships, delivering large-scale video content promptly without sacrificing excellence. Emotion-Driven Narratives Leveraging our film and TV background, we craft emotionally compelling stories on commercial video ventures, providing top-notch narratives within budget constraints. 

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Sort of...Films

Sort of...Films make films for Education, Research, Infrastructure, Environment, Public Sector, Health, Charity and so much more! Offering creative and cost effective films from their base in Sheffield. They offer services such as sound recording, voiceover, motion graphics, video editing, voiceover and more.

SJH Films

SJH Films, the company that creates bespoke films for any event including Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays and Anniversaries. They also create showreels for actors looking to showcase their talent to casting directors. Founded by Stephen Harrington, Stephen brings to his business a huge wealth of knowledge and a large skillset. He has skills in Videography, Photography, Content writing, Digital Content Creation and more. SJH has worked with clients such as TED Doncaster, LoudCrowd Digital and The Rustic Pizza Co.

NeonTech Productions

NeonTech Productions, have their main specialty in Live Event Video Production and this includes live events such as festivals, corporate events and sporting events. NeonTech Productions also offer other services such as Photo Booth Hire, Sound and Lighting, Video Production, Live Streaming, PAT Testing and even Equipment Hire. Some of the events they have covered are varied and include events such as, Sheffield Tramline Festival 2016, Sheffield Pride 2018 and  Rotherham Pride 2019.

Whistle Video

Can you hear that? That sound? Ah yes, that’s right,that’s what I can hear, a whistle which means only one thing,  Whistle Video is next on this list. Made up of a small group of individuals and freelancers, and was founded by Joe Skillington, who had worked in Video Production for some time, only when he was living in New Zealand between 2013-2014 did Joe get truly inspired. Upon his return to the UK, his creative flair for creative video production was at its peak and going strong. First approaching his brother who was an illustrator and designer at a professional level for help. This company prides itself on animation and taking its shoots from the indoors and taking it outside the studio. Joe and his team have now worked with some big brands including British Airways, Go Outdoors, Guide Dogs, Martek Marine and more. 

Open House Pictures

Next up is Open House Pictures, founded and opened in 2018 with an ambition to “re-invent and conceptualise a new form of video production.” What they do is offer a service that is attuned to the specific needs of the client. On the surface, some of the services they have include, Promo Video, Event Filming and Video Editing. Below the surface, they also offer a showreel service for actors, Case Study Video, Training Video and much more, including making short films. The sectors Open House Productions work with include the automotive industry, advertising, television, acting and anything else that could be thought of. These guys have worked with the likes of Volvo, Stoneacre, the Cabinet Office, Sheffield City Council and Responsible Finance.

Oliver Brian Productions

Based in Meadowhall, Sheffield, Oliver Brian Productions. Not only does this company specialise in commercials with clients such as Sheffield United, Eizo and more, this company mostly specialise in creating music videos for budding artists and artists currently on the music scene, with videos to suit any budget.

ENON Films

ENON Films are next. Offering Narrative, Commercial and Animation services, and founded in 2012 with offices in Madrid and Spain. This company is a “story first, producer and director led production company.” They have worked with names such as Amazon UK, the NHS, M&S, BFI Network and Screen Yorkshire.


Founded in 2007, FORTAY Media is a video first marketing company wanting to help businesses advertise themselves in a savvy way. Creating videos that appeal, motivate and engage with audiences that businesses wish to engage with. FORTAY also has their own in-house green screen studio which also includes one of the biggest infinity green screens in the region. This green screen is useful for those who are freelance filmmakers and even those who have photography as an area of interest or expertise. FORTAY have worked for clients such as Yorkshire Tea, Sega, Cadbury, Holiday Inn and Sheffield United F.C.

oXyFire Media

oXyFire Media is a media creative with a passion for storytelling. What makes oXyFire Media different from other companies on this list is that they thrive from working with media that is live and shot moment by moment as everything unfolds. With extensive experience in many different areas such as Sport, Entertainment, Digital Marketing and the News. Past clients have included working with the likes of Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt for his ‘Short Film Show’, The Car People for a Live Action Animated advert and the Rugby League Back Chat. oXyFire have also worked on Paranormal Activity 3.

Blink Vivid Video

Blink Vivid are a production company who offer all of the services imaginable, from Documentary, Photography and Social Media to Events, Corporate, Music, Post-Production and Hire. Blink Vivid follows a five step process when they are working on the video productions, covering every base that is needed to be covered, right from the start of the project to the very end and the distribution of the final product. Past clients include YouTube, Lad Bible, Hidden Pictures Films, Sheffield Hallam University and EA.

Rodman Video

Rodman are very much like Blink Vivid Video, in that they offer all services that one could possibly need for their business needs. Founded by Simon Rodman, a freelance videographer who has honed his craft and created this company, 10 years ago.  As well as having clients for one project and working collaboratively with marketing agencies, Simon has some clients returning again and again. Some past and present clients include names such as Tesco, Welcome to Yorkshire, Regatta, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Jordan Carroll Film

Jordan Carroll comes to this industry with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience with him being a Director, Cinematographer, Editor and above all, a filmmaker. Jordan works solo doing a huge majority of the work himself other than when he is working on fiction films with larger crews. The services Jordan offers come in a wide variety of video production. Some of his services include Documentary, Commercial, Promotional Material, and even Music Videos. As Jordan loves to travel, he offers his services nationwide, meaning that he is able to travel to places such as Leeds and Manchester as well as his home base in Sheffield. Previously Jordan has worked with both big and small businesses including names such as, National Geographic, Meadowhall, The University of Sheffield, Samsung, Michelin and London Classic Theatre. 


With Stream7, the clue is in the name, they specialise in streaming events whether that be Streaming Virtual Events, Event Broadcast or even Hybrid Events. Stream7 was created in 2013 with streaming in mind for every event imaginable, with an In-house Design which means that the team design any on screen graphics that are needed for any event that is being streamed, and Scalability which enables the team to scale up from streaming a single event to multiple places around the world. Finally, the team is made up of a qualified crew and Experienced Staff who have previous experience of working in this area of expertise. Previous clients include Kids Invent Stuff, Sky Bet, The NHS and Transunion.

Red Star 3D

Red Star 3D specialise specifically in animation and creating animated film content for kids in both 3D and 4D. Their team is a full-time team of animators and artists in the studio in Sheffield. Founded in 2004 by Ben Smith and Jan Rogowski, they also offer a full script-to-screen service producing engaging and exciting content for family audiences. Red Star come equipped with knowledge of and the knowhow of how to produce any type of animation for any screen. As well as having the ability to animate, Red Star have the ability to incorporate live action into attraction content and much more. Animated films Red Star have worked on include, Legend of Apollo, Space Chase, Fab4D, Sherlock Holmes 4D, Dracula 4D and more.

Lunar Animation

Next up on the list is yet another animation company, Lunar Animation. Lunar is an award winning, high-end animation studio that specialises in full CGI and visual effects for feature films. The people that make up Lunar’s team come with over 30 years combined industry experience. Using Stereoscopic 3D technologies they come with the knack of knowing how to create top quality immersive content that stands out. Previous projects they have worked on include Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle, American Pickers and Disney Plus.

Sent Into Space

We are remaining interstellar now, and properly shooting into space with a company who can film products that require filming out of this world (literally!). Sent into Space are a world leading marketing company who are no stranger (unlike E.T.) to space themed publicity and marketing campaigns. Sent into Space offer all of the services including, Live Streaming, 360 & Virtual Reality, International Launches, Launch Logistics, Marketing and Production Services, Engineering, Drone Operation and more. They also offer other services such as Space Education, Space Research and a partner company, Aura Flights- a service which enables scattering the ashes of a loved one on the edge of space. Sent into Space have worked with a huge variety of clients including Walt Disney, Google, Post Office, Doritos, Lego, Audi, Sky News, Mini and more.

Simply Thrilled

Twice in one article?! You’d think we’d written this or something?!

Boost Your Brand Through Simply Thrilled's Extraordinary Video Content: Sheffield's Go-To Video Production Specialists

Simply Thrilled doesn't just believe in video; we're driven by its potential to enchant viewers and make unforgettable impressions. Serving startups, small businesses, and renowned brands in Sheffield, our talented team is dedicated to aligning with your particular goals. Together, we'll craft video content that strikes a chord with your desired audience.

Your Vision, Our Experience in Video Production Across Sheffield

Our extensive experience, combined with a profound grasp of the dynamic digital world, positions us to offer unmatched video production services, custom-fit to your needs in Sheffield. The process, ranging from idea formulation to post-production, distribution, and launch, is meticulously managed to promise a smooth and potent outcome.

Simply Thrilled's Sheffield Video Production Offerings

With a track record of hundreds of videos and animations, we've brought satisfaction to dozens of clients. Be it a visual capture or a sketch, if it can be imagined, we can translate it into lively video or animation.

Connect with Simply Thrilled, Sheffield's Video Production Connoisseurs!

Are you poised to elevate your brand through spectacular video content? Reach out to Simply Thrilled. Join us for an exhilarating creative adventure, filled with innovation and the excitement of creation. We're not just about ideas; we aim to thrill. Contact us using the information below! 

And that is it for this list, we have taken you through Sheffield and shown what many video production companies have to offer. This is by no means the definite and final article, with more to be added along the way. :-)

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