Top Video Production Companies Peterborough

Top Video Production Companies
January 23, 2024

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Peterborough!

If you’re only now just joining us, welcome to another post in our series searching for the top video production companies across the UK. In this post, we’re in Peterborough! Check out our other articles on Cambridge, Nottingham, and Manchester, just to name a few.

Now, Peterborough might not scream ‘media production’ to you but anyone who’s read any of our posts before will know that creatives and creativity are absolutely everywhere. With a long history stretching back to beyond the Bronze Age, this city has festivals, shows, theatre and more. It hosted rock band Queen for the music video for their song BreakThru in 1989 and is the birthplace of actor Luke Pasqualino and Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, so it’s clear that the city has never been shy of a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

So read on to find out what Peterborough has to offer when it comes to video production companies —  we bet you’ll be surprised at the range on offer!

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

Are you in search of a creative partner to transform your vision into a masterpiece? Your quest ends at Simply Thrilled, the award-winning Peterborough video production company known for transforming innovative ideas into enchanting visual tales. We're in the business of moving pictures, stirring stories, and captivating audiences!

Our unparalleled expertise in video production, fresh ideas, and unquenchable passion for storytelling are the tools we use to ensure your brand stands out. Uncover the transformative power of video in Peterborough and embark on an exhilarating creative journey with us.

Whether you’re looking for a:

  • promotional video 
  • animated video 
  • explainer video 
  • marketing video 
  • event video
  • product video
  • social media video
  • music video

…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

Why Choose Simply Thrilled for Video Production in Peterborough? 

Esteemed Clientele: From solitary entrepreneurs to major blue-chip brands like Universal, Island Records, Wellpet, and Bose, our video production services in Peterborough have satisfied diverse organizations. Our creations have also featured in global news outlets such as The Guardian and BBC News.

Impressive Results: Our work has garnered viral success, boasting views and engagement levels others can only aspire to achieve. With 59 million views on YouTube alone, coupled with hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and shares, our video production in Peterborough knows no bounds.

Precision Audience Targeting: We employ Viralpixel, our proprietary creative tool, along with leading industry research and social listening platforms to target your demographic with remarkable accuracy.

Creativity to the Max: We are brimming with creative ideas. Our Peterborough video production team ensures that each of our concepts strikes a chord in the hearts and minds of your audience. As a rule of thumb, we provide at least 4 fresh ideas for each open creative brief.

Enduring Video Content Partnership: We're in it for the long haul and can provide video content at scale and within tight deadlines. Our video production services in Peterborough have been known to deliver entire campaigns within a fortnight.

Captivating Storytelling: Leveraging our experience in the film and TV industry, we harness the power of emotional storytelling for our commercial video projects. This means you receive Hollywood-grade compelling stories at affordable rates.

Contact us for more! 

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Eldraw Creative Media

Made up of a small team of creatives, Eldraw Creative Media specialises in quality video production by staying up-to-date with all the latest trends and the latest marketing techniques. Eldraw are based in Peterborough on the Cambridge and Northamptonshire border and create

unique videos. The Eldraw team operates across the UK in order to film, whether that be at a client’s office, a warehouse, or any other location. However, should the client wish, filming can also take place within Eldraw’s own in-house studios. 

Eldraw works within a large variety of sectors, ranging from construction, manufacturing, and farming to entertainment and sports. Eldraw has worked with clients such as Wilkinson Sword, Mastercard, and Russell Hobbs, and offer a range of services such as 2D/3D animation, aerial drone videography, and event videography, and also offer filming and editing training sessions for their clients’ staff.

Reckless Abandon Media

Reckless Abandon Media is a creative videography company led by a team of filmmakers (two to be more precise). Ash and Jack, who make their films with a reckless flair, believe that no film should be constrained and that the creative process should be as free as possible despite elements such as time constraints. Since 2016, Reckless Abandon has aimed to create quality videos for ‘passionate, ethically-conscious entrepreneurs, micro-businesses, artists and all other positive causes’.

With each film they make they believe that their client cannot find anyone else like them. On their website, they state that ‘every film is infused with our house style and aesthetic’ which allows them to adapt to the ‘flavour, story and heart’ of their clients. Reckless Abandon makes all sorts of content, from branded content, social media videos, and product demonstration videos to corporate and live events videos and training videos. Past clients include Kidney Research UK, Gravitas Magazine, and a host of local artists.

Ellen Jackson Videography

If you’re looking for videography services in Peterborough, Ellen Jackson Videography is an award-winning contemporary videography company that might just be for you. Founder Ellen Jackson achieved a degree in Media Production at the University of Lincoln and has since worked in London with some of the biggest production companies including Nylon Films and Percept Films. She also worked on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. 

Ellen Jackson Videography opened in 2011, and after ten years of having her own business, Ellen still creates videos for many different industries and sectors including the fashion and property industry. As well as offering corporate videos, Ellen also offers wedding videography for the perfect film of a special day. Ellen is involved in every stage of the production through to the final edit and has had clients such as Cross Keys Homes, Shape Brazil, Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, and the Sudbury Print Group.

McGrath Digital Media

Founded by Johnny in 2018, McGrath Digital Media or MDM is run solely by freelance videographers to provide even the smallest of businesses with the best video solutions to be able to promote their businesses to a wider audience. They state that they are a friendly but professional business which aims to make video content that promotes brands and increases competitiveness.

Services McGrath Digital Media offers include promotional video content, wedding films, school videos and even videos for events and productions. The MDM team works from the development stage all the way to marketing and distribution and operates across the UK. Past clients include 360 Battle Fit, St John’s Caterham, Rustic, and Hare on the Green.

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DB Sound and Vision

DB Sound and Vision is a commercial video production company based in Peterborough which has plenty of experience providing video content for charities, corporations, and SMEs across the UK and internationally. The DB team is made up of specialists in corporate video, who create video advertisements to boost and increase business for each of their clients and have been doing so since 2008.

DB Sound and Vision state that communication is important to them and see it as one of the clearest benefits of video. They aim to get to work straight away on their client’s briefs and intend for a quick turnaround from pre- to post-production. Products and services which they provide range from advertising videos, testimonial videos, live event filming, social media video production, and so forth. Past clients include Cubex, Abax, Land Rover, the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, and the NHS.

Posh Gecko

Posh Gecko has perhaps the strangest name on this list, but there’s a very good reason for it! In 2011, the local Peterborough FC (also known as ‘The Posh’) won 2-0 at their play-off final, and Posh Gecko was named in honour. With bases in Peterborough and London, Posh Gecko’s team aims to handcraft their videos and to understand the target audience of their client.

Specialising in a multitude of areas that include 2D and 3D animation, Posh Gecko operates with an array of professionals who are specialists in their own areas of expertise, from producing to motion design. The Posh Gecko team has clients such as Ikea, Greggs, HSBC, Hisense, and the NHS.

Hypnostalgia Visuals

Hypnostalgia Visuals describes itself as a multi-disciplined creative agency which produces bespoke content for brands and for businesses. Run by Gage Davis and Ashley Beechey, two friends with a love for video production, the Hypnostalgia team works from inception to create content that engages audiences and follows trends. They work from idea development all the way through to the marketing and distribution strategies.

Beneath their video production umbrella, Hypnostalgia offers a small array of services which include commercial product or service videos and music videos. Past clients include Monster energy drinks, Declan Vinck, and Krusada Teamwear, and they also have a range of blog posts on their site about social media, marketing, and covering some of their live performance videos.

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Blackpoint Media

Joining our list of the top production companies in Peterborough is Blackpoint media, a team with a wide range of skills for creating corporate and commercial video productions. Some of the Blackpoint services include stills photography, cinematic videography, digital animation and graphic design, web design, and app development. The four-person Blackpoint team is built of online experts as well as photography and videography wizards.

Within their photography services, this company offers corporate headshots, website and brochure photos, social media and product photography, and more. Blackpoint also offers 360 video tours and also operates as SchoolFocus, which aims to deliver high-quality video and photo content for schools and trusts with the hope of enticing students and future employees. Past clients of Blackpoint include the TDA Sixth Form, Warboys Primary Academy, and the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, as well as the NHS, New Socks, and National Express.

Lifestyle Visuals

Another company on our list that offers wedding video production services is Lifestyle Visuals, but unlike previous candidates written about above, this company is entirely focused on weddings! Founded by the director of Eldraw Media (small world!), Lifestyle Visuals is a wedding videographer agency with bases in Leicester, Cambridge, and Peterborough. They offer a variety of wedding packages for couples to choose from and cater for Hindu and Sikh weddings. 

The two videographers who make up the Lifestyle Visuals team aim to ensure that multiple angles can be taken of big moments, adding flexibility, and they usually shoot less than 20 weddings a year so they can offer exclusivity to their clients. They work across the UK but happily shoot overseas weddings and offer a range of videography packages at different prices to meet different needs and budgets.

Toofast Media Group

Speeding onto our list is the Toofast Media Group, which is passionate about filmmaking in all its forms, as well as photography and ‘the written word’. They state that they pride themselves in delivering creative and imaginative content. Founded in 2007, this group not only specialise in film, they also specialise in photography and journalism. The Toofast team originally entered the video production world through a love of motorsport and continue to write and visualise the sport to this day.

Toofast also offers aerial photography and filming and has two fully-qualified pilots on-board, and when it comes to journalism, their editorial content has been published in major papers and on websites around the globe. Toofast have their own studios but also travel around the UK, shooting for fast-paced action and creative portraits, event coverage, documentaries, and feature films, as well as promotional films, and corporate videos.

Hawk Audio Visual

Hawk Audio Visual is a audio visual production company which has been operating for 20 years. They offer a full range of in-house services housing a team of AV professionals who are friendly and reliable. Hawk Audio Visual offers event production videos, equipment hire, and more out of their Peterborough headquarters. They intend to provide video solutions for each and every event they attend, and boast their own kit that includes a large stock of stage sets, lighting, and other visual and sound equipment. 

The team at Hawk Audio Visual often travel around the UK and across Europe to various events, whether that be presentations, business meetings, or large-scale ceremonies, and can webcast and film these events, adding graphics and even sourcing venues if need be. Past clients include companies such as McCain, British Sugar, Ford Retail, and the Environment Agency. 

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Red 7 Productions

Believing that film is an artform with the power to affect change, next on this list is Red 7 Productions, a videography and film production company based in Peterborough. The Red 7 team specialises in documentary filmmaking, the creation of music videos, short films, and promotional videos. Their aim is to make all films as authentically as possible while also making each and every project as ‘extraordinary’ as the one before it. 

Red 7 Productions also accepts commissioned projects from a range of clients, such as their ‘The Green Backyard’ film which was commissioned by Jumped Up Theatre and aimed to showcase and respond to the impact of a community garden. Red 7 have had clients such as the Woodland Trust, the RHS, Peterborough County Council and the University of Sussex. 

Wildside Productions

Wildside Productions is a corporate video production company with over 20 years of experience. The Wildside team has worked internationally from the South Atlantic to back home in the UK at the Royal Albert Hall. Most of their work can be seen in the BBC’s Countryfile nature programme and in various nature reserves around the world, from the Sumatran rainforest to isolated islands in the South Atlantic.

Wildside specialises in films about conservation, science, and sustainable tourism and have gained millions of euros in support for their films on natural history and conservation. Wildside have won various awards including the UK Broadcast TV Travel Programme of the Year and Best UK Travel Story of the Year, and they have been the runner-up in the New Media Science Programme of the Year. Wildside offers location filming, outside location production units, and a portable production unit. They also offer media and presentation training.

A Beautiful Day Productions 

Wedding bells are a-ringing! Having won the Videographer of the Year 2018 for the East Region, A Beautiful Day Productions is a small team of videographers and editors founded by John Corcoran in 2009. The Beautiful Day team aims to film subtly and discreetly on the most special of days in which couples are looking to tie the knot. 

Corcoran runs his team to film weddings in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. A Beautiful Day wedding video is shot on ‘powerful, but small DSLRs’ and then every video is then put onto a DVD for the married couples to keep and treasure. They aim to provide a wedding movie, a highlights reel, and a trailer for use on social media.

NorthLight Media

Almost at the end of our list here is NorthLight Media, a corporate video production company based in Peterborough which aims to provide filming, photography, editing, and training services. They are all about the ‘affordable and fun’ and aim to put their clients on-screen ‘quickly and easily’. NorthLight also offers copywriting, consultancy, podcasting, and journalism services.

NorthLight Media has won awards such as winning in the Documentary category at the 2016 St Neots Film Festival. Their team is made up of editor Martyn Moore and his ‘carefully chosen’ team of ‘talented associates’ who produce website content, company profiles, product tests and reviews, conference presentations, corporate messages, and more. Past NorthLight clients include the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, the Spanish Tourist Office, and PMA Training.

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UAV Film Company 

The UAV Film Company is a Peterborough-based videography company which specialises in drone photography and filming for various sectors, from press and PR to music videos, from estate agents to advertising. Alongside their aerial videography and photography studio facilities, UAV offers digital printing expertise. From TV and film production to cinematography and micromercials, from social media content to website content, UAV’s team is CAA approved and fully-licensed to operate drones. 

Simply Thrilled

Here you are! At the end of the list! And, fancy that, here we are too. Simply Thrilled is based in Nottingham and London, and you might be thinking ‘wait a minute, neither of those places are Peterborough’, and you’re right. But we had to sneak some self-promo in, didn’t we?

Simply Thrilled is a video production company working across the UK and internationally to produce videos that are filled with magic for magical people. We have clients like the NHS, Boots, Universal Studios, and more, and we’ve even worked with Vicky McClure! We produce brand videos, music videos, promo videos, and much, much more. Our collective of creative and technical experts have bags of experience in directing, animating, and producing, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing from beginning to end.

We combine our passion for beautiful and informative video content with our talent for marketing and strategy, boosting our videos and our clients with our proprietary ViralPixel technology, which provides us data on what audiences actually want to watch. That way we not only get bums on seats, but eyes on screens! If you want to boost your brand, showcase your product, or share your powerful message, Simply Thrilled has the know-how you need. Grow your audience today, and join the 53 million people who have viewed and love our portfolio.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your video campaign or project!

And that, as they say, is a WRAP! Peterborough might have surprised you when it came to its video production scene, but we could see it coming. We love creativity, and live and breathe great filmmaking, so no one should be surprised to see that we not only know what we’re doing, but can sniff out creativity in our sleep!

Do check out some more blog posts on our website, or even have a gander around our portfolio while you’re here!

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