Top Video Production Companies Leicester

Top Video Production Companies
December 4, 2023

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Leicester & Leicestershire!

Leicester! Leicester! Leicester! The biggest county in the East Midlands is known for its vibrancy and cultural diversity. Other claims to fame include its industry, the River Soar, buried kings and Gary Lineker, as well as the biggest crisp factory in the world! Also calling Leicester home are David and Richard Attenborough and the fictional diarist Adrian Mole and his creator Sue Townsend.

The county has much to offer, and that includes what it brings to the table in terms of production companies. With neighbouring cities like Nottingham and Lincoln also providing fierce competition in this industry, Leicester has certainly upped the game, emphasising the cultural importance of the East Midlands as a growing hub for filmmaking. Leicester is a prime destination for modern aesthetics grounded in a long history, and local creatives are proud to showcase their county.

Here at Simply Thrilled, we wanted to show you exactly how many great production companies and agencies live in Leicester. They are bastions of creativity and commerce with the drive and expertise to build brands, take organisations global, and develop stunning video. Without further ado, let’s delve into the top video production companies in Leicester.

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

Yes, yes, we are putting ourselves first in our own article, but can you really judge us for it? If we were too humble, we simply would not be able to tell you why Nottingham’s friendliest neighbourhood creative video agency has reached over 53 million views of our videos online!

Location & Services

  • Serving Leicester & Leicestershire: Based up the road in Nottingham, we eagerly work in the Leicester area.
  • Full-Service Production: From idea generation to delivery, marketing, and advertising, using Hollywood-grade equipment.
  • Clients: Big names like Universal, Island Records, Boots, and the Guardian.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Beyond Standard Production: Our team combines creativity with technical expertise.
  • Audience Insight: Understanding market trends, competition, and audience preferences.
  • Proprietary Technology: ViralPixel scans a 500-element matrix to guide our creative concepts, ensuring engagement and memorability.

Our Content & Promise

  • Fresh & Exciting Content: We always shoot to thrill.
  • Guaranteed Quality: First-class video services for every project.

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Zeddy Productions

First on this big ol’ list of ours is Zeddy Productions, a video production company which specialises in high quality promotional videos and corporate videos. They state that they have a passion for ensuring everything they create is excellent and that they are a fun to work with team. They work across the country with all kinds of businesses, whether they are big or small, and bring a personal touch to every project as well as plenty of expertise. The Zeddy Productions team has worked with budgets of all sizes but always aims to deliver great video content.

Zeddy Productions was founded in 2011 by Zoe Fellows, who has over ten years of experience in the industry as a television journalist and camera operator. Fellows and the Zeddy team work just south of Nottingham but work across the Midlands, especially in Leicestershire. They provide lots of different services such as 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics, as well as multi-camera shooting, aerial filming and photography, and project management. Other services include planning and story-boarding, script writing, filming, and final editing. Zeddy Productions creates corporate video, promotional films, and animated video (including ‘bespoke cartoons’). Past clients include Next, Theatre Royal, British Gypsum, Rothenberger, Antelope, Kirkby Design, and Jewson.


ImageNova is a feature film production company and was founded in the Midlands in 2009 by managing directors Bipin Anand and Kieran Chauhan. ImageNova was built on a love for film and working with talented people. This agency aims to use their creativity and drive to transform the vision of their clients into fully-fledged video ideas. They have worked with a variety of companies ranging from local organisations to large multinational companies including but not limited to Sony, the University of Leicester, Cooke Optics, Fosse, the NHS, British Gas, and Leicester City Council.

ImageNova has invested in the best equipment for all of their projects and aim to exceed expectations with a mixture of talent, passion and creativity. They not only dabble in video production – they can also help with animations, scriptwriting, and documentary video. Their process is simple yet effective. First, they come up with an original idea that can be discussed with their client. Next, their professional team works together to produce the client’s vision. Finally, all of their hard work is visualised on screen. The ImageNova team believes victory is seeing their clients’ expressions upon seeing their new video content.

Crosscut Media

Crosscut Media was officially born in Leicester in 2016 and although the company has only been around for four years the creatives behind it have been passionate about making videos for over a decade. The company has grown over the last couple of years, but its aim remains the same: ‘to provide an approachable, high-quality service with a personality’. They cover a range of video services, from conference filming to animation. They use high-quality equipment such as their ultra-portable high definition multi-camera production unit which allows them to turn any venue into a studio.

Past Crosscut Media clients include the Leicester Comedy Festival (where they worked with comedians such as Jo Brand and Johnny Vegas), TK Maxx, LOROS, and the Nottingham Playhouse. They also collaborate with students from De Montfort University to give them professional experience in the industry.

Orange Fox Studios

Unfortunately this video production agency is not composed of a team of foxes, but it is a studio specialising in video production and animation, so we are willing to forgive them. Founded in 2016 by Lee Tomes, this young visual communications agency is based in Leicester’s central cultural quarter. Describing themselves as a ‘creative, flexible and professional’ team, the aim of Orange Fox Studios is to help small and large businesses build their brand through video production, amazing animation and marvellous motion graphics. The Orange Fox team is made up of a range of creatives such as cinematographers and animators.

Orange Fox Studios wants to make videos that are filled with authentic storytelling and have worked to do this with a range of different companies including other creative agencies, SME businesses, and not-for-profit organisations. Past clients include Impact Retail, Puma, DMAF Leicester, and FootiEmoji.

Just Franklin

Next on this list is Just Franklin. Compared to the other companies and agencies on this list, Just Franklin is a smaller business, and yet it boasts decades of experience. Just Franklin aims to bring brands to life with powerful film and video content and intends to shoot video content which can be reused for different video campaigns to ensure the longevity and unity of brand identities. Managing Director Danny Franklin has worked as a camera operator since 2002 and Client Director and Producer Charlotte Franklin has experience as a broadcast journalist since 2005. This two-person leadership allows them to focus their talents and expertise on each and every project they undertake.

Just Franklin may be small but they consider themselves a team of trusted industry professionals aiming to create engaging film and video. According to Just Franklin’s website, when audiences read a text-based advert, they will typically only retain 10% of the intended message. However, when they watch a video-based advert, they can retain an amazing 95%! This makes it clear that video adverts are the way to go for any business. They use their videos to promote websites, campaigns, and social media platforms and offer services in promotional video, video marketing, and animation/motion graphics. Past clients include Nottingham Playhouse, Against the Grain, G & A Fire Protection, Indigo Fitness, Opus, Stone Butterfly Interiors and the Macmillan Cancer Trust.

Visual8 Productions

Visual8 Productions is a corporate video production company based slightly outside of Leicester which works with different businesses across the United Kingdom. Though a small team, the Visual8 crew is made up of video and marketing enthusiasts. They prioritise functional videos over beautiful videos and the aim of this company is to produce video content that ‘delivers results and ROI’ on a cost effective basis. They also specialise in YouTube advertising alongside a range of marketing-focused services.

Visual8 has a clear niche compared to some of the other production companies and video agencies on this list, but still considers itself a full-service company. They focus on advertising and like to create visual content that is optimised for any business’ marketing strategy. Their three-step process starts with planning, script development, and storyboards, before they film using their 4K camera kit, until they can finally begin to edit. Past clients include Fordhall Farm, Oadby Plastics, Hedone Property, Ashdown Park Hotel and Linford Grey.

Dom Whiting Media

Dom Whiting Media is a self-described ‘experienced videographer’ based in the Midlands. Whiting offers a range of professional video tools to clients and aims to tell stories and grow businesses. Whiting is a freelancer who considers himself to be an extension of his clients’ teams rather than as a separate body. Working since 2014, Dom Whiting Media began as a brand for Whiting to work behind as he pursued a career in film production and has continued to produce creative visual content in the years since.

This one-man band aims to tailor videos for audiences and works with a variety of businesses and organisations, from brands to charities, events to corporate businesses. Dom Whiting Media provides services in video, photography, and animation and has a considerable client list including the Leicester Tigers, Leicester County Council, SJ Events, Athena, Sporting Minds UK, Amazon, and Coleman Ross.

2020 Media International 

Originally based in Leicester, 2020 Media International has expanded into branches in London and Los Angeles. Originally set up in 1991 by Rob Potter, 2020 Media International has almost thirty years of experience and has a full-time team of communication consultants and web developers who aim to create high-quality videos and television content. This company has worked on a variety of projects over the years and has developed lots of ‘firsts’ for British TV in collaboration with Sky.

2020 Media International is a media agency which provides a range of video production services and calls itself ‘an integrated project production and consultancy agency’ which focuses primarily on TV and online services. Their team consists of producers, directors, consultants, designers, and writers. Past clients include Microsoft, DHL, Marks and Spencer, ASDA, Morrison’s, and Sky.


360red is a production company ‘dedicated to bringing stories to life’. Opening in 2007, 360red aimed to engage businesses with their target audiences and with each other and has since evolved to find new and effective methods for telling stories. Advertising is their sweet spot but they also aim to excel in smooth-running video productions. 360red offers a variety of different video services from concept development to scripting, animation and shooting, editing and TV advert clearances. 

Past 360red clients include Joy Marsden Training, Howden, the University of Warwick, the NHS, and JK Lasers.

James Douglas Films

Adding another niche specialism to this list of otherwise full-service video production companies is the wedding videography agency James Douglas Films. Based in Leicester, videographer James Douglas works in film and video across the East Midlands and the wider UK. He believes in helping happy couples make memories by capturing them on video. He believes in balancing big moments with small, intimate ones. Of the many packages James Douglas Films offers, cinematic footage captured with high-definition cameras is what he prioritises as a one-man show.

However, this videography agency also offers plenty of extras, such as additional videographers, aerial drone camera operation, and pre-wedding footage. James Douglas Media, the sister company to James Douglas Films, focuses on a broader spectrum of video content, such as music videos, voiceover services, and bespoke music creation, as well as corporate videos, the latter of which includes promotional videos and education videos. James Douglas often creates his own music to accompany his videos. This way he and his clients can avoid pricey copyright restrictions while also creating a truly unique combination of videography and music artistry that can encapsulate a client’s special day.

MGL Media 

Next on our list of the top video production companies in Leicester is MGL Media. Matt Holt, MGL’s director, has over 20 years of experience behind the camera and has worked for the BBC, ITV and Sky. Wayne Kelly, the producer, is screenwriter who hosts the podcast ‘Joined up Writing’. The MGL Media team can help their clients produce a range of projects, from documentary films to how-to videos. The specialisms of MGL Media are launching new services, staff recruitment and education/training videos.

MGL Media believes that video is a powerful way to deliver ideas and aims to produce sharp, compelling videos. They aim to carefully plan all projects and deliver high-definition video to small companies and organisations right up to household names. Past clients include Samsung, Tesco, Harley Davidson, Pantherella, Siemens, the NHS, and Vodafone.

Large Scale Film 

Large Scale Film is all about corporate video production in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter. They offer video services that promote products, services, brands, and services and aim primarily to get their clients the best exposure possible. With over twenty years of experience in creating films, Large Scale Film was founded by director and producer Steve Friendship and has since gone on to win a slew of awards by approaching projects with flair, originality, and humour.

Large Scale Film aims to make accessible films using the best that film technology has to offer. The Large Scale team creates promotional video, drone video, testimonial video, animated videos, and more. They also provide often overlooked services such as DVD authoring, graphics design, and DVD packaging and duplication. Past clients include Big City Graphics and Signs, Transformation Fit, Blaby Electrical and Blaby Alarms, Sanamente Hypnotherapy, Ecoclean, and Ele Print.

Created by TEN

Created by TEN is an independent film production company which specialises in film and commercial content. They intend to produce films that resonate with worldwide audiences and believe that the best way to do this is through bold narratives and striking visuals. Founded by Andy Gundelach & Alexander Buja in 2015, Created by TEN has a long-term goal of creating ‘some of the best independent films and uniquely memorable visual content in the world’. 

TEN primarily focuses on advertising films and wants to develop end-to-end campaigns with carefully considered narratives and strong visual aesthetics. They work with their clients from pre-production, production, to post-production to provide a full service of planning, shooting, and editing. Past clients include EE, Adobe, Brewdog, Currys PC World, Mo Bro’s, Oculus, and Intel. 

YSP Media

YSP Media originally began life all the way back in 2005 when it was known as Yellow Shoe Productions. It was created by a team of media-savvy students and has expanded over the years. Since its inception, they have changed their name, but they have not changed their desire to create first-class creative content. YSP Media is a film and video production company based in Derby but creating and collaborating in and around the entire East Midlands area. They have an artistic flair that makes them stand out from many of the agencies and companies on this list and they focus on producing promotional videos, artist films, documentary productions, and high quality fictional films.

YSP Media specialises in fictional content and has produced plenty of short films over the years. Promotional content and corporate videos are part of their expertise and they have created commercial videos, promotional videos, web videos, and covered a range of events. They have also created a range of documentaries as well as videos for a variety of artists in the realms of music videos, dance videos, and drama videos for local and national creatives. Past YSP Media clients include English Heritage, Derby County Football Club, Ellesmere College, Breast Cancer Campaign, Visit Derby, and Chatsworth House. 

Some Bright Spark

Some Bright Spark believes that they are a team of ‘creative strategists delivering live events and creative content’. They are a team of creative individuals including over twenty industry-leading producers and designers and each member of the Some Bright Spark team aims to bring brave vision and creative ambition to the table whenever they sit down to develop a new campaign for a client. They are all about modernity and innovation and offer live, virtual, and design studio services. For example, they specialise in 3D environments, remote content shoots, B2B events, Immersive Training, User Experience (UX) Design, and Branding Film. Clearly they like to be ahead of the technological game.

Some Bright Spark develops high-tech promotional campaigns for plenty of luxury brands and also offers filming services for live events. They aim to turn every project, whether it’s a product launch or a corporate event, into an extraordinary experience and believe that this is how business challenges can be solved. They argue that all of their clients, big or small, become their complete collaborators on projects and yet believe that despite their ambitions they can still remain pragmatic. Past Some Bright Spark clients include Bentley, Elevon, The Watches of Switzerland Group, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, PWC, Reckitt Benckiser and Lotus.

Reels in Motion

Reels in Motion prides itself as a video production company with immensely strong ties to Leicester. The company loves Leicester and respects the city as one of the oldest in England and as a place with great historical merit, natural locations, and beautiful medieval architecture. They think the city is a prime location for all kinds of video production in the East Midlands which is why they so often find themselves working there, even though their offices are based in Stoke and London. Reels in Motion is a video production company eager to produce web films, music videos, promotional videos, animated videos, and live event videos. They work in all sizes and types of organisations and businesses.

This creative agency believes that videos are an increasingly important aspect of marketing in the modern digital age and state that any business that wants to stay ahead of the game will be investing in excellent videos. They have a portfolio with a range of local and national organisations including but not limited to Lila Connect, Everybody Sport, Peak Education, JCB Finance, Synectics Solutions and Shropshire Doctors. They have continued to work in London, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Stoke, and more, making them a truly national company.

Another World Media

Another World Media (also known as Digitilheart) is a digital video agency which is based in Leicester but which likes to operate nationwide. They are a group of filmmakers who came together as a freelancing collective to work with Midlands businesses, organisations, brands, and individuals. Every member of the Another World Media team discovered their passion for telling stories and filmmaking at a young age and they have since gone on as a collective to produce short films, music videos, and commercial drawings. They always aim to work with clients who want to create video content that they know their audiences will want to watch and remember.

Another World Media was started by a filmmaker and a marketer so the video agency believes that they know exactly how to bring the artistry and techniques required by filmmaking and the audience and market know-how of marketing analytics together to create fresh digital videos. They ensure that their team is small but multi-talented so that all kinds of shoots, whether smaller productions or bigger projects, can remain dynamic and nimble. They use the ‘latest technology and film-making techniques’ for all of their projects and have continued to do this since they got their start in 2017. They offer additional services in video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and photography.

KPE Creative

KPE Creative describes itself as a trustworthy full-service creative design agency which always aims to meet, deliver, and exceed the expectations of their clients. They have over 45 years’ of experience in photography and video services, design services, branding services, web and digital services, marketing services, and print services. They offer expertise in brochure creation, food photography, location photography, and more. On their website, KPE Creative boasts 683 clients and 3589 projects, showing that they have been rather busy in their forty-five years of operation!

Based in and working in and around Leicestershire, they are driven by results and effectiveness. They consider themselves an end-to-end full service team with in-house capabilities with a range of cost-effective services. They offer plenty of marketing and advertising expertise in both photography and video production realms. The KPE Creative portfolio ranges quite widely and some of their past clients include the NHS, Gateway College, Leicester City Football Club, Marshall, Melissa, Ruby Shoo, and Addis.

Corporate Motion 

Corporate Motion is a professional corporate video and photography production company which is based in Leicester. They aim to develop the online presence of their clients and bring them to a global audience. Founder Dave Sinclair, has years of experience and has individually produced over 250 promotional films since 2007. Sinclair believes that corporate videos should be high-quality and has worked with bands, brands, and charities to bring film, photography, and freelance editing and directing skills to each project.

Corporate Motion offers services in aerial filming and has an expert team to capture footage with UAVS that are BNUC qualified. Photography services offered include portraiture, product photography, event photography, wildlife photography, and more. Past clients of Corporate Motion include Subway, B&Q, Marston’s, ITV, the BBC, Honda, Jaguar, the Royal Air Forces Association, and Swissvax.

Incite Video

Incite Video is a video production company which offers services in video production and animation. The Incite Video team ‘cares about the results’ but also champions a ‘carefully-crafted aesthetic’ which they aim to achieve with their team, which has experience in media production and marketing. Incite Video believes that video is the best way to promote a business and likes to use creative videos to show off people and products.

Incite Video offers services in consultancy, event video production, and animation. When they create videos, they aim to bring exposure and engagement to their clients. Past clients include the Microsoft Partner Program, LCB, Define London, Valo, and Avant Homes.

Dr Creative Productions

Another Leicester-based company is Dr Creative Productions, based close to Leicester city centre.  This agency specialises in web design, web content, video production, photography, and sound recording. They aim to provide their clients with all the creative services they need for video production, website content and development. Dr Creative Productions aim to build websites that feature high-quality photos and videos and offer a recording studio for voiceover needs.

Dr Creative Productions believes that they have some of the greatest sound production experience in the region and have a resident voiceover artist, Serena Alexander. This company has produced personal videos for trainers, WWE wrestlers, and small businesses and has also provided photography for businesses such as Tranquil Plants and recording services for the NBC Barclays Premier League.

Simply Thrilled

As always, we have to round out this article with another mention of Simply Thrilled —  you are on our website after all! We are a first-class creative video agency with ideas for days and creativity fuelled by the artistry of filming and the science of audience metrics. By combining our ViralPixel data with our fresh idea guarantee, our creative team always creates videos that are a head above the rest.

If you are looking for an agency which has collaborated with a range of businesses, from local organisations like Bromley House LIbrary to international super-brands like Bose, and which prides itself on creative and technical expertise, contact us today! Our past clients have left us plenty of five-star reviews on Google, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

…And there you have it! Leicester is clearly bursting with talented creatives and video production agencies eager to create your next video project. WHether you want animation services or aerial drone techniques, there is undoubtedly something for everything a business, organisation, or brand might need. 

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