Top Video Production Companies East Midlands

Top Video Production Companies
December 8, 2023

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across the East Midlands

We know, we know, the East Midlands is a huge area to cover, but that also means there is an absolutely huge amount of talent hidden within it! If you’re looking to find that talent and bring it on board for your next music video, corporate explainer, brand film, or another kind of video project, you’re in the right place, and by right place we mean both here, on this page, and here, in the East Midlands.

The East Midlands has a lot to boast about: a rich history and culture, stunning swathes of scenery, and more creative potential than anyone can shake a stick at. Whether you want independent filmmakers or bespoke video agencies, it is guaranteed that you will find what you’re looking for. The East Midlands benefits from beautiful locations like the Peak District and creative hubs like Nottingham and Leicester and enjoys more space and freedom for creativity than busy centres like London. It has never been easier to spread your creative wings than here in the East Midlands.

Plenty of big names have filmed here before. Heard of a little film called The Dark Knight Rises? That film was shot in Nottingham! How about The Duchess? Or 2005’s Pride and Prejudice? How about The Princess Bride, The Other Boleyn Girl, or Elizabeth? Or maybe you know EastEnders and This Is England or Wild Bill starring Rob Lowe? The point is, the East Midlands is a fast-growing economy with a burgeoning creative sector, and businesses are taking notice of how videos can help them interact with their clients and communities. There is a need, now more than ever, to create successful video content that captivates audiences.

So, if you’re looking for a list (not comprehensive, mind you, but based on our favourite outlets) of the top video production companies in the region, look no further. We’re here to help.

But first, let’s answer some basic questions. What is a video production company? What do they do, exactly? And why should you spend your time and your money on their expertise? Well, the answer is pretty obvious to us!

A video production company will seriously be your best friend if you want fresh ideas, first-class filming techniques, and dedicated post-production and strategy experts. Anyone can make a video, slap it on YouTube, and think ‘job done’. But will that video gain your business or organisation any traction? Will it show potential clients that you want to grow your brand identity and share your ethos in a genuine and professional way? Probably not. That’s where video production companies and creative video agencies (like us at Simply Thrilled!) step in.

A good video production company will be able to produce a video that might get you a bit of buzz. A great video production company will deliver that as a bare minimum. Great video agencies don’t stop there. They want to plan, shoot, edit, and deliver a video that is infused with creativity and ingenuity and which makes your customers sit up and take notice. They want to make videos that you are proud to host on your website, your social media channels, to show to your friends, family, business partners, and anyone who will listen. Why settle for anything but the best?

So, read on to learn about the creative video agencies and companies offering their expertise for East Midlands video production. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to hire one for your next video project.

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

Wait, wait, we can see you rolling your eyes. Yes, we’ve gone first, but of course we should. This is our website and we want to tell every single person who visits about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. So strap in and get to know us a little —  you might see something you like.

Who We Are

  • Passionate Creators: Video creation is in our core; from event films to aerial drone filming and social media content.
  • Versatile Team: Experts in editing, storyboarding, marketing, filming, and animation.
  • Big & Small Collaborations: Worked with organizations like Bose, NHS, the Guardian, D.A.R.E., and Universal.

Our Approach

  • Full-Service Collaboration: We work closely from start to finish, ensuring clear vision and thrilling final products.
  • Art & Science Fusion: Combining aesthetics with a focus on market trends and audience engagement.
  • Proprietary Technology: ViralPixel analyzes audience metrics, guiding our creative decisions with hard data.

Results & Reputation

  • Successful Tactics: Proven by dozens of five-star reviews on Google, and 53 million views on our projects online.
  • Tailored Solutions: Videos that look and sound good and achieve the desired results.

Whether you’re looking for a:

  • promotional video 
  • animated video 
  • explainer video 
  • marketing video 
  • event video
  • product video
  • social media video
  • music video

…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

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Reach out today for a video solution that will leave you Simply Thrilled. 

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Some Bright Spark

This Leicester-based team is all about developing high-tech promotional campaigns for plenty of luxury brands and also offers a range of other filming services. For example, Some Bright Spark offers live event filming, virtual services and design services and specialise in 3D environment creation, remote content shoots, User Experience (UX) Design, branded films, and B2B events. They like technology and innovation to be at the forefront of their work. Some of their past clients include Reckitt Benckiser, Bentley, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, PWC, Elevon, The Watches of Switzerland Group and Lotus.

Some Bright Spark calls itself a team of ‘creative strategists delivering live events and creative content’ and are made up of over twenty expert producers and designers. Each and every member of this team aims to fuel their work with ‘brave vision’ and ‘creative ambition’ and tries to bring this ethos to the table with every client project they work on. No matter the business challenge that needs solving, the Some Bright Spark team wants to use videos of all kinds to overcome obstacles. They value their pragmatic outlook and recognise the importance of their clients, big or small, local or internal, as collaborators on every bit of work.

Zeddy Productions

Next on this list is Zeddy Productions, which, like SimplyThrilled, is based in and around Nottingham! Founded in 2011 by Zoe Fellows, a television journalist and camera operator with over ten years of experience, Zeddy Productions works across the Midlands, especially in Leicestershire. They are a video production company which specialises in high quality corporate videos and promotional videos and has a client list which includes Rothenberger, Kirkby Design, Antelope, Next, Theatre Royal, British Gypsum, and Jewson. The Zeddy Productions team works across the county with a range of businesses, be they big or small, and claim to be experienced with budgets of all sizes while still delivering high quality video content.

Zeddy Productions argue that they have a passion for ensuring that every single video they produce is of a superior quality and consider themselves a friendly and fun-to-work-with team, which we can all agree is something very important. They like to bring a personal touch to every ounce of expertise they deliver. Some of the filming and videography services they provide include planning and storyboarding, script writing and filming, as well as final editing. They also offer aerial filming and photography services, project management expertise, multi-camera film shoots, and a range of 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation talents.

MGL Media

MGL Media isn’t a video production company which works in weddings, but is instead a Leicester-based team which wants to help clients develop, shoot, and deliver a variety of video projects, from how-to videos to documentary films. The priority of the MGL Media team is to showcase why they think that video is the most powerful medium for delivering new ideas. Some of the companies and organisations they have worked with include Harley Davidson, the NHS, Vodafone, Tesco, Samsung, Siemens, and Pantherella. 

MGL Media is directed by Matt Holt, a creative with over 20 years of experience behind the cameras. Holt has worked with Sky, the BBC, and ITV. The MGL Media producer, is a screenwriter who hosts the podcast ‘Joined up Writing’. They use this two-person team to approach every project with technical and artistic skill and always aim to produce sharp and compelling videos that audiences will love. They specialise in launching new services, in staff recruitment videos, and in training and education videos. With every project they aim to carefully plan their shoots and intend to deliver high-definition video content to all kinds of companies, be they small, local organisations of international household names.

Aether Digital

Next on our list and also a little less central to Nottingham than Simply Thrilled is the Ollerton, Newark-based marketing agency Aether Digital. Founded by Holly Jarrett and Kevin Packham in 2008, Aether Digital specialises in marketing services and offers a rather wide range to their clients. This includes web design, graphic design, video production and social media management. However, they also offer some more generalised video production services, such as video animation and motion graphics, video filming, and video editing.

Aether Digital states that they offer three ‘cornerstones’ of marketing services, which are categorised into web, graphics, and video services. While they originally focused on event show reels and the fitness DVD industry, they have since expanded to create a variety of video types. For example, Aether Digital has produced step-by-step guides, explainer videos, presenter-to-camera videos, and animation infographics. They state that they always want to make ‘bespoke’ videos that will educate but also excite audiences. Some of their bespoke packages are designed for specific purposes and specific clients so they can focus on specific goals, such as monthly marketing, video prospectuses, rebranding, or start-up marketing. Their prior clients include the Allure Makeup Academy, Stephen McGillion Spinal Surgeon, Gyan Yoga, Jo Beeston Counseling, and Swan Business Brokers.

Mark Shipperley Films

Mark Shipperley Films is a video production specialist who provides two primary videography services: live wedding filming and corporate media production. Despite the differences between these two realms, Mark Shipperley Films prides themselves on their ability to discreetly capture special moments on their client’s big day or to provide high quality corporate video productions. With plenty of experience in producing company videos that help clients ‘stand out from the crowd’, this videography expert has mastered his photography and filming skills at weddings, which he calls ‘the most challenging events possible’ because of how high-stakes they are. After all, the kiss that seals the deal can only be captured once!

Alongside luxury, cinematic wedding videos for couples across the UK and even across the world, Mark Shipperley Films is also employs CAA qualified drone pilots to showcase the grandeur of any occasion, venue, or moment, whether it’s for a wedding or a corporate event. As for corporate videos, this videographer has experience in a range of services including promotional video production, information videos, product videos, social media videos, and more. Businesses and organisations which have worked with this company before include the Bequia Beach Hotel, Queensbury Wedding Albums, the NHS, Flavor Activ, the Florence Nightingale Hospice, and Delicious by Design.

David Wickes Productions 

We’re taking you right across to the historical city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire for this next agency! David Wickes Productions is a film and television production company which has made several successful theatrical feature films and which now offers a dedicated range of videography production services to the industry and to anyone looking to add a bit of drama to their next video project. Founded by David Wickes, who is highly experienced in documentary filming, music videos, and television drama, and Heide Wickes, who has worked in film, television, and theatre since 1989, this production company has worked with ITV, ABC, TNT and also HBO.

David Wickes Productions works with clients from start to finish and has specialised for many years in drama. They provide a range of pre-production services, production services, and post-production services and always aim to be professional. Having produced landmark television series Jack the Ripper as well as a number of feature films, David Wickes Productions creates video content that focuses on astounding true stories which explore hardship and loss with a bit of ingenuity and humour.

Aztec Films

Here we have another Nottingham-based video production company, just like Simply Thrilled. Aztec Films launched originally in 2009 as a virtual tour company and remains a two-man ‘A-Team’ composed of Paul Randall, who has years of camera expertise, and Shaun Esden, who has a background in television in collaboration with Sky and ITV. In partnership, Randall and Esden have produced over 400 films both in the UK and across the world. They primarily work as a duo but for bigger corporate projects they have a bigger professional team on speed dial.

Aztec Films works with a range of clients, and their portfolio includes Nicholas Bonfield Estate Agents, CJS Properties, David James Estate Agents, and Benton’s Estate Agents. They like to work with big and small businesses, brands, organisations, and services, and understand that developing a strong and recognisable corporate image is highly important for any client. As an independent media company, they also aim to bring excellence to every corporate video or promotional video they work on. While Aztec Films generally specialises in selling luxury property, they also create promotional video content for bars and restaurants, as well as product demonstration videos.

Peter Hatter Film and Photo

Peter Hatter Film and Photo is a video and photography production company with over 20 years of experience in this competitive industry. They are also very different compared to some of the other companies mentioned on this list because they have a very specific niche. Peter Hatter Film and Photo specialises in creative sport videos, action videos, documentary videos, and lifestyle videos, which is really quite unique. Whether their clients want to shoot content for corporate social media campaigns or for extreme sports athlete profiles, they aim to cater for all kinds of requirements. Capturing fresh angles and working with creative individuals is a must for this freelancer.

Hatter knows that glossy, professional footage is essential for any client and understands that promoting a business, organisation, or individual relies on making them look good. This way the audience will take notice. This company has a long photography and video client list as Hatter has worked in both commercial and editorial fields. Past clients include England Squash, UEFA, British Gymnastics, Ride magazine, the Olympics, Aston Martin, and Nintendo.

Orange Fox Studios

Orange Fox Studios is a relatively young visual communications agency, founded in just 2016. They are led by Lee Thomas and work out of their offices in Leicester’s central cultural quarter. Orange Fox Studios is a little bit different to the other companies on this list, but that isn’t because the agency is run by a team of little foxes, though that’s something we’d like to see! Orange Fox Studios is unique on this list because it specialises primarily in visual production and animation services. The Orange Fox Studios team just wants to make videos that are rich in storytelling.

This communications agency considers itself to be a ‘creative, flexible and professional’ team and they have worked with a range of different organisations including but not limited to SME businesses, not-for-profits, and other creative agencies. Some of their named clients include Puma, FootiEmoji, Impact Retail, and DMAF Leicester. The aim of Orange Fox Studios is to build brands through high quality video productions, no matter how big or small a brand or business is. They prioritise fresh animation and modern motion graphics to get the job done and their team of animators and cinematographers value the visual aesthetics of videos as a highly important aspect of video production for the digital age.

CWM Studios

Back to Lincolnshire we go to talk about the Grantham-based video production services and digital marketing agency CWM Studios. This is an integrated marketing agency which specialises in delivering key messages through video, which they consider to be the most strategic and innovative marketing methods of the digital age. CWM Studios have their very own video and sound recording studio facilities with an expert team dedicated to planning, scripting, filming, and editing to ensure clients with the best services that they have to offer. As an ‘established’ agency, they work best when they are ‘enhancing existing strategies or developing new ones’. 

CWM Studios offers a considerable range of video production services in relation to  PR videos, news coverage, corporate videos and event videos, as well as more specialised services like websites design, sports content feeds, sales and promotional activity guidance, and product advertisement strategy. Their services expand across the entire East Midlands and in order to support their accessibility to even the remotest locations, CWM Studios have developed their own custom-built facilities for video production which can be adapted to any unique requirement their client may have. Past clients include Robert Woodhead Ltd, Fruehauf, Grange Hotels, Gary Smith Partnership, Ladbrokes, South Kesteven District Council, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, and Eventus.


Skyshutter combines the best of both worlds, and by that we mean that it has a unique operation niche (drone aerial videography and aerial photography) but a wide scope (the East Midlands). While they focus on aerial capture, they demonstrate how widely drone footage can be used, offering their services for estate agent property films, roof surveys, building damage investigations, weddings, crop surveys, flood damage surveys, and public event videography. Alongside this, Skyshutter’s team of videographers and editors can also provide their clients with promotional films, script writing guidance, and shot consultancy. Skyshutter boasts that they provide live view access while filming, high-definition cameras, gyro stabilised cameras, HDR and multi-shot capabilities, and are fully insured and authorised to operate by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Skyshutter was founded by Ellen, who has over fifteen years of customer and management experience in the hotel and aviation sectors, and Simon, who has twenty years of experience in airline operations, flight planning, flight instruction, and is an airline captain. Safety, professionalism and reliability are some of the company’s key values to help clients get a peace of mind. Some of their safety procedures for videography include full risk assessments and they do not fly unless they know it’s safe. Past clients include Jordan Road Surfacing, Vivid Laminating Technologies, Anson Court, Riverside Country Lodges, and Bumpkin Dairy Co.

Simply Thrilled

Again, eh?

It’s strange to think that less than a century ago the first video (with sound!) was created, or that modern editing tools and techniques only arrived in less than half that time. Nowadays anyone can whip out their phone and shoot a video and very often it’s those spur-of-the-moment, 480p clips that go viral. But you don’t want Barry’s phone video to be representing your business, not when Simply Thrilled also captured the moment with our cinema and broadcast-grade cameras and are already editing it to perfection. 

The possibilities are endless as technology evolves and becomes increasingly accessible. But this also means that the importance of video production in today’s modern society has grown significantly and that competition is fierce. We’ve gone from the kinetoscope to advanced CGI in such a short amount of time that it can seem hard to keep up, which is why video wizards are vital for any business wanting to make a splash in the wide, wide ocean we call the digital space. 

So contact any of the companies on this list and find out what they can do. Or just stay put and stick with Simply Thrilled. Check out our portfolio and our range of services and find out exactly what puts us ahead of the curve.

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