The film and video industry in Nottingham: what you need to know

Lish Morgan
August 29, 2023

You could argue Nottingham is the ultimate film set. The place has hosted some pretty impressive Hollywood blockbusters, for example that Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’…heard of it? This film raked in just over 1 billion at the box office. Nottingham also has hosted a splendid array of independent and edgy stuff too, it seems Nottingham has got the range in terms of location. Check out our other article which dives right into the plethora of films that Nottingham has played a role in creating here.

Maybe it’s because of this that the Nottingham film industry is rife with producers and directors, all geared up to create some spectacular stuff. 

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Film culture in Nottingham is alive and well

Film culture is definitely one of Nottingham’s brag-worthy qualities. Of course, like most places we have our standard Cineworld’s and IMAX’s where you find your Tango Ice Blasts and Ben and Jerry’s sundaes. But Nottingham also has some little gems that ere on the side of arty, creative film that art students and skater boys alike both love. 

Savoy cinema is a charming little place with a very lovely vintage aesthetic. Then of course there’s Broadway Cinema which specialise in that art-house, indie film. Beyond this, the combination of universities and colleges that continue to expand the creativity available, our very much loved Hockley and Lace Market alongside our rich history and varied locations that all offer a new vibe,  mean that film is very much a favourite way for Nottingham folk to create and express themselves. 

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Nottingham boasts just over 30 film production companies 

Nottingham is boasting a pretty considerable amount of film production companies meaning, for this landlocked place, you have an awful lot of talent and ideas to play with. Both new and old, flat cap sorts and suit-and-tie types mean you really are guaranteed to find someone that can deliver exactly what you’re after. Of course Simply Thrilled are the only film production company in Notts that have their own high-tech ViralPixel tool which you can learn about here… but before I continue to not-so-subtly boast let’s continue. 

Animation, Special effects, Corporate, Promo, Mixed media, Live-action…

That’s just the start of the list, most of Nottingham’s film production companies are able to offer a nice blend of approaches that suit each individual project, and the creativity you will find means even your initial idea has all the potential to grow even further!. If you ever wanted to pick a film producer’s brains you can read that here where we done it for you.

Film focused events are rife too..

Where to start? Mayhem film festival, Nottingham International film festival, Outdoor screenings at Newstead Abbey, Dementia friendly film screenings in Mansfield, networking events by On your Doorstep and even the Creative Quarter can help any budding producers secure some funding. 

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Mayhem film festival started in 2005 and hosts the best in contemporary horror, science-fiction and cult flicks.

Nottingham International film festival started 5 years ago and hosts,some spectacular international films for your pleasure. 

Newstead Abbey alone is a visual treat, a gorgeous setting with a nice dosage of history. Here you can watch some iconic films whilst enjoying the picturesque settings and fresh Nottingham air…Dirty Dancing anyone?

Mansfield Central library hosts dementia screenings, which really goes to show the joy film can bring to audiences and why it’s so important to invite film into your life. 

On Your Doorstep gives the film industry in Nottingham the ability to reach out and network to find potential new connections and keep the creation of film thriving in the city. 

The Creative Quarter, in collaboration with the Broadway cinema and Flatpack Birmingham film festival, offer funding for short films and early development, so basically don’t let that script idea wait!

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Not-so-subtle promotion time

So, I hope this reflects the quality of the film and video industry in Nottingham. It’s varied, eclectic, full of passion and very much embedded in our culture here. If you want to find out more about what we create at Simply Thrilled click here, we have worked on some brilliant projects with some brilliant folk, like our NHS, Download festival, Bose, Boots and even Universal Studios! You can read up on our innovative ViralPixel technology here

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