Communication Through a Corporate Video in Nottingham

August 29, 2023

Communicating the ethos of your organisation, business, or brand through corporate video requires expertise, creativity, and market knowledge. It is always magical to view the world through a movie camera lens as such a view offers a unique creative perspective on subjects that may or may not be linked to reality. But communicating your ethos requires more than just a creative lens.

Every film is made on the basis of an interesting concept or script provided by a passionate script writer, and the video itself is made possible with the director's team of skilled personnel. To convey any kind of promotional messages it is a great idea to shoot with Simply Thrilled, a video production company in Nottingham.

Utilise Social Intelligence

Simply Thrilled is a creative agency which uses a specialised social intelligence called ViralPixel to learn about a client’s audience and analyse the type of content they consume. All corporate videos belong to a specific niche, and how they engage with their audience is important. Simply Thrilled creates corporate video in Nottingham by combining the latest corporate trends with viral content online. With platforms like YouTube and DailyMotion hosting millions of videos for private and public viewing, social intelligence brings the message of your corporate video to the forefront.

Explain Your Purpose

To achieve their business goals, corporate professionals have to describe their objectives and ethos to filmmakers so that the creative team can help them communicate to their audience. Corporate videos can be about hard skill and soft skill training for internal distribution, or can be designed to promote towards wider audiences. All such films have target audiences and filmmakers must know who they're talking to. A clear purpose allows a filmmaker to turn a script into action, collaborate and discuss ideas with clients, and communicate clearly in the long run.

Check the Showreel

The decision to choose any video production company should be finalized only after checking its showreel, which is another name for its portfolio of films and videos. Many of these videos are likely to be present on company websites. The showreel gives clients an idea about the quality of camera work and the storyboards being followed - both important aspects when it comes to communicating a message. Corporate customers are likely to find different steps of the video production process on company websites, which will give them an idea of their professionalism.  This communication from video production companies reflects their own expertise.

How Can Corporate Video Productions be Used?

People always identify more with videos than with text. Plus, search engines like Google are immensely fond of videos, boosting online result rankings. With that in mind, it is clear that there are many ways in which video productions can be useful:

1) Advertisement/commercial films

2) Promotions for new restaurants

3) Bringing a human touch to marketing content 

4) Increasing brand recall through creative communication

5) Social media shareability

6) Describing a customer experience

7) Building a YouTube channel

8) Training Purposes

Work with a Well-Known Company

Always remember to get in touch with a video production company that has a number of years of experience. Experience allows their creative team to understand what corporate customers are really looking for.  Simply Thrilled is a creative video agency which aims to make corporate video production stress-free, and has the expertise and portfolio to prove that it knows how to communicate your ethos to new and existing audiences.

Edited by Esme Johnson

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