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We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of internal comms videos that are dull and uninspired, leaving the audience wanting more: more excitement, more engagement, and more visual edge. Nottingham’s Simply Thrilled believes in all of these things and more, and we want to bring cutting-edge creativity and the latest in tech-driven strategy to your next internal communications video.

A first-class internal communications video has to retain the attention of the viewer in order to convey its message. In the digital age, succinct and captivating content is especially important for reaching remote workers, for unifying your team, and for strengthening the internal brand of your business. 

Simply Thrilled ensures your internal communications video has...

  • Results - We have over 50 million views, 900 thousand likes, and 80 thousand comments on our gleaming portfolio of films, and although you might not be aiming that high in terms of viewing figures for your internal communications video, these numbers prove we know how to get the vital audience engagement you’re chasing, whether outwards or inwards facing.
  • Innovation - Simply Thrilled uses ViralPixel, our unique proprietary social intelligence, to comb through the web like a detective and extract the data that tell us exactly what audiences love. We then apply these insights to our creative strategy, helping us decide if live action or animation is best for your project and what brand insights and market trends to respond to, as well as a host of other features of your video project. Even if videos are mostly kept for an internal audience only they’re still used as portfolio pieces on the websites of the agencies and production companies that made them so they can still be worthy samples to learn from in terms of creative approach.
  • Creativity - Who said that internal comms had to be boring? Is a dull, uninspired atmosphere really the one you want to convey to your employees and shareholders? We didn’t think so. Simply Thrilled guarantees four fresh and unexpected ideas for every open brief you send our way, ensuring you get the full force of our creative and imaginative wizardry and can develop a project that has a powerful message.
  • Reputation - We’ve worked with a whole host of brilliant brands from the NHS to Universal to Boots, and our clients leave us glittering 5-star reviews on Google. We wear our reputation like a crown and for good reason. Allowing us to develop your video and strategise how it can make the biggest impact means you get first-hand experience with the expertise that has built our enviable reputation.

Today’s fierce global marketplace for talent and evolving methods and means of teamwork means that video is a key component of any modern business’ internal communications strategy. These videos need to be compelling experiences, using their strengths to simply explain complex systems and processes to staff and emotional deftness to convey business changes with a human touch. The benefits of internal communications videos are only experienced, however, when the quality of the video is top-notch. Working with a creative production company like Simply Thrilled guarantees that your internal communications will be an elegant solution to whatever business messages you’re wanting to communicate.

Join us today to start creating an internal communications video that compliments the ethos of your business and strengthens your brand identity. Let us leave you Simply Thrilled.


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