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Nottinghamshire. Known for Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, for industry and history, and of course for its first-class video production facilities ;-) But really, if you’re searching for cost-effective and highly-creative video production expertise, Simply Thrilled is a video production agency you might want to cast an eye over. We bring data-fuelled idea generation and elegant visuals to every video production because we believe in the power of video, and we want you to believe in it too.

Nottinghamshire is the home of about 800 thousand-odd people is bordered by Sunthorpe and Doncaster in the north, Lincoln and Grantham in the east, Sheffield, Derby, Chesterfield and the glorious peak district in the west… And Melton Mowbry, Loughborough and the fine city of Leicester in the south.

Based in Nottingham, the crown jewel of the county of Nottinghamshire we like to think our hometown packs way above its weight when it comes to creative output. We thrive under this energy to create videos that inspire, motivate, and boost your product, service, brand or organisation. We offer a well-rounded service to ensure that your next video production is effective at every step, from the spark of the first idea all the way to final delivery and distribution across the platforms of choice.

Simply Thrilled provides…

  • Savviness - Using our proprietary ViralPixel technology, we sweep the digital space using a matrix of over 500 elements to establish exactly what audiences are looking for. Using this sophisticated data, we can provide competitor insight, market trends, and audience intelligence that never misses a beat. We use cinema and broadcast-quality cameras to ensure that you only have the best when it comes to the final film.
  • Creativity - Step away from London, a place crowded with companies having to charge ten-fold what they’re worth to afford their expensive offices, and get some fresh air and creative inspiration in  Nottinghamshire. We always kick out at least 4 fresh ideas per open creative brief which promise to challenge your thinking and open your mind to new ideas.
  • Impact - Whether you’re promoting a secret library or telling customers how to live better in their old age, we know how to make videos and films that get audiences talking. With over 50 million views of our work online, it’s not surprising that we have 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments from people thrilled by what we can do.
  • Reputation - The video production services offered by Simply Thrilled are so effective and engaging that our reputation is sky-high. Our clients love our work, rating us 5-stars over forty times on Google, and we have worked with powerhouses like Universal and Bose and national icons like Nottingham’s own Vicky McClure. Get in touch to hear from our satisfied clients.

What more could you possibly want from video production in Nottinghamshire? We harness the collective creative potential of people in the area to bring a cutting-edge to every project. Whether it’s a brand film, an explainer video, or a social media strategy. Don’t miss out on the potential and power we can bring to your next video production.

Let us leave you Simply Thrilled. Contact us today.


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