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The East Midlands doesn’t receive nearly enough kudos for its creative spirit and how much it has contributed to culture. And we think the filmmaking and video production scene in the East Midlands is a big part of that.

The East Midlands has it all: rolling fields, sunny beaches, and more history than you can shake a stick at! Whether it’s the mystery and delight of Sherwood Forest or medieval history of Lincoln, the East MIdlands is bursting with sources of inspiration. Based in Nottingham, Simply Thrilled embraces the East Midlands with each of its creative projects, bringing flair and sophistication to every video.

If you’re looking for video production wizards in the East Midlands, look no further than Simply Thrilled. We create bewitching content for magical clients, and always shoot to thrill.

Simply Thrilled stands for…

  • Results - Our video productions have over 50 million views online, with 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. Simply Thrilled brings in these stunning numbers through a combination of social intelligence technology and edge-of-your-seat visuals, a method which allows us to confidently direct your organisation’s ethos to people who are guaranteed to love it.
  • Science - Don’t panic, we won’t make you do the data-driven work! With our proprietary ViralPixel technology, we use a fine-tooth comb to gather insights into what audiences want and love in order to fine-tune every project we undertake. Using analytics ensures we can sculpt corporate videos, promotional films, and more into powerful vessels for delivering your message.
  • Expertise - Cinema and broadcast-grade cameras are simply standard at Simply Thrilled, and our experienced team of creatives have the experience and aptitude to make every project shine. We bring at least four fresh concepts to every open brief we receive, guaranteeing that your video production will be sophisticated, slick, and powerful.
  • Reputation - Simply Thrilled has collaborated with beloved figures like Vicky McClure and powerhouse brands like Download Festival, The Guardian and Universal. Our clients have left our work over forty five-star reviews on Google, so it’s clear why our reputation is so enviable. We bring creativity and ingenuity to our video productions and always aim for the best.
  • Creativity - Ideas thrill us to the core at Simply Thrilled. Taking inspiration from our surroundings, we use our creative powers to develop new and exciting takes on standard content. Whether it’s dramatic live action filming, crisp motion graphics, or intuitive concept development, we use tenacity and collaboration to bring our a-game. Armed with the latest tech, we push for the freshest approach out there...

What do you want from your next video production in the East Midlands? Audience engagement? Brand recognisability? Eye-catching and memorable visuals? Simply Thrilled delivers on all of this and more.

Get in touch today to discover the potential we can bring to your next video production.


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