Videographers in Nottingham - a guide

Shobana Sivathevan
March 12, 2024

If you are looking to hire a videographer based in Nottingham, you will certainly find yourself swamped with a range of options. It really all goes down to what event you are planning to hire for and what package would best suit you. Here's some options!

Simply Thrilled

Okay okay, we know what you’re thinking, but, it’s our blog! We’re allowed to put ourselves first, right?!

Simply Thrilled is a video production company, armed with fresh ideas and always shooting to thrill.

We work with people like Universal, Island Records, Bose, Boots, Download Festival, The Guardian and many, many more.

We do all the usual stuff you’d expect from a leading video production agency, using Hollywood-grade kit operated by a roster of exceptional creative talent and we offer a full-service approach from the germ of an idea right on through to delivery, marketing, advertising and more.

What’s truly unique about us though, is we felt something was missing in the mix.

It felt like many people were just making content to fit what they wanted, or what the client wanted but not, necessarily, what the audience wanted to actually watch. These 3 things can sometimes be the same thing, but often aren't.

That’s why we came up with our own unique, proprietary ViralPixel technology which, like a detective, takes the analytics from what the audience in your niche are watching on Youtube, commenting on, liking, sharing and otherwise engaging with and then breaks it down across over 500 elements.

Then, cos ideas and creativity is at the core of what we do, we  use this comprehensive info to make a film which is fresh as a daisy but also fits like a glove to the audience you’re targeting. If you’d like to know more about this do go and check it out over here

This can lead to fantastic results, we’ve racked up over 50 million views on Youtube alone with hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and shares. The types of video production services we provide are pretty untold, but as a general rule if you can draw it or point a camera at it we can probably do it, or know someone that can :-)

Taylor Made Videography 

Taylor Made Videography is a Nottingham Wedding videographer covering the East Midlands region, UK and destination weddings. With several years of experience filming weddings across the years, this videography company has perfected the intimate and timeless approach, aiming to create a unique wedding film personalised to their clients. Taylor Made videography understands the importance of a discrete filming approach and to ensure this the content is filmed on high quality small cameras as well as drone small enough to fit in ones’ hand yet cover the full location. Regardless of whether your venue is a city hall, intimate village hall or destination wedding, the wedding videography package aims to cater to all types of weddings. The Nottinghamshire based company can also work alongside wedding photographers and is even willing to recommend excellent accompanying photography teams. The typical wedding videography package includes a 5-7-minute highlights film, which is comprised of audio from the ceremony and speeches to create a personal memento of the day for the wedded couple. Clients also have the option of expanding their chosen package to include a full ceremony recording if they wish to. For more information head to the Taylor Made Videography website. 

One Fine Day Productions

Another videographer option could be One Fine Day productions. This is a modern video production company which specialises in contemporary wedding videos, with many years of experience this company has grown a fantastic reputation. Producing high quality videos has won over their customers who have all had an outstanding experience with this company, and their reviews can be found on the website. This company focusses on a natural and unobtrusive filming process as they take on a discrete and professional approach. Their style tends to be cinematic and candid to produce a natural re-telling of the special moments and story of the day, including highlights of the celebration, laughter and even tears. The most popular package is their ‘Our Signature’ package where filming begins with preparations of the bride, continuing through the ceremony until the end of the after-party. A 40 – 60 second teaser edited to music and 3 – 5-minute highlight is included alongside 60 minutes of the full ceremony and speeches. Personal guest messages can be included as an add on, if you choose to expand. Several other packages are also available, and these can be found on the website or by contacting the videographers. 

Toast Films

If a package with several add-ons is what you’re searching for then ‘Toast Films’ is the perfect choice. ‘Relieve your day the second you hit play – Toast Films’ focusses on creating timeless films by subtly capturing the emotional and special moments of the day. Chris, the founder of this company has run the company since 2009, previously having worked on feature films and television shows. Rather than following current trends, he specialises in award winning wedding films for couples in the UK and beyond. This has clearly been successful since ‘Toast Films’ won ‘UK Wedding Videographer of the Year – TWIA’s 2019’. Though he is based in Nottingham, Chris covers the UK and abroad if required by clients. A typical package will include either a 7 – 10-minute extended highlights video or a 3- 5 minute highlights and a 12- 15 minute feature film. A film of the speeches and full ceremony will also be provided as well as a private online gallery and other add - on. ‘Toast Films’ will be available for the full day booked by clients as they aim to capture the details of the special day and refuse to be restricted by time. This is ideal for couples who have several events planned for the day. 

OW Videographers

OW videographers is a Long Eaton, Nottingham based videography company founded by Geoff in 2008. His main focus and stand out aspect of his films is his attention to detail when editing the final product. ‘Our wedding’ prides itself in filming each wedding with a fresh new perspective to ensure each film is unique and personal to the couple and their momentous day. A typical package by ‘Our wedding’ videographers includes 10 hours coverage of the day, 2 camera operators, 3 cameras and a highlights film of 3 – 5 minutes. The ceremony, speeches and first dance of the couple will also be full covered by the videographers to ensure the special moments will not be forgotten and are remembered for years to come. The final videos will be given to the clients in USB form. The videographers are not limited to Nottingham or even the UK and are available to cover destination weddings. 

Perfect Moment Films

For a luxury  experience, ‘Perfect Moment Films’ would be the perfect videographers in Nottingham to cover ones’ special day. Having been formed in 2008, they have a wealth of experience with their standards improving and as the years go by, establishing itself as one the leading wedding videography companies in the UK.  ‘Perfect Moment Films’ prides themselves in being one of the UK’s most sought after wedding videography companies and even won the ‘National Wedding Videographer of the Year’ award at TWIA’s in 2020. Specialising in luxury wedding videography, this company is available to cover weddings across the UK and worldwide. Working alongside top venues, planners and suppliers, they aim to capture all the special and unique moments for the couple., whilst maintaining professionalism and discretion. ‘Perfect Moment Films’ aim is to produce memorable keepsakes for couples and their families to enjoy for the years to come. Standard package comprises of two skilled filmmakers and offers a full day of coverage and exclusive extras. For more options, head over to the website.

Otto Video

Looking for a videographer that can provide a variety of services? ‘Otto Video – Video Production Nottingham’ would be the place to go, offering ‘Visionary services for every type of dreamer’. This is a video production company specialising in commercial video production, event videos, promotional videos and music videos. For a corporate company, ‘Otto video’ shoots with a cinematic edge to promote the company across multiple mediums from staff training videos to branding with animations. With years of experience filming weddings and events you can expect a reliable team and emotional film making for your chosen event. For music videos, it will be high production content, promoting the client’s ideas and only elevating them. They understand that for promotional work, the clients would like to reach a specific audience and that is what ‘Otto Videos’ can do for you. They will not only reach but also engage your chosen audience through high-quality videography. Recent work from this videography company includes a campaign video for ‘The Siempre Collection’ shot over two days for up and coming designer Abbie Norman. A number of packages are available based on what the client would prefer. As the business has expanded so has the project sizes and challenges and so they will be able to cater specifically to your needs. 

With such a wide range of choice for videographers based in Nottingham, all with their own approached and takes on film making and editing you will be sure to find the perfect videographer to suit your needs.

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