Top Video Production Companies Stoke-on-Trent

Top Video Production Companies
January 8, 2024

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire!

Next on our whirlwind of a tour around the UK’s video production scene is Stoke-on-Trent! Stoke is the largest settlement in Staffordshire and is the centre for English pottery but also has a bit of a creative scene, bubbling away between the fired plates and mugs. The city’s Cultural Quarter is simply bursting with galleries and museums, art schools and more. It’s also the birthplace of the actor Hugh Dancy (for all you Ella Enchanted/Hannibal fans out there), as well as Robbie Williams (of Take That fame), and Ian Fraser Kilmister (aka Lemmy aka the founder of Motörhead).

So it’s clear to us that Stoke has a lot going for it, creativity wise. But we wanted to take a dive into the video production companies in the area, and see what’s up for grabs. So grab a cuppa, take ten minutes, and give this little article a read why don’t you?

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

We hear you, we hear you. “Simply Thrilled, you’re not based in Stoke, so how can you put yourself on this list?”. That’s a very good question. Maybe we shouldn't but this is our website and we are only a teeny fifty miles from the lovely Stoke from our base in Nottingham, and besides, we travel across the UK, across Europe, and across the gosh-darn globe to create beautiful, magical, impactful videos, so those fifty miles get eaten up pretty quickly.

Simply Thrilled wants to leave you and your audiences simply thrilled. We’re a creative video production company built out of a robust group of multi-skilled filmmakers, with skills in production, direction, editing, animation, and so much more. We provide a full service from the very beginning of idea generation to the final elbow grease needed to make your video shine upon delivery. We combine our love for cinematic videos (filmed on our broadcast-quality cameras and drones) with hard facts. That means bringing on board not only our rock-solid marketing know-how, but also our proprietary ViralPixel technology, which allows us to sweep the web and find out exactly what makes audiences tick. That means your creative or corporate message gets to the right people!

So contact us today, whether you want a music video, a corporate video, an internal comms video, a short film, or something else! Join the 53 million people who’ve loved our videos and our host of beaming clients from the NHS to Boots and transform your video production Stoke-on-Trent game today!

Now, onto Stoke itself...


Inspired is a corporate film production company made up of internationally-experienced creative producers with bases in Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, and Manchester. Founded in 2006 by managing director Daniel Stubbs, his team likes to push boundaries and to work in other sectors that include the likes of healthcare, construction, and sports, as well as working internationally. Even though these guys are based in the UK, working internationally allows them to deliver upon client needs and helps them meet targets. 

Previous projects of theirs include working with Travis Perkins to help them get the word out to their team about using Google and how they could get the best out of it. Other works have involved collaborating with Brampton Museum WW1 Memories and even creating animations for other companies. They offer services in corporate event filming, documentary films, commercials, and training videos. Past clients have included names such as AXA, FatFace, the NHS, the Heritage Lottery Fund, and UK Trade & Investment. 

Atom Production

Covering the entire UK but especially Manchester, Birmingham, and London, Atom Production is a video production company based in Stoke-on-Trent which has a wide range of experience in various types of video production including corporate video, music video, short films, and more. Services the Atom team offers include timelapse, product promotion, animation, and training videos, as well as music videos, marketing videos, case studies and recruitment videos, as well as live streaming projects and social media content production.

Atom Production believes that video production companies are essential for all kinds of brands and businesses because it means ideas can become reality ‘without [the client] worrying about how to do it’. That sounds pretty good to us! Atom aims to sort out everything in the video production process and bring ideas to life. Past clients include Gymshark, Atom IPA, and The Specs Place.

Reels in Motion

Offering a multitude of services in video production, Reels in Motion has been in the industry for over ten years and has bases around the UK including Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, and London. They aim to help their clients be seen and be heard, and consider themselves a full-service video production agency that plans and creates videos.

Reels in Motion is listed as one of the Top 50 Televisual Corporate Production Companies in the UK and their team has worked with companies around the globe, intending to deliver upon their guarantee that they offer their clients the highest possible quality video product tailored to them and their needs. The company offers services in promotional film production, corporate video, video marketing, product videos, aerial drone videos, and so forth. They have worked with companies such as Microsoft, JCB, Barclays, No Fear, and Jaguar.

Bomark Studios

Bomark Studios is based in North Staffordshire and the Bomark team offers services that have helped their clients take their image to ‘the next level’. Bomark sticks out from other companies in that their services are different to some that have been seen on this list. Offering transfers, print, copying, and audio as well as web help, Bomark has slightly different specialities in addition to the standard video production company fare.

Bomark Studios creates videos that are ‘big or small, corporate or personal’ and offers video products such as event coverage, aerial drone photography and filming,  educational video, corporate video, music videos, and motion graphics design. They also have twenty years of experience filming weddings. Past clients of Bomark Studios include Pizza Triangle, Best Western, Kevin Hassett’s REDUX, Micross Components, Caprinos’, and Debonaires.

CineRobota Films

‘Sin-ee-Robot-ah’ (and they oh-so-kindly clarify on their website) is a creative video production company (just like us!) based in Stoke-on-Trent. The CineRobata team has been creating films and video content across the UK for nine years, working for a variety of companies and sectors. As well as offering the usual services, such as product videos, animated videos, case study videos, music videos, and corporate videos, the CineRobata team also offers training in how to make vlogs look professional. 

CineRobota states that they aim to entertain, educate, and inspire and are eager to tell stories and captivate audiences. Alongside the video genres listed above, the company also offers guidance in idea generation, scripting, planning, storyboarding, and clearcast clearance. They state that 1200% more shares are generated with social media video compared to text and images, so clearly have a passion for video! CineRobata has worked with a variety of clients that include Sky, Channel 4, Esso, Staffordshire University, and National Windscreens.

Stoke Studios

Next on our list is a company named for and after it’s location! Stoke Studios is a purpose-built studio for video, TV, and film production and they have bases in Birmingham and Manchester, as well as Stoke-on-Trent itself. Their studio is available for dry-hire and contains green screen facilities, lighting, grip, and autocue technology and more on-site production assistance to help with any filming requirements a client may have. They also boast an infinity curve, an acoustically treated stage, air cooling, make-up and costume spaces, and production office space. 

The studio team welcomes other video production companies, photographers, advertising agencies, marketers, and PR firms and is eager to support projects. Their rates include eight-hour shoots, on site parking, and (most importantly) plenty of tea and coffee. Stoke Studios has worked with So Visual, Barnes Window Blinds, Capula, Synectics Solutions, Magic Memories, and Mapei.

Raf Visual

Here we have a solo videography expert based in Stoke, making their way as a one-person team. Raf Visual is run by (can you guess?) Raf, a self-taught cinematographer and video editor. Filmmaking was a childhood hobby that has been sustained into a passion and career, and Raf Visual now offers a range of videography services including music videos, product and service promotion videos, aerial filming and photography, wedding cinematography, documentary work, and fashion shoots.

Raf states that he grew up in London, studied in Liverpool, and is now based in Staffordshire. His favourite projects to work on include fashion films, music videos, and documentaries. He offers a range of packages for different project types and different budgets from music videos to social media. Past clients include the rapper Proffet, producer/artist Deemo, and artist Tip Rat.

Visual Intel Productions

Founded in 2018 by Jon-Paul Washington, a graduate of the University of Lincoln, Visual Intel Productions was created to offer freelance photographer, videographer, and producer expertise to clients. Washington boasts twenty years of experience across several creative and digital media production roles including his own photography business, and specialises in the low-budget end of the film industry. Visual Intel was established with the aim ‘to pursue a dream and be involved with creating music video promos and other short-form work’.

Visual Intel’s key ethos is to ‘deliver information via intelligent visuals’. They offer video services that include art direction, video editing, video production, music production, and creative direction. With a history in the film, fashion, and public sector industries, Washington aims to use Visual Intel to help small businesses ‘cut through the noise’ and increase brand equity. The Visual Intel team also offers a consultation service which specialises in photography and video and also designs logos. Past clients and collaborators include Ronove, Tony Woolliscroft, and the band JC Lane.

Riff Factory

Standing out again on this list is another company based in Stoke offering music expertise. Riff Factory is different because it is specifically a recording studio, calling itself ‘the ideal place’ for recording. They welcome artists, bands, and solo performers and aim to offer high quality recording, mixing, and mastering expertise as well as bespoke audio composition for affordable prices.

Riff Factory argues that it is the centre of music in Stoke-on-Trent and the Riff team aims to help musicians reach their potential. The studio is kitted out professionally with booths and rehearsal spaces. Bands and artists who have recorded there include Quiet the Thief, Cameron Pye, Sworn to Oath, and local indie band Release.

Humanoid Productions

Believing that every video should be compelling, memorable, and make a difference, the team behind Humanoid Productions is based across Staffordshire, Birmingham, and Manchester and also works across the UK and internationally. They boast a friendly team happy to work with children and animals which is eager to do what their clients request. Since 2009 the Humanoid team has aimed to help many businesses achieve their fullest potential through the power of video.

Humanoid Productions specialises in corporate video, promotional video, documentary video, TV advertising, timelapse photography, CG animation, and aerial filming. They state that they combine visual storytelling and strategic insight in a unique way and that they have access to the best studios in the country. Humanoid Productions has worked with the BBC, the Phillips Screw Company, the University of Manchester, the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, Staffordshire Police, Higgs and Sons Solicitors, Private Investigations 4 U, and Audi.

Capture It Media

Capture It Media is a marketing and advertising-focused video production company based in Stoke-on-Trent. The Capture It team has worked both at home and internationally to deliver a variety of video production services should they be needed for any of their clients. Founded in 2016 with the ambition to create successful video campaigns that audiences will remember, founders Josh Lomaz and Shaun Boden boast over ten years of experience in video marketing. 

Capture It Media has worked on a myriad of projects, and their first was filming a live event for the band UB40 in Birmingham to raise money for a children’s hospital. They work on big and small projects and (uniquely on this list and in general!) have an environmental pledge that plants 24 trees and removes 2.3 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each month, while also maintaining a low-waste, low-mileage approach to production. Past clients include Benny's Chicken & Co., Magic Textiles, Tyson Fury, UCP, Kismet, and Supplement Junction.

Vivid Flow Studio

Specialising in providing a full service in commercial photography and videography, the Vivid Flow Studio team has spent decades aiming to perfect their craft. Vivid Flow specialises in a full-service commercial video and photo production service and intends to use everything they know in order to produce visual content which delivers an impact. Vivid Flow’s videos are used to communicate business messages in a direct, successful, and cost-effective way. 

Working across a variety of sectors and business sizes has allowed Vivid Flow to adapt their processes to deliver a service that is tailored to meet the needs and specifications of their clients. They offer multiple video production services including product photography and videos, packshots, creative portraits, corporate content, food and drink photography and videography, and lifestyle content. Previous clients include JCB, Mediacom, and Fronius.

Iceni Midlands

Based in Burton-On-Trent, Iceni Midlands is a film production and creative consultancy company that has helped their clients win over sixty international awards for creativity and effectiveness. First established in 2001 with an office in London, they soon expanded to a studio in the Midlands. They consider themselves experts in problem solving whether that be in marketing or communications, and they use a range of video content genres to deliver products. 

The Iceni team aims to bring together ideas and strategies to develop marketing and brand campaigns and the company offers a multitude of services that include animation and motion graphics, design and illustration, film production, editing, interactive and app design, as well as digital magazine designing and building. Over twenty years Iceni has worked with clients such as Diageo, Deloitte, Bechtel, Budweiser, Rolls-Royce, Canon, JCB, and Bupa.

Scope Creative

The final production company on our list is Scope Creative, a creative agency which likes working with brands across the UK. Scope Creative specialises in using social media and content marketing strategies to help brands and businesses go digital. With services in social media marketing, design and printing, video content production, and photography, the Scope team has worked across a variety of sectors and industries from fashion to fitness and from corporate to commercial. 

Scope Creative understands the importance of social media as a modern marketing tool for brands and businesses and they aim to develop strategies covering content creation, social management, paid ads, and community engagement. They also offer corporate and commercial films, event videos and photography, and product photography. Past clients include Touch 2 Success, Threat Locker, We Fix, and Newbie & Me.

And that, as they say (who is ‘they’?!), is that. Stoke has a plethora of video production companies up for offer, and these are just a few of the top in the area. Maybe you’ve found something you’re looking for? Maybe you want to check out another city? In that case, check out our blogs! We have a whole range of posts just like this one, covering Peterborough, Leeds, and more!

Simply Thrilled

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