Top Video Production Companies Lincoln

Top Video Production Companies
December 8, 2023

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Lincoln & Lincolnshire!

Lincoln is known for most predominantly it’s cathedral at the top of Steep Hill, and considering a majority of Lincolnshire is flat farmland, Steep Hill truly is one of the steepest out there. What Lincolnshire also has to offer as well as its farming and agriculture is a comprehensive list of video production companies ranging from big to small in this regularly updated list.

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

In no particular order, let us take you up and down the county to show you what is on offer.

Here we go!

Simply Thrilled

Introducing Simply Thrilled: Lincoln's Multi Platinum Award Winning Video Production Hub!

Are you on the hunt for an inventive collaborator to manifest your vision? Simply Thrilled, a renowned company for video production Lincoln is here to transform your concepts into mesmerising visual narratives. We're about moving imagery, touching narratives, and connecting with people!

Whether you’re looking for a:

  • promotional video 
  • animated video 
  • explainer video 
  • marketing video 
  • event video
  • product video
  • social media video
  • music video

…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

Leveraging untold know-how, innovative thinking, and a zeal for crafting tales, our video production Lincoln team is committed to spotlighting your brand. Dive into the vibrant realm of video and join us for an exciting creative exploration.

Why Select Simply Thrilled for Video Production in Lincoln?

  • Unmatched Collaborations: From fledgling start-ups to industry giants like Universal, Island Records, Wellpet, or Bose, our video production Lincoln services have catered to various sectors. Major media such as The Guardian and BBC news have showcased our work.
  • Stellar Results: Our Lincoln video production creations have reached extraordinary milestones, with 59 million YouTube views and extensive engagement in likes, comments, and shares.
  • Smart Audience Engagement: Utilizing Viralpixel and leading industry tools, we precisely align with your audience's needs through our video production in Lincoln.
  • An Oasis of Creativity: Our creative prowess ensures that our Lincoln video production concepts resonate deeply with your audience, producing at least 4 unique ideas per project.
  • Reliable Video Content Partnership: Committed for the long haul, we offer video production in Lincoln that can scale and meet tight deadlines, even executing whole campaigns within two weeks.
  • Affordable Storytelling: Our film and TV background enables us to create commercial video production Lincoln content that tells engaging stories without breaking the bank.

Epix Media

First up in this list are Epix Media based in Lincoln, specialise in not only video production, they also dabble in the enterprises of Web Design and Graphic Design! This company has a client list that is Lincolnshire-centric with many clients being from the county. With a range of clients from the local companies and businesses such as, The North Kesteven Academy, LIVES, The University of Lincoln Careers and Employability, and many others. As a whole, Epix have won various awards across the many specialisms that make up the team. Every member of Epix has their own specialties, one member for each area of work that collaborate together to ensure the final product is as bespoke as it can be, and often they “more than often delivering ahead of schedule.” For more information on Epix Media head over to their website.

Bright Spark Studios

Bright Spark Studios offer more than fifteen years of experience and expertise, working for clients both in the public and private sectors. While their head office is based in Lincoln, they do allow the flexibility to travel for their clients. Work they do for their clients is always bespoke and done to the highest standard with the most up to date equipment.  Bright Spark, offers much in the way of video production in an array of areas such as, Animated Video Production, Event Video Production, Social Media Video Production and many more.  What this company also does is go beyond just what is written on the tin, dealing with CD and DVD duplication and replication, ensuring that wide and bespoke touch. 

Infinite Filming

Next on this List are Infinite Filming based in Lincoln. Infinite are different in their approach, offering HD filming, photography and editing. With 40 years of experience, they strive to make sure that events such as Weddings, Live Shows and any other form of live event are shot to the highest standard. Though Infinite Filming is more aimed towards personal special occasions, they do offer a service for corporate companies to approach them for all their advertising needs. 

Jaw Media

Jaw Media based in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire is a “production company with a difference” often turning projects around within 7 days. They are a company that deals with both consultancy and being a video production agency. They work with both small companies with specialisms in Promotional Video, Drone Video, Event Video and Wedding Videos. Jaw Media have many clients on their list such as, The NHS, British Steel and North East Lincolnshire Council, offering a more personalised service no matter the project.

Know Media

Know Media is a Lincolnshire-based video production company that specialises in creating various forms of video content. 

With a focus on high-quality production, Know Media offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing concept development, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production. Their projects include commercials, corporate videos, promotional content, documentaries, and other customised video materials.

The company employs a team of professionals with diverse skills in cinematography, sound design, editing, and more. This enables them to handle different aspects of video production, ensuring an integrated and seamless experience for their clients.

Know Media emphasises the importance of storytelling in their projects. They work closely with clients to understand their unique needs, objectives, and brand identity, aiming to create content that resonates with the intended audience. Their approach is both collaborative and flexible, adapting to various industries and client requirements.

Clients of Know Media range from small businesses to larger corporations, reflecting the company's ability to tailor their services to different scales and needs. They have a commitment to delivering content that not only meets professional standards but also aligns with the specific goals and visions of their clients.


Commuter Films

Commuter Films based in Lincoln, founded by Luke Wiggs and Adam Townsend in 2016 is a production that offers everything from narrative-based cinematic content, a script writing service, commercial and editorial services and so much more. Though they are a new agency, they are young and with this comes their hunger to provide a high quality service but at zero cost of the briefs provided by the companies they work with. Commuter Films have worked with clients such as the sporting Peloton, the musical and iconic Abbey Road studios and many more including Bishop Grosseteste University and the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partner.


Wallbreaker in Lincoln is next on this list. With 7 years of experience, Wallbreaker offers an array of different services such as Corporate Videos, Advertisement and Product videos, Drone Recording, Animation and much more. Wallbreaker’s way of quoting a client for a specific project is tailored to their needs and requirements. WallBreaker has clients from near and far, including, The NHS, The University of Lincoln, Stagecoach, Gousto and many more. For more information about Wallbreaker and what they can do, check out their website.

Flintwood Films

Based in Bracebridge Heath in Lincoln, Flintwood Films was founded by Tom Cass who has produced work for the professional sector for over 6 years with many years as a freelance videographer under his belt and work with clients from around the world. Tom offers a bespoke service in many areas including Video Production, marketing and photography. For more on Tom and his work, head over to his website.

Firmative Films

Next on this list is another company that is based in the heart of  Lincoln. With over 10 years of experience working with some of the biggest companies in the world, Universal Music, Sony Music, 4Music and more. Firmative brand themselves as the ‘Ultimate Creative Content Agency. Their specialty being more aimed towards the music industry, working on various projects including Album Artwork, Videography, Movie Advertisements, Photography, Lyric Videos and more. 

David Brook Productions

David Brook Productions or DCB Productions for short is a video and multimedia production company based in Lincoln. With 15 years of experience, David Brook has worked in many areas of the media, working as a freelancer for a couple of years and then staying at another company, Blue Print Film for 13 years. Once he left Blue Print Film, he set up DCB productions with a wealth of experience at his fingertips. DCB offers Video Editing, Event Coverage, Film Screenings, Web Design and Media Conversion. 

The Lincoln Picture Company

The Lincoln Picture Company, while their primary specialty is weddings, photography, photobooth hire and films, they also offer a service of 360 Google street tours, whether that be indoors or outdoors. For more, head over to their website.

Electric Egg

Next in this list is Electric Egg, based in Lincoln, they have been on the scene since 2005, providing a bespoke service for 16 years. Electric Egg  creates and provides a multitude of services, whether that be in documentaries, promotional films, photography and many more services. The team that make up the company have a 30 years combined experience in their chosen specialties. Electric Egg have also worked with an array of clients including  the Lincoln School of Film and Media in The University of LIncoln, The Charleston Trust, Omex Animations, Pipers Crisps and many more.

Blueprint Film Foundation

The final company in this list is Blueprint Film Foundation with bases in both Lincoln and London are made up of a team of Film and Media specialists, working differently than others in this list. Since 2007, Blueprint Film Foundation has been delivering multimedia projects to the local community,  Priding themselves on offering projects and learning opportunities for schools that are based around the curriculum. Specializing in photography, film, sound, events & festivals and so much more. 

Brink Digital Marketing Agency 

Founded in 2009 under the name ‘Workimage’, after many years the company became ‘Brink’ in 2017. They started by focusing on video production for small to medium-sized companies, but they have since evolved and now offer a wide range of services from web design to social media services. The company focuses on providing the highest quality of creative media including corporate films, animated videos, commercials, and social media videos. 

If you’re interested in working with them, their process looks a little like this: 

They first require a plan which states the goal and objectives of your project, then put together a proposal that shows their ideas for your project and breaks down the costs, so you know where your money is going. Once you’ve agreed to the proposal, they’re able to start filming with their HD or 4K equipment and with years of experience behind the camera. After filming they then spend time editing the video to produce a high-quality finished product! 


The Kamara team brings your ideas alive by using creative, ethical, and inspirational imagery. The offers drone ‘fly and film’ services which is a cost-effective method of building footage without the need for immediate edits. An example of their work would be their association with Lowestoft whereby they shot aerial footage for the clients to promote the facilities.

Blink Creative 

Blink prides themselves with their creative approach to projects, the quality distributed and providing an overall enjoyable experience. Wedding promos… school ads… you name it, they have worked with a diverse range of clients, so they are well-equipped to take on your projects! 

David Wickes Productions 

This is an award-winning film and television production company that has made several successful theatrical feature films. To delve into a bit of background, David undertook training at Granada Television and started his career by initially directing documentaries and music videos before diving into TV drama on ITV. The company has now widened its horizons by producing for international networks such as ABC, TNT, and HBO. Impressive right? If you want to find out more about their amazing story and work, visit their website below. 

Simply Thrilled 

Uh huh, us again!

Simply Thrilled recognises the magnetic power of video to engage and impress. Be it a small business, an emerging enterprise, or a seasoned brand, our adept video production Lincoln team crafts content that aligns with your specific goals.

Your Vision, Our Expertise in Lincoln

With a wealth of experience and a nuanced grasp of the ever-shifting digital world, we shape our video production services in Lincoln to meet your unique demands. From ideation to final execution, we manage every stage of the video production process to ensure a cohesive and striking outcome.

Services Offered by Simply Thrilled

 We’ve engineered hundreds of videos and animations, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in Lincoln. If you can visualize it or sketch it, our video production Lincoln team can likely transform it into captivating video or animation.

Connect with Simply Thrilled, Lincoln's Video Production Experts Today!

 Eager to elevate your brand with unparalleled video content? Reach out to Simply Thrilled, Lincoln's leading video production team, and begin an electrifying creative collaboration.

Our Lincoln video production team is bursting with innovative ideas, always aiming for the extraordinary. Contact us using the information below!

This concludes the list of the Top Video Production companies in Lincolnshire, with a wide variety of types and specialities, there is more than enough choice to choose from if you want to advertise your business here, recommend to a friend or to further your own enterprises in Lincolnshire! The county may be small and the lesser spoken about county, but it certainly has a lot to offer!

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