Top Video Production Companies Leeds

Top Video Production Companies
March 12, 2024

All the best for video production, corporate video, video marketing, videography, film production and media production across Leeds!

Leeds! Wow, we knew it was and is continuing to be a true powerhouse in film and video production in the North of England, but even we didn’t know how big it’s getting! Leeds isn’t just the largest city in West Yorkshire, but has also produced creatives like sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton, and Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis, and is also known for events like the Leeds Festival and the Leeds International Film Festival.

So if you’re looking for some guidance to the video production scene in Leeds… you’re in the right place! This list is by no way final, however it does contain some of the top video producers the city of Leeds has to offer. From commercial production to the production of some of the biggest TV dramas in the UK, this list is your one-stop place when looking for a company that may be able to meet your needs. Without further ado, let's get into this…

The companies on this list are specially selected by us based on the quality of their work.

You don’t have to have read many headlines recently to see how much of a hit local independent creative businesses have taken with current events. Obviously, we’d love it if you got in touch with us, but if we’re not your cup of tea, please do buy locally and support any of the businesses on this list 😊

Simply Thrilled

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Seeking an inventive collaborator to actualize your creative vision? Your search ends at Simply Thrilled, your leading video production agency in Leeds, renowned for transforming concepts into engaging visual narratives. Moving images, moving narratives, moving audiences - that's what we excel in!

Armed with unmatched expertise, innovative ideas, and an unquenchable passion for storytelling, we're primed to illuminate your brand. Explore the power of video and embark on a thrilling creative voyage with us for video production in Leeds.

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…Simply Thrilled is your one-stop shop! 

Why Select Simply Thrilled for Video Production in Leeds? 

Join our prestigious clientele: We have served a wide range of organisations, from single-person startups to the largest corporate giants like Universal, Island Records, Wellpet, and Bose. Our quality video production services in Leeds have garnered attention from global media giants such as The Guardian and BBC News.

Stellar results 

Our projects have achieved a truly viral status, securing an exceptional number of views and engagements that set us apart: 59 million views on YouTube alone, not to mention hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

Precision audience targeting

 We employ Viralpixel, our unique creative tool, along with industry-leading research and social listening platforms, to reach your target demographic with utmost accuracy.

Innovation overload

 With our creative flair, we ensure our concepts resonate deeply with your audience. For every open creative brief, we generally generate at least 4 fresh ideas.

See our site at 

The Production Company

First on our list is the aptly-named The Production Company. Their name might make them hard to find, but this video production company based in Leeds has over 20 years of experience in corporate, broadcast, and online productions. They aim to produce content that inspires and educates audiences. The Production Company works closely with their clients, and as the world around us has changed, so has their way of working. The way in which they work has diversified with some members of the team working remotely, and others working either on location or in the studio. 

The Production Company offers a range of freelance camera operators as well as a full service production team. From the smallest of ideas, they work to expand and flesh out their client’s initial ideas to create something that meets their requirements and beyond. The Production Company not only creates advertisements, but they also create broadcast productions for TV and cinema advertising and/or sponsorship. The Production Company aims to do everything that the client is looking for through a bespoke video production service.

Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut call themselves a leading video production company and have offices in Leeds, Manchester, and London. They have been around since 2006, creating cinematic advertisements and corporate video productions that aim to engage, entertain, and entice audiences. Fresh Cut was founded in Leeds but later expanded into London in 2013 and then Manchester in 2018. 

As another full-service agency, Fresh Cut has a team of video experts who are proficient in a variety of areas. Their team creates video products such as short films, explainer videos, documentaries, recipe videos, brand videos, and an array of other films. Sectors Fresh Cut have worked with include sport, fashion, food, music, and travel. Past clients include Panasonic, Team GB, the NSPCC, and Virgin Media.

Shot Blast Media

Getting into the science of it all, the next Leeds-based production company on this little list of ours is Shot Blast Media, who delve into the ‘Alchemy of Film’. Describing themselves as the ‘go-to industrial video producers’, Shot Blast have a multitude of services including corporate video production, 2D and 3D video animation, drone photography, virtual reality video production, and interactive video production. Shot Blast aims to ‘revolutionise video in industry’ and to create visual media that has impact.

Shot Blast intends to ‘capture the humanity and creativity of a mechanical world’ and produces a range of story-focused videos for different businesses and brands. This company also offers ‘The Alchemy of Film’ online video courses on video marketing for a small fee. Past clients include JSW, Pandrol, Killgerm, and Thompsons of Prudhoe.

Media Mavericks

Founded in 2019, Media Mavericks is centred right in the middle of Leeds. Having worked with companies such as Honda, Volvo, BBC Music, and Northern Monk, Media Mavericks is a video production and video marketing company which knows a thing or two about making and creating content that hits an audience in the right way. Specialising in corporate, events, personal branding, as well as working with restaurants, Media Mavericks like to go their own way when it comes to creating videos.

Classing themselves as a video creation and media agency, as well as a marketing agency, the Media Mavericks team uses video and photography to showcase products and brands. They also believe that video marketing can be used not only for corporations but also for personal brands, and produce videos for individuals wanting to develop theirs. Their overall goal is to make videos that engage audiences.

Get Your Media

Get Your Media is a video production company based in Leeds which strives to create video productions that make their clients stand out in a competitive world. Working with brands, businesses, and fellow creatives, the Get Your Media team aims to deliver a range of productions which can break through the competition. Get Your Media has created content for commercials, corporate entities, and branded YouTube content, as well as content for influencers.

Using their own in-house team of creatives, including directors, producers, and editors, the Get Your Media team states that they like to provide ‘a straight-talking service’ that takes a client’s idea through a series of developments to help bring visions to life. Marketing goals are always on their mind and they want to make sure their videos align to their client’s intentions. Previous works include videos made for Manchester United, Yorkshire Water, and North Edge.

Manto Films

Manto Films are next on our list, and are a film and video production company based in Leeds that aim to create compelling stories with finely crafted films. As a six-person team, Manto might be small but it considers itself mighty, and even the canine of the team, Reggie, is there to help! Manto states that they are creative and responsive as well as ‘genuinely in love with film’ and use their television background to help their clients.

Creating promotional films, flying drones, making training films, product films, branding, and just about anything else, Manto does it all, even just for the fun of it. Manto consider themselves experts when it comes to creating top quality videos. They believe that video is the most effective way to build a connection with an audience. Past clients of Manto Films include names such as Yorkshire Tea, Schweppes, Asda Money and Foxtons. 

Big Blue Whale

Creating scroll-stopping video, Big Blue Whale is an award winning video production company based in Leeds which aims to create a big splash across the video production ocean. They like to captivate audiences and to create vivid visual stories. Specialising in advertising, Big Blue Whale’s team has joined forces with names such as the Download Festival (just like us!), Live at Leeds, BBC Music, and the North Brewing Co. 

Services Big Blue Whale offers come in a considerable variety, ranging from commercial, events, and corporate videos to animation, timelapse, and photography. The four-man Big Blue Whale team might be smaller than the beast of their namesake, but they have won at the UK Enterprise Awards and the British Photography Awards. Their focus is on commercial video production that is professional and captivating.


Creating videos for clients worldwide, VideoFirst is a company that creates videos for brands and agencies, from corporate video to TV advertisements. VideoFirst state that they are the ‘largest independent producer of broadcast quality corporate video content for brands in the UK’. That’s a big position to uphold! Founded in 2004 with the recognition of how fast technology was moving, and with advertisement being used both on the internet and the revolutionary smartphone, VideoFirst has expanded their services and expertise in areas such as copyrighting, design, marketing, software, and streaming. 

Not only do VideoFirst work in filming, they also dabble in aerial filming and photography for property and also animation, providing their clients with something that stands out among the crowd. Boasting that they have over 500 clients and that they’ve delivered over 5000+ videos, VideoFirst works globally. Their portfolio includes works with Experian, Planet Sport, Co-Op, Boots, Pizza Hut, and Barclays.


A bit different from the production companies on this list, Studio81 is the first out-of-London production facility dedicated to independent drama production, with a small team of drama freelancers who bear a unique knowledge of film and television and how the industry works. The Studio81 team might be small, but they aim to make sure their clients have everything they need to ensure their production runs smoothly. Studio81 is a private studio which works with industry professionals as well as individuals and organisations who want to join Leed’s growing production scene.

On-site Studio81 has construction workshops, costume, props, camera and lighting equipment and a 300 square feet photography and green screen studio. They also have a parking and unit base zone plus over 100 production offices. Productions that have recently been worked on include Peaky Blinders, The Great Train Robbery, The Syndicate and South Riding. Companies that work at Studio81 include Envision, Provision, The Other Planet, and Motiv Productions (who you might recognise from our broader post about Yorkshire-based production companies)!

Prime Studios

Not to be confused with our Amazon overlords, Prime Studios is another TV and film production studio residing in the lovely North of England. Offering rented spaces for a variety of filming needs, Prime Studios is based in Leeds and has a range of facilities. This includes three main stages and a fourth smaller stage. Founded in 2012, Prime Studios has since grown into a bigger operation with additional space for office rental for both short and long-term clients. 

Prime Studios has also hosted the shooting of music videos with well-renowned musicians and commercial shooting for some of the biggest brands. Credits include TV productions like The Syndicate, First Dates, The ABC Murders, and Girlfriends, as well as independent feature films like The Duke and Official Secrets. They also boast that they have hosted music video shoots for artists like Nicki Minaj (!) and adverts like Adidas, Lloyds TSB, and supermarket chain Aldi.


Sodium, or as they like to say on their website, SODIUM, is an independent film production company that wants to bring stories to life ‘from sketch to screen’. Consisting of a team of filmmakers, they aim to create content and campaigns with big brands. Their ethos is ‘work hard, play nice, be humble, stay hungry’, which sounds pretty good to us!

Sodium mostly works on campaigns, many lasting for 24 months, and likes to work across the UK and throughout the world to access arts and culture. Sodium has travelled to three continents, working across 7 countries to film for some big brands. Operating as a collective, Sodium has worked with brands and names such as Corsodyl, ITV, Fujifilm, the BBC and Adidas. They are always on the lookout for multi-skilled creatives with ‘supreme taste, unrelenting initiative and boundless energy’.

Fly Video Production

Founded in 2009, Fly Video has been creating video and animation for businesses both big and small. The team that make up Fly Video consists of a mix of independent producers, drone operators, camera operators, editors, writers, animators, and music producers. Over the years, Fly Video has developed strong relationships with front and back end developers, actors, and graphic designers.

Specialising in commercial films, Fly Video aims to make sure their videos stand out from the competition by bringing together technology, creativity, and commercial objectives. They state that they can help their clients harness the power of video and do this through video and animation, and have a range of blog posts on their website. Fly Video has worked with companies such as the Leeds Playhouse, the NHS, CO2 Sustain, and Hexagon. 

Feature Media

Feature Media is based in Leeds and offers video, animation, and VR (virtual reality) production in and beyond the city. They state that they are a trusted partner and that they aim to work closely with their clients. Understanding their client’s business and their audience is vital to the Feature Media team, as they like to produce content that exceeds expectations.

Having worked with clients such as Warburtons, the West Yorkshire Probation Trust, and Saville Audio Visual, Feature Media offer many services that aim to help their clients receive what they are looking for to help advertise their business. Feature Media have a plethora of services ranging from 2D animation and 3D animation, live events and training videos, as well as promotional videos. The Feature Media team also specialises in showreels for businesses big and small, offering a variety of options for all businesses to get them advertised in a way that appeals to a larger market.

Icon Productions

Icon Pictures is a film, TV, and video production company based in Leeds which describes itself as reaching the Pinnacle of Filmmaking. As an independent, small-sized company, they aim to produce films, music videos, TV dramas, commercials and content for corporate companies. They take pride in working with some of the best creative talent that the industry has to offer and enjoy collaborating with other companies, agencies, filmmakers, and freelancers.

Their five-person team is built out of a collective of award winning filmmakers, including Iyke Obi, who started his career as an actor in Nollywood (the Nigerian film industry), as well as creatives with a non-filmmaking background, such as Jude Jonathan, their Publicity and Marketing manager, who has a degree in Criminology! Equipment used by the Icon team includes the Blackmagic 4K URSA, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Canon 7D, and a 2.7k Drone. Icon also offers the opportunity for clients to use their own editing suites, using software such as DaVinci Resolve 11, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Fusion 7&8.

Oculum Productions

With bases in Durham, Newcastle, and Leeds and operating throughout the North East, Oculum is an award winning corporate, commercial, and promotional video production company that has clients such as Pfizer, Homebase, and Plimsoll. This company was founded in 2007 by Lawrence Conyers, an experienced filmmaker, theatrical director, and actor, and has since grown to have a reputation internationally. 

Oculum’s video productions intend to help their clients reach their business objectives through ‘strategic, insightful and effective video solutions’. They offer film strategies, filming and animations for businesses and for tourism, scripting work, and help with training initiatives. Oculum has won awards at BNI and the New Business Awards. 

True North Productions

True North is a biggie on this list —  they even have their own page on Wikipedia! True North is an independent television production company based in Leeds. Working across a large variation of genres, True North creates children’s, factual entertainment, reality television and more. In 2020 True North was found to be one of the Best Broadcast Places to Work, priding themselves on showcasing a range of diversity within their workplace, as well as being an exceptional environment for its content creators to work in. 

True North has links to MediaCityUK in Salford, a 200-acre mixed-used hub for technology and creatives, as well as other areas up in the North, with their main office being in Leeds. True North’s programmes are sold worldwide and are available to view in over 220 countries, ranging from Russia and the USA to Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa. True North have worked with some of the UK’s biggest television networks including CBBC, Channel 4, UKTV Play, and Channel 5.

Just Upstairs

Just Upstairs is a video production agency based in Leeds which wants to make videos that their clients love. As a full-service production house, they intend to take ideas all the way from the development stage to the ‘polished product’ stage. Just Upstairs is run by a young team that keeps it humble. They make no claim to be the absolute masters of everything, but they do make it clear how they want to help businesses reach their goals.

Just Upstairs develops advertising strategies with respect and acknowledgement of the influence video can have when trying to gain an audience, or to build upon a pre-existing audience. They also help with short films and music videos, and make it clear from the very start that they do not shy away from challenges. Past clients include the likes of Slazenger, Jack Wills, USA Pro, and Studio Magazine.

Tell Studio

A dash of creativity, a hint of passion, and a flourish in expertise that injects businesses with something to give them an oomph is what Tell Studio is all about. Tell Studio is an independent creative film and video company founded just in 2020! They aim to push boundaries in creative and corporate projects, and have a small core team of three multi-skilled filmmakers. Charlotte, Owen, and Lewis have backgrounds in business development, fundraising, project management, sustainability, and creative direction.

Although Tell Studio is a new company, they have already produced a fair amount of projects. They aim to help their clients stand out above all the noise. Clients have included names such as BBC Sounds, Ralph Lauren, Jade Wright, and the NHS. From their Yorkshire base, Tell Studio intends to continue helping brands and creatives in their journey to produce powerful visual narratives.

Lode Films

Lode Films is based in Leeds and is a small team of creatives, filmmakers, and photographers who want to create high-end content for the digital sphere. Founded by Chris Leah whose expertise has been shaped by 30 years in the photographic industry, Lode champions films that have ‘a strong photographic style and emphasis of authentic storytelling’. Creating modernistic and stylistic video for businesses in a unique way, Lode wants to make films that appeal to a variety of audiences.

Lode Films produces many projects, some of which include a keen focus on the family and family history. For example, Ernest Wright & Sons, a local business that has been creating scissors in Sheffield since 1902, and Joseph Cheaney & Sons, a company that has been making shoes in Northampton since 1886.  Lode Films has a range of other clients, like the Leeds Bread Co Op, Glengyle Distillery, Masons Glass, and The Black Farmer.

Volta Media House

Volta Media House is a video production and video marketing company which cares about nurturing relationships and wants businesses to have successful campaigns. Past clients include the Hygieia Group, ICL Boulby, Seagate, and Pendraken Miniatures. Alongside their efforts to create educational video content that inspires and entertains, Volta stands out for striving to become even better for the environment, showcasing their long-term vision.

Volta’s office is powered with 100% green energy, and they have lowered their plastic waste and donate each month to climate projects and funds, pledging at least 3% of their annual revenue to their social impact programme which is designed to offset their carbon emissions. Volta has also teamed up with a variety of charities to help with improving the environment, including 1% For the Planet and Ecologi. As well as being better for the planet, Volta offers their own academy where clients can have One-to-One training.

Sonder Studios

Not to be confused with the Sonder clothing brand, Sonder Studios is a video production studio which specialises in film, animation, and motion graphics. With a team made up of experienced producers, directors, motion graphics artists, and animators, Sonder likes to align itself with the meaning of its namesake: the profound feeling of realising that everyone has a life as complex and vivid as one’s own.

Sonder Studios works to create teasers, music videos, adverts, recruitment videos, and more. They have worked with a range of clients, including Available Car, Leeds City Council, Opera North, Primark, and the Leeds International Festival. 

The Other Planet

What other planet is The Other Planet working from? We’re not sure, but we wonder what the travel costs are! The Other Planet is a production company specialising in post-production services, and their team consists of colourists, editors, VFX supervisors, dubbing mixers, and more. This company has post-production facilities across two sites and boasts that you can get creative while also clearing your head.

With studios equipped with all the latest post production technology, having award winning facilities and a very high standard track record, The Other Planet is one hour from MediaCity, and right next door to the ITV Studios on Kirkstall Road in Leeds. With viewers of 4.3 million per week, The Other Planet have worked with the likes of the TV serial drama Emmerdale, Netflix drama The Stranger, BBC Drama Last Tango in Halifax, as well as the factual Countryfile on BBC One and many other genres across various channels on UK television.

Sticks and Glass

Sticks and Glass is a brand new post production space based in the heart of Leeds, with facilities such as three online finishing suites and one offline suite that is kitted out to the very best and highest specifications. They also have suites which run Adobe Premier, Avid, Da Vinci Resolve and they even have Eizo 4K Colour Edge and giant 4K screens in each room for clients to be able to view products to the very best quality. 

Sticks and Glass also specialise in broadcast television and commercial corporate work, with bases in Dubai, London, Manchester, and Leeds. Some of Sticks and Glass’ partners include ITV Studios, FIFA, BBC Sport, BBC Music, NBC News, and Seal Films. As a six-person team, Sticks and Glass is all about working with budding filmmakers, and offers edit suite time for anyone needing professional advice.


Visual-Eyes is a ‘dynamic, innovative video production and marketing company’ based in Leeds with a team with over 20 years of experience. Their main ethos when it comes to video production is that the form should be accessible to all kinds of businesses, brands, companies, and corporations, no matter their size. This has not only allowed different businesses to collaborate with the Visual-Eyes team, but allowed them to work with SMEs, start-ups, and large national companies.

Visual-Eyes creates content that keeps their clients ahead of the competition, creating video marketing strategies and content that increases visibility and maximises audience reach online. Creating explainer videos, corporate promotional videos, and offering virtual tour videos, Visual-Eyes states that they aim to transform ideas into reality. VIsual-Eyes creates event videos, promotional videos, testimonials, explainers, and training videos, plus many more. Past clients include the Grand National, Fit Show Birmingham, and Roti.

Stada Media

Stada Media is a corporate video production company based ‘up norf’ in Yorkshire, as they so nicely put on their website. Stada doesn’t believe in throwing money away just for the sake of having a video, but developing videos that have a solid strategy behind them. Founded in 2009, Stada states that their goal is to add ‘true value’ with their videos, and also boast that they have evolved over time to find better, more efficient ways of working. Their fifteen-person team is multi-skilled for all kinds of projects.

Stada Media provides a variety of production services for a variety of industries which include medical and healthcare, home improvements, retail and consumer goods, events and entertainment, technology and IT, and manufacturing.  Having worked both at home and internationally, Stada has services such as live action filming, 2D/3D animation, live streaming, and motion graphics production. Past clients include Foregale, Ring Automotive, and Coral Windows.

First Frame Productions

First Frame Productions is a corporate video production company based in Leeds which prides itself on bespoke videos. Their focus is on increasing leads and business sales, and ultimately helping businesses grow. Alongside these corporate videos, the First Frame team specialises in video for social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They are all about stats, and aim to increase views with every project.

First Frame Productions create videos that boost businesses. Other services that First Frame offers include time lapse videos, promotional and event videos, training videos, product/service descriptions, and how-to videos. Previous clients of First Frame Productions include Manford’s Comedy Club, Nifco, Roxy Ballroom, and Quickline. 

Mark Bradley Films

Mark Bradley Films is based in Leeds but operates nationwide, and was founded and is led by (you guessed it!) filmmaker Mark Bradley. He has worked as a freelance videographer for five years and is a PfCO certified drone pilot and a CAA certified commercial drone operator with over 200 hours of flight experience. Bradley specialises in creating a whole host of content, from branded social media to web-based videos, while also offering a full video production service. 

Mark works around the UK with Leeds, York, Cornwall, Sheffield, London, and the lovely Scottish Highlands being just a few of the places he works in to provide his services. To get results from his videos, Mark offers expertise in video strategy, video production, and video marketing. Past clients include National Geographic, Channel 4, Hatcham College, and the Labour Party.

Brawl Agency

Almost at the end of our Leeds tour now, and we have Brawl, who aren’t looking for a fight but are certainly looking to fight their way through the competition. Brawl is a brand communications agency specialising in all kinds of advertising, including animation, branding, digital, social, and creative. The Brawl team (when they’re not busy limbering up to tackle their next client) include editors, motion designers, and more who are ready to work.

Brawl states that they ‘only exist to help brands grow’ and work with clients from the inception of their business and to boost established names. Creating content that makes businesses stand out from the competition, Brawl have worked with some of the biggest names including Halfords, Asda, Ikea, 888 Poker, and Costcutter. 

Simply Thrilled

And here you are, at the end of our list, and here we are to greet you! Simply Thrilled is a Nottingham-based video production company which works across the city, the nation, and the world to create video content that thrills. Whether you want a professional internal comms video, a punchy advert, or a cinematic music video, we are the creative collective for you. With over 53 million views on our portfolios, a legion of super-happy clients, and a tonne of experience with brands and organisations from the NHS to Universal Studios, we have the skills, the enthusiasm, and the experience you need to bring your next video project into the stratosphere.

So why pick us? Our team of directors, animators, soundies, and more know that to make a good video you need science and art to combine. That means we take our passion for stunning visuals and blend it with our proprietary ViralPixel technology. ViralPixel is our secret weapon, allowing us to comb the digital space in search of what audiences are watching, what they love, and what they’ll click away from in an instant. We mix this data into our development process, fuelling our artistic side with a healthy dose of hard facts. That means you get a beautiful video (shot on our broadcast- and cinema-grade cameras) with the might it needs to capture your audience by storm!

Contact us today, or snoop around our website and view more of our magical work!

This concludes this list for now, but as you can see there are many production companies and production facilities and production wizards to choose from when considering any projects you may have in mind. If you live in the vicinity of Leeds or if you are looking for something to help boost and advertise your business, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. As ever, this list is by no means conclusive and will be added to as and when brand new and exciting companies pop up, so watch this space!

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