Things You Should Know Before Shooting a Video in the Open

August 29, 2023

Many videographers prefer to shoot in the open, but only a few know the right techniques following the dos and don'ts. If you have an upcoming project for which you think shooting outside will be a better idea, follow these tips to avoid later problems.


Use a Tripod to Keep the Camera Steady

For a long time, people have been using tripods to steady their cameras. Tripods come in many sizes and styles, but they all do the same thing—they keep a camera stable when it is shooting still shots or video. Although most of us know what a tripod is, a lot of people think they can save investment by not buying one. A tripod helps to keep your entire frame equal and doesn't distort the sharp angle.


Ensure to Take Permission for the Property Beforehand

If you are a videographer in Nottingham, you must be aware that you need permission before entering any other property, especially for shooting purposes. So, if you don't want yourself any trouble, you should arrange for permissions one day before shooting. Even if it's a one-day shoot, you might need permission from the owner.


Make Sure to Have a Backup Plan

Outdoor shoots are always unpredictable, even if you have been in touch with the weather forecast. You always need to be ready with a plan B or else, you will be left with nothing but a pack up! So, if you don't want your day to go to waste, make sure to have another location ready before you schedule for the day. Ask the owner of the property what arrangement they can make as your plan B! You can even choose the indoor area of the exact location if available.


You Need Not Make Arrangements for Artificial Lighting

When shooting outdoors, you barely require extra light cause the sun shines so bright already. You might need a few deflectors to balance the light on screen but, using artificial light is only recommended on an indoor shoot day. Make sure to carry the items that are necessary!


Be Aware of Noisy Surroundings

You might find a perfect location for your shoot but, what if that place is full of people? What if the chirping of the birds makes it impossible to move ahead with the shooting with clear dialogues? Making proper arrangements with the help of mics and noise-cancelling elements may help you. It's always better to choose a location that is less surrounded by people and has a calm environment. But, if your shoot demands a busy road, then you must make arrangements accordingly.

Shooting in an open location can be fun and accessible, but it's important to consider a few things before going out on site. we make sure to follow all the above tips while shooting a video outdoors. If you are keen on getting a shoot done outdoors with us, then contact us today!

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