The Nottingham video production scene... With Omar Soomro!

With the pandemic wreaking havoc amongst the creative industries, we wanted to show our support by promoting some of our friends and partners in this series of interviews. Enjoy!

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What are the biggest misconceptions about filmmaking which people have? 

Most people think filmmaking is solely an exercise of creativity. While in part true, it takes a team of specialised individuals who have invested years into honing their craft to translate a creative vision into a final product. Experienced specialism both technically and creatively make filmmaking work.

What do you make of the local filmmaking scene in Nottingham and the East Midlands?

The Midlands film scene is one of the hottest up and coming spots in the UK. With BFI, BBC New Creatives and Sky TV investing huge proportions of the national film economy into the area, local creatives, businesses and industry professionals are seeing a rise in opportunities never experienced in the Midlands region before.

From a diversity point of view, how do you feel about the film industry?

Diversity in the film industry is an area challenged only further by the regions of the Midlands with a lower ethnic population than cities such as London. With this in mind, BFI Initiatives investing in projects outside of London in the UK with diversity requirements such as age, gender, and race push a real positive opportunity for underrepresented sections in the Midlands. I hope that more initiatives and the industry culture as a whole will adopt this mindset as emerging talent from different backgrounds come together to create amazing new content.

If you had one top tip for people just starting out, what would it be?

To get into the film industry I suggest getting trainee roles in departments like Locations or AD (Assistant Directing) on small TV shows and feature films near where you live. You can find these opportunities on the websites of specific departments or by directly emailing HoDs (Heads of Film Departments). From there you can decide what departments are of interest, build contacts, and get roles on future projects which advance your career. Alternatively, if film/TV isn't for you, commercial (TV adverts), videography, and corporate media are avenues where you can explore, running your own business in smaller teams.

Cheers Omar! Check out some of Omar's cool work below:


Edited for clarity by Esme Johnson.


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