What is Involved in the Production and Post-Production Phases in Video Production?

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January 8, 2024

The most engaging type of content most people like to consume these days is video. Creating good video content takes a lot of effort, and the video production process is much more complicated than just pressing the record button. Hence, you must hire only top corporate video production companies, especially for creating corporate videos. In this post, we will see the production and post-production phases of video production.


Production Phase

Once all the planning and pre-production is done by the top corporate video production companies, the next step is to bring the story to life. This step is called the production phase, where all the footage is captured, interviews are recorded, and voiceovers are conducted.

● Filming: This includes setting up the video equipment and lighting, choosing the shoot/interview locations, having the audio technician set up the audio equipment, filming the site, and capturing the b-roll.

 Interviews: The video production crew usually chat with the interviewee to put them at ease, and the conversation flows naturally. They make sure that the interviewee feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The interviewee should be prepared before the shoot day by making written notes and clearly explaining what to say to the camera. These interviews are always organized in a controlled setting with a beautiful background where all distractions can be eliminated. The number of people is kept to a minimum, and all laptops, phones and electronic devices are turned off.


Post Production

The post-production phase involves a ton of professionals, more than any other time in the filmmaking process. It is the final phase of video making that holds the video together. It involves several professionals like sound designers, editors, colourists, foley and artists. They have to follow the same universal standard practices across features, televisions, and other visual mediums. The post-production process can vary depending on the project size, budget, etc.


The post-production workflow goes like this:

Having reliable storage, picture editing, secure music, sound editing and mixing, visual effects, colour correction, gathering distribution materials, titles, graphics and credits and making a trailer.

Once all the elements are recorded, the post-production process starts, where the video production team organizes, selects, plans and edits the video content to create the desired video. All the footage will be carefully reviewed, listened to, and transcribed, and the music will be selected to match the style of the video. Then, the process of piecing all the elements together will start.

The post-production phase usually includes scene selection, recording voiceover, syncing or editing the interviews, creating intros and outros, music selection, after effects and text animation, and producing the final story for review. The video production company will send the first draft to the client for review and feedback.

To avoid any additional edit fees, it is important that all the amends are gathered and sent back in one email. After the video is approved, the production team will export the video to its final format and share it with the client, after which it will be available to the pre-agreed channel for broadcasting.



These are the various production and post-production  steps involved in a video production that makes a perfect video.

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