How to Create a Compelling Script for Your Corporate Video?

Jack Delaney
May 17, 2024

Setting the stage for your corporate video starts with a script.

But the script isn’t just words written on a page. 

It’s the secret sauce which spices up your project's success.

Picture this – your script as the engaging host of your video party, setting the tone, inviting the right emotions and ensuring every guest leaves feeling better for having attended.

So, how do you write a corporate video script which delivers?

Should you rely on a tried-and-tested template, or is it better to craft something fresh from scratch? 

Let’s find out.

5 Simple Steps to Writing Effective Corporate Video Scripts

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers, video is vital to their approach. 

So, your storyline should be effective, irrespective of the approach you are using to write your video script. 

While a corporate video script template can provide a helpful starting point, writing your script allows for a tailored approach which can convey the unique brand voice. 

Here’s how to pen down a script which'll keep your audience glued to their screens.

Know What You Want

A well-written script brief sets the tone for a great video. 

It clarifies your objectives and sharpens your understanding of your target audience.

Why is a video brief so vital? 

It helps you:

  • Pinpoint the purpose of your video
  • Define the action you want viewers to take after watching
  • Understand your audience’s online behaviors and preferences
  • Determine the core message which will add value for your viewers
  • Choose the most effective distribution channels for your content

What can you do with these deeper insights?

You can empathise more effectively with your audience and create a video marketing story arc which engages them and compels them to act.

In the end, it’s about creating content which is not just seen but felt.

Writing Your Script

Once you’ve laid the groundwork with your video brief, turn those insights into a script which speaks directly to your audience.

Remember, you are not writing a simple script, you are conversing. 

Speak in a Language Your Audience Understands

Always write in the language of your audience. Whether B2C or B2B, internal or external, drop the jargon and the corporate speak. 

The tone should be simple, conversational, and relatable, even if you are in a complex niche like banking or healthcare.

Just imagine you’re explaining your product over a casual cuppa with a friend.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Let’s spill the beans of the video industry. 

Less is usually more.

Aim for a script which is tight and to the point. 

Our rule of thumb?

If a segment of your script doesn’t offer value or push the narrative forward, it’s just taking up space.

Aim to keep your video within 2–3 minutes sweet spot, depending on the content type.

More Than Words

A video script isn’t just dialogue. 

It’s a blueprint for what will happen visually and audibly. 

Note down the action, any sound effects, music cues, and camera moves.

It helps everyone visualise the final ensemble and ensure your message is heard, felt, and experienced.

Script Readings

Once you’ve penned a decent video script, it’s time to give it a voice.

But why is it important to read your video script?

The reading process reveals how the script will sound when spoken. It’s all well and good having your video script on paper, but the true test comes when you read it aloud.

If you find yourself stumbling or the text sounds forced, you have to fill in the gap and make adjustments.

Focus on the following key aspects during your readings:

  • How long does it take to deliver your script? You want to keep your audience engaged, not watching the clock.
  • Are you hitting the right notes at the right times? Ensure the voice aligns with the intended message of the script.
  • Listen for any phrases which you feel are awkward to say. These are signs the script might need simplifying or rephrasing.

As you read through the script, identify sections which feel off or disrupt the flow. 

But what’s the limit?

Continue refining and editing your script until you can read it smoothly from start to finish. 

Make It Better Till the Last Breath

Crafting the pitch-perfect script for your corporate video requires patience, precision, and a fair bit of revisiting.

You might ask, if we followed all the required steps, then why do we need to refine or re-tweak?

In a corporate setting where multiple stakeholders often weigh in, several rounds of tweaks and re-tweaks usually follow. 

Also, to ensure your final script is ready for production, you must compare it against the original video brief.

Here are key questions to guide your review:

  • Does the script align with its intended objectives?
  • Does it speak to my audience?
  • Is the core message crystal clear?
  • Does the narrative flow logically and engage the viewer?
  • Is the mix of sound and visuals spot-on?
  • Is there a strong call to action which prompts the viewer to respond?
  • Is the script as lean as it can be?
  • Does it fit the time slot for our chosen platforms?

If you find yourself answering “no” to any of these questions, it's a signal to revise and improve.

Polish the script until it shines, checking it against every point on your brief.

Lights, Camera, Action!

With a great video script, it’s time you start with your corporate video production.

But before you jump into the video production, here’s a sneak peek to verify your corporate video script structure:

  • Introduction: Start with a strong hook and state your core message.
  • Identify the challenge: Clearly define the problem or opportunity.
  • Present your solution: Introduce your product or service with flair.
  • Details: Explain how it works in simple, bite-sized pieces.
  • Benefits: Highlight the key advantages succinctly.
  • Trust builders: Mention well-known companies which use your product to enhance credibility.
  • Case studies (for longer scripts): Include 1–3 brief examples of successful implementation.
  • Conclusion: Quickly recap the problem and the solution.
  • Call to action: Direct the audience on what to do next – visit a website, call a number, etc.

Now you are ready to roll up your sleeves and prepare for the magic of production.

This is the phase where your planning comes to life and your effective corporate video script transforms into visual storytelling.

So, gather your crew. From directors and camera operators to sound engineers and editors, ensure you have the right talent in the right roles.

Create a detailed schedule which outlines when and where each scene of the video content will be shot.

Remember: Professionals handling the video production task can deliver you the best results.

That’s where Simply Thrilled got you covered.

Setting Up the Final Frame with Simply Thrilled

As you prepare to roll cameras, remember that every great video begins with a clear vision and ends with meticulous execution. 

With Simply Thrilled, you have a partner who understands this journey from the first spark of inspiration to the final cut.

Whether it’s corporate videos or social media videos, our corporate video production services can help you convert your corporate video brief into a visually compelling story. 

Our team has experience working with professional brands, so there’s no compromise in the commitment and the sweat we put into a project. 

So, what’s making you wait?

Let’s make your message move!

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