Types of Corporate Video Production: Why You Should Hire A Corporate Video Production Company?

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December 5, 2023

Video marketing is becoming more important than ever for most businesses. Hence, corporate video production companies are now quickly adopting video content strategies. Some of them even have in-house production teams. But, hiring a corporate video production company can be the best option for making these videos.

Corporate video production is the creation of videos by companies for internal or external marketing purposes. Hiring corporate video production companies can help you create the best video by capturing company footage, filming events, creating marketing video material, etc.


Types of Corporate Videos

● Origin Story: This showcases how a company was founded and includes information about its founding members, the motivation behind starting the company and any early challenges or successes they faced. Your company can create corporate origin stories to build your brand identity and develop a sense of shared history among employees. You can use origin stories to sear your brand into the brains of your customers and investors. Irving stories can help your customers relate to your brand and build trust. So, to create a good story, make sure that it is creative, emotional, authentic and showcases your brand’s vision and purpose.

● Employee onboarding videos are usually used to get new hires proficient with your company protocol, culture/values, and other essentials. Studies have shown that a good onboarding process can boost employee retention and productivity. It makes an employee feel at home and increases their dedication and loyalty to the company.

● Product Launch: a promotional video used to announce a new product or service to generate excitement for a new product and generate sales or leads. Launching a product with an impressionable video can make the product a hit.

● Product demo: These videos showcase the features and functionality of a new product or service. These amazing marketing tools can make your customers visualize the products in their minds and feel their benefits. This will automatically make them want to purchase it.

● Video case study: these videos tell how customers used a product or service to achieve success. Video case studies, along with storytelling sales, hold the power to showcase customer results. A good case study video should be emotional, persuasive and engaging and combine the power of storytelling with showcasing customer results.

● Video testimonials: video testimonials are where customers talk about their experiences using a product or service. The best ones will have the customer include evocative and descriptive language. It should have the customer describe how the product made them feel, passionately explain the results they gained, and rate your product as better than those offered by your competitors.

● Video ads: these are promotional videos made by corporate video production companies for advertising products or services. A good video ad should be able to hook the viewer in the first few seconds, have a clear call to action, keep them glued to the screen, be concise and not have additional filler material, and make your products irresistible.


To Sum Up

Corporate video production has become a critical part of video marketing for most companies. Hence, you should hire professional video production services to come up with the best and most effective results.

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