Best video formats to help engage more people in your business

August 29, 2023

Designing a marketing campaign requires a lot of brainstorming and hard work. If you have decided to involve filming in Nottingham for your newly designed marketing campaign, you must know what type of format you should use. It's okay if you didn't think about it as yet. Here we are with the list of best video formats to help you create the type of hype you want in your audience.

1. Story video format

If you are in the mood for some quick and simple videos, then the storytelling video format is one of the best formats for you to look at. The videos merely last up to 30 seconds and can help you introduce your new product or service to the social media audience out there. Yes, this layout is preferred mainly for social media video content, and if you think you don't have a professional eye to capture the best moments, you can always hire the professionals. 

2. Montage

If you are in the mood to advertise your brand with the help of a few testimonials and want to show the audience what you are, then it's best for you to choose the format of a montage. You can prefer filming it in Nottingham and combine different clippings together to make a beautiful montage. This is a way to introduce your company and a great way to picture your beautiful journey throughout the years of existence.

3. Brand video format

Professionally filming your brand's video can be one of the best ways to boost your marketing strategy. It doesn't matter if you are new in the industry, trying to establish a new product, or introducing yourself in a new industry. Filming in Nottingham can give you really impactful results to your audience. Make sure to get it designed in a compatible way. You should be able to upload it anywhere you want without facing landscape or portrayed mode problems. If you plan video filming for one particular platform, make sure to follow what suits you the best over there.

4. Case study and testimonials video format

Your customers are very eager to know what made you want to design a fantastic video for the brand. One has to make sure to involve the purpose and specification of the brand. You can do this by formatting your video in a case study and testimonial video format. Here you establish your brand with the help of other customers and people who have been associated with you for a longer time. You can even record the best incidents your customers came across while they were associated with you.

If you have been newly introduced to the video file types and formats in your business and are worried about which one should be used that is compatible with all the devices, you should know that it's better to convert all the videos to MP4 file type. This video file type works with all the devices and players so, even if your video is being opened on a device with no media player, the browser will be happy to help you.

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