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Corporate video can sometimes get a bad rep for being cringy, boring, dull… you get the general idea. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, at the Nottingham-based creative video agency Simply Thrilled, we think all video content can and should be engaging, informative,  and beautiful, whether it’s outwards-facing for your potential customers, or inwards-facing to your team and broader organisation.

A strong corporate video is a vital part of your business. It can market your products and services, convey the values and messaging of your brand, and deliver training and internal communications in a more engaging manner than a static document, presentation or image. For us, making a stellar corporate film means approaching it with the same tenacity and dedication you’d use to make a Hollywood film, and much of the same equipment. To engage the viewer with important information you want to communicate, your video must be incisive, timely and compelling.

Sounds overwhelming? Fear not, because Simply Thrilled creates corporate videos that have…

  • Impact - Our winning portfolio has gained a stunning 53 million views online, with 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments across the board. This means that audiences are not only viewing our films, but engaging with and loving them. The potential impact of corporate video can be immense, and Simply Thrilled knows how to inform and engage viewers with style.
  • Expertise - Simply Thrilled has a range of expansive video production services in its wheel-house, from storyboarding and 3D animation to emotive storytelling and competitor strategy. We have the expertise and experience to not only develop a first-class concept, but to market it across relevant platforms so that it can thrive. Using our proprietary ViralPixel technology, we comb the digital space to ascertain exactly when, where, and how to bring your video to audiences.
  • Technology - Alongside the social intelligence matrix of ViralPixel, Simply Thrilled uses cutting-edge technology to bring an swish sophistication to every video we create. Cinema and broadcast-quality cameras are simply a standard, and we top it off with 2d and 3d animation as well as motion graphics to bring a unique flare to any explainer, brand film, or advert.
  • Reputation - When we talk about our reputation, we think that our portfolio speaks for itself. Simply Thrilled has collaborated with impressive brands like Universal, the NHS, Nottingham Rugby (and many more) and our thrilled clients have left us shining 5-star reviews on Google.

There’s nothing more damaging to the reputation and efficacy of a business, brand, or service than poor-quality corporate videos. Corporate videos are crucial in the digital age as the backbone of the communication strategy in the most innovative companies and brands. Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled is always armed with fresh ideas to bring magic to any challenge thrown our way.

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