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What is videography, and why should I care about it? If those are the questions you’re asking, look no further, because Simply Thrilled has the answer. The benefits of a top-notch videographer are limitless! Videography is a skill which combines the art of composition, lighting and camera movement technique with the science of exposure, depth-of-field and frame-rates . Luckily for you, we have videography geniuses in our toolbox and bring that expertise to every creative project.

You can use videography for:

  • Capturing an event, whether it’s a corporate expo or a product launch
  • Testimonials from customers 
  • Demonstrating your product or service
  • A tour around your office

Videography is essentially the art of capturing moving images with digital devices. It might sound similar to cinematography, and while the two fields certainly overlap, videography is the modern digital equivalent of cinematography’s century-old tradition. Videography is about the digital age, capturing crisp, sophisticated content through video, not film celluloid. Videographers are wizards when it comes to this, and we at Simply Thrilled know exactly how to bring the benefits of videography alive.

Videography at Simply Thrilled means...

  • Strategy - Videography requires thoughtful and creative planning at all stages, from concept development to pre-production to the final tweaks during post-production. We want to provide you with the whole package and our fabulous team has experience in so many levels of creative planning and execution including but not limited to storyboarding, pre-production, post production, delivery and distribution for commercial, and creative projects.
  • Results - We aim for beauty, practicality, and suitability in all of our creative videos, and the impact of this dedication is clear in the results we get from our work. Over 50 million people have viewed our projects, garnering 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. Our clients are kind enough to leave us gleaming 5-star reviews on Google, and we wear our reputation like a badge of honour.
  • Expertise - Our team is bursting with ideas and guarantees at least four fresh and unique concepts in response to every open brief we receive. We keep things modern, refined, and breathtaking at Simply Thrilled, using our knowledge and technology to your advantage. Using cinema and broadcast-quality equipment is a no-brainer, but our social intelligence technology ViralPixel puts us a head above the rest. ViralPixel allows us to study audiences and markets through over 500 metrics to tailor video projects to their exact needs.
  • Beauty - Of course, videography means beauty. Even simple, internal corporate videos should be beautiful, enticing the viewer to watch, learn, and remember your message, brand, or service. Our portfolio with the NHS, Bose, Universal, and many more proves that we know how to make our videos look and feel stunning. Videography entails a lot of technical know-how, but rest assured that we bring clarity and sophistication with aerial drone technology, timelapse, hyperlapse and much more.

It’s time to take the videography of your next creative project to the next level. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Nottingham-based video production agency Simply Thrilled always shoots to thrill, bewitching clients and audiences with style and precision.

Let us use our videography talents on your next project. Get started today with Simply Thrilled.


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