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Nottingham is positively bursting with creative talent. We benefit from creative minds like Susanna Clarke and Lord Byron and cultural icons like Vicky McClure and today’s creatives are continuing to demonstrate why Nottinghamshire produces groundbreaking talent. Speaking of talent, videographers are the wizards of the digital age, shooting top-notch video content with an eye for what audiences love and a heart filled with creative zeal. But finding the best videographers can be hard (probably because they’re all here, at Simply Thrilled!)

Simply Thrilled is a video production company in Nottingham, and we like making magical films for nice people. Our excellent creative team is filled with editors, copywriters, soundies, and, you guessed it, videographers. Videography is a huge part of what we do, and our videographers are true geniuses when it comes to making your video look phenomenal.

What is a videographer? What do videographers do? If these are questions you’re asking, look no further, because we have the answers. At Nottingham’s friendliest video production company, Simply Thrilled, the expertise and bountiful experience of our videographers is our bread and butter. We love to bring their talents to creative projects, from promotional videos to corporate explainers to adverts and beyond. Our videography team can do it all.

Defined simply, videographers are people who, you guessed it, film things with a video camera. But videographers are video wizards, and a lot goes into the filming process: framing, focus, frame-rate, movement, depth-of-field, perspective, eye-line, colour temperature, white-balance... Not to mention the planning and editing stages! Videographers need to be able to capture breathtaking visuals using a myriad of technical methods, all with the aim of developing creative content that packs a punch.

The Nottingham based videographers at Simply Thrilled guarantee...

  • Expertise - Our videographers are the best of the best when it comes to generating fresh ideas for our clients. Our work with Bose, the NHS, Nottingham Rugby, and Underdog Records (to name a few) proves the merit of our talent. We promise to bring at least four fantastic concepts to every open creative brief you hand over, ensuring that our expertise and your product, brand, or service can shine through edge-of-your-seat concepts.
  • Results - Our content has been viewed by a mind-boggling 53 million people, garnering over 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. We don’t mean to brag, but clearly we know what makes people tick, and always aim to bring results to our creative projects. To us, the best way for results is through blinding insight, deft strategy and canny creative. Our ideas and concepts always keep those factors in mind to ensure fresh and sophisticated videos that get audiences talking.
  • Strategy - We use social intelligence data to sculpt our creative projects into well-oiled machines that engage and inspire audiences. Our proprietary ViralPixel technology enables us to scan the digital space using a 500-element matrix to figure out what audiences are watching and how to reach them. Gathering insights on competitor behaviour and market trends is vital to make videos that audiences will watch and share.
  • Visuals - Whether you’re filming a promo or an educational video, you benefit from fresh idea generation and top-notch technology. We embrace cinema- and broadcast-quality cameras, drone photography, 2D and 3D animation, and so much more. Your creative project will be visually stunning when our videographers get their hands (and cameras) on it, making content that audiences will love.

Videographers bring skill and passion to every project, and at Simply Thrilled, we always shoot to thrill. We work with the best videographers Nottingham has to offer to create fresh and compelling productions that bring excitement and engagement to any creative brief thrown our way. 

Videographers are an integral part of our team at Simply Thrilled, and working with us, you’ll soon realise why. In the digital age, high-quality video is a must, and our videographers understand that. Based in Nottingham but serving the wider East Midlands, we channel our city’s creative legacy to build films that you love to watch and we love to create.

Get in touch today to discover what the videographers at Simply Thrilled can bring to your next creative video.


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