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A video production company should be a collective of brilliant and inspiring creative figures all aiming to make videos audiences won’t forget. A video production company should be jam-packed with first-class directors, cinematographers, editors animators, and more. And at Simply Thrilled that’s what we work our hardest towards, every day. Using cinema and broadcast-level cameras, canny creativity and social intelligence research to develop video content that blows people away. 

Simply Thrilled is a Nottingham-based video production company working in the East Midlands, including Leicester, Derby, and Lincoln - and beyond. We know what makes brands and audiences tick and want to bring our creative savvy to your next video project. We shoot to thrill at every step of the production process, and believe the possibilities truly are endless when you have the prestige of a creative city like Nottingham on your side.

Simply Thrilled is Nottingham’s hardest-working video production company. We guarantee…

  • Strategy - Video production isn’t just about the development, production, and post-production. Without the strategy behind every creative choice that is made you’re firing blind. Simply Thrilled is a video production agency with a sophisticated strategy for reaching audiences that is fuelled by ViralPixel, our proprietary technology which provides insights into market trends, audience preferences, and more, allowing us to create videos that audiences love.
  • Results - Thanks to ViralPixel and the creative experience of our team, Simply Thrilled has a portfolio that has reached over 53 million views online. This huge number is supported by all-important engagement in the form of 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. Basically, our video productions get results.
  • Creativity - Creativity and strategy are our bread and butter. We guarantee at least four fresh and fitting concepts for every open brief we receive, ensuring our creative muscles get to work hard and that you get a flexible range of ideas for your next video project. Idea generation at Simply Thrilled is fuelled by the audience insights of ViralPixel and the brain sparking tenacity of our team, who work hard so your film can work harder.
  • Reputation - Simply Thrilled is bursting with eons of experience. It’s that know-how that has built our reputation to where it is today. Past clients have left us over forty 5-star reviews on Google so it’s no surprise that so many big brands want to work with us, from the NHS to Universal to Boots.

Nottingham has plenty of video production companies to choose from, but we think we’ve shown the difference we can bring to the table. Simply Thrilled sprinkles magic to create films that thrill audiences. Whether you want an engaging event video or an arresting recruitment video, we bring style and knowledge to every stage of the video production process.

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