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When you need to make a first-class video that audiences love, finding a video production company with strategic expertise and creativity is essential. Fortunately, you’re in the right place to find this and more. Simply Thrilled is a Nottingham-based video production company with the ideas and reputation you need to create an amazing video. Whether you’re developing an advert, promotional video or explainer video, Simply Thrilled always shoots to thrill.

In today’s digital age, a video is vital for bringing in audiences and customers. The vibrant form allows your brand, service, or product to shine, using storytelling combined with visual flair to make an impact. Simply Thrilled is Nottingham’s friendliest video production agency, our key difference is we use social intelligence data to fuel creative decisions. 

Simply Thrilled is a video production company with...

  • Results - Our portfolio is varied but always sophisticated, and has amassed a stunning 50 million views online! We also bring in the engagement in the form of 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. People love our content just as much as we love making it. Simply Thrilled ensures your video will always make an impact.
  • Expertise - Simply Thrilled is a collective of creatives who know their stuff. From sound experts to animation wizards, from drone pilots to savvy editors, we have every tool and skill you could want to make your video shine. Cinema and broadcast-grade cameras are a standard, and we excel in bringing at least four original and analytics-driven ideas to every open brief we receive. Simply Thrilled is all about expertise, and we offer nothing less than the best.
  • Reputation - We’ve been lucky enough to earn an enviable reputation. Serving Nottingham and the wider East Midlands, including Derby, Lincoln, and Leicester, we have worked with massive brands and organisations like Bose, Universal, and the NHS, and local organisations like Bromley House and Nottingham Rugby. Our thrilled clients have left us over forty 5-star reviews on Google. We get the job done and our clients know it.
  • Strategy - Getting the attention of an audience is a challenge, but Simply Thrilled is miles ahead of the rest with our proprietary social intelligence technology ViralPixel. ViralPixel sweeps the web with a matrix of 500-elements to discover what audiences are watching. We plug this data into our imagination machines to generate fresh and unexpected ideas that audiences love.

Nottingham is the creative hub of the East MIdlands. We have art, insight, science, and magical creativity on our side, and Simply Thrilled wants to channel that energy into your next video project. We shoot to thrill and our portfolio is bursting with examples of our stellar work.

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