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Video marketing is a ferocious beast to tackle. Video has utterly transformed the marketing world, bringing new possibilities, new technology, and new strategies to the ways in which products, services, and brands are promoted to audiences. Although digital video is relatively new to the centuries-old marketing game, audiences absolutely love watching, sharing, and talking about video, so the potential to make an impact is immense. 

But video marketing is much more than the video itself. It’s also about how you share the video, and to whom. A video alone might be able to bring in new customers, but the market is already bursting with fresh and exciting new content and competition increases with every second. To truly make a splash in the wide, wide ocean of content, you need strategy and data to back up your creative decisions.

Simply Thrilled, Nottingham’s friendly creative video agency, knows this. Simply Thrilled means…

  • Results - Results are a key part of our creative vision. With over 50 million views of our videos, we know how to create content that audiences want to watch and talk about. Our viewers have liked our videos over 900 thousand times and left over 80 thousand comments, proving that we know how to create hits, no matter the subject of the project.
  • Expertise - Simply Thrilled is a collective of creative experts with more experience than you can shake a stick at. We’re masters when it comes to animation and motion graphics, drone filming, and more, authorities on idea generation, and old hands at audience strategy. Our unique ViralPixel technology sweeps the digital space and analyses audience preferences, brand insights, and market trends to create a recipe for strategic success.
  • Creativity - We can guarantee at least four innovative, funky, and/or refined (you get to pick!) ideas for every single open creative brief we’re given. That way, our creative muscles get a real workout, and you get only the best and most original concepts for your project. Creativity is in our veins at Simply Thrilled and we aim to blow your mind with what we can come up with.
  • Reputation - The reputation of the video agency collaborating to create your next project is just as important as the reputation of your own brand. Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled has a truly enviable reputation, one that has garnered us over forty 5-star reviews from clients who can’t help but sing our praise. There’s a reason we’ve worked with powerhouses like Universal, The Guardian, and the University of Nottingham. It’s because people trust that we have the passion and the skills to make first-class films.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, because Simply Thrilled is a video production agency which understands marketing down to the very last detail. Video has completely transformed the way organisations engage with audiences, and that means you need creativity and ingenuity to capture and retain the attention of your potential audience.

To make sure that your video hits the market running, you need two things. 1) A stellar creative team with ideas that audiences love, and 2) a creative team who understands marketing strategy on an data-driven scale. Simply Thrilled has both of these things, and then some. Why settle for anything but the best when you could experience first-hand why our videos have achieved millions of views and interactions.

Engaging audiences in today’s crowded video marketplace is no easy task. But video marketing is made intuitive and creative at Simply Thrilled, where we bring marketing strategy and compelling creativity together.

Contact us today to find out how we can leave you (and your audiences) Simply Thrilled.


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