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Video editing services in Nottingham and London, serving clients across the UK and beyond.

Editing can make or break a video. Think we’re being dramatic? We’re being deadly serious! Editing is a secret weapon and an art form, so much so that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars!) gives out an award for Best Editing each year. So yeah, editing is a big deal. It’s also known as the invisible art-form, because when it’s done perfectly you often don’t even notice it’s done at all, it’s seamless.

Simply Thrilled, Nottingham’s friendly video production agency, knows this. We respect editing as an art and a science, and we want to bring that energy and expertise to your next project. Whether you’re aiming to shoot a communications piece, an advert, or a corporate explainer, we have the imagination and the skills needed to edit it to perfection.

Video editing at Simply Thrilled means…

  • Sophistication - Editing means balancing pace, tone, and the overall narrative, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats while also conveying a storyline in a way that does your film or video justice. This is true no matter what kind of video you want to create. We use cinema and broadcast-quality cameras as a standard, as well as drone photography, animation, and more to bring class and style to your project.
  • Results - We get results through social intelligence data. Our proprietary ViralPixel technology sweeps the web with a 500-element matrix to give us insights into who is watching, what they are watching, and how we can reach them. And if you haven’t already been convinced of our editing success, take a gander at the impact our work has made. Our portfolio has garnered over 50 million views online, plus 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. That’s a lot of buzz!
  • Expertise - We have the experience and the portfolio to prove how collaborative, imaginative, and hardworking we are. Our expertise covers a huge range of important video production services, and we edit with only the best software to pack a punch to every video we create. Whether you want a calming, flowing narrative or a fast-paced and exciting film, we know how to develop a video audiences will love.
  • Reputation - Working with us means you and your brand, product, or service are joining the ranks of our esteemed previous clients which include big organisations like Universal, Island Records, and Creative Scotland. Our clients regularly leave us shining 5-star reviews on Google. We know what we’re doing and are proud of it.

We can’t promise any Oscars will be coming our way when we collaborate with you but we can guarantee the results you want. Simply Thrilled is a collective of first-rate creatives with the know-how to bring their a-game to every project, and we are eager to work with you on yours.

Contact us today, and let us leave you Simply Thrilled.


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