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The world of advertising can be a scary one. There are so many platforms, tools, metrics, approaches and techniques to get your head around. Video advertising can be a wiley beast to grapple with but fear not; Simply Thrilled is armed and poised to lead your video into the world of advertising with its head held high.

In today’s crowded digital space, a product, service, or brand by itself might not be able to capture the attention of an audience. You need advertising to draw in potential customers. Luckily, video advertising is one of the best ways to reel in their interest. Crisp visuals paired with well-chosen music and a strong message can all be intertwined in video ads, avoiding the static nature of some mediums to stand out amidst the crowd. Today’s audiences love video, whether it’s on traditional platforms like TV or the cinema, or digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok or digital billboards. 

Simply Thrilled believes video advertising should be:

  • Sophisticated - We aren’t just shooting into the dark here at Simply Thrilled. Instead, we use social intelligence through our proprietary technology ViralPixel to gain insights into what audiences want. Using this data, we can finetune which trends to follow for your brand, bringing together science and art for slick results.
  • Concise - Most video advertising is about getting bang for your buck—using minimalism and simplicity to convey a great message. Video adverts should be beautiful and unique, but this aspect shouldn’t drown out the service, product, or brand you’re trying to inform the audience about. Fortunately we know how to make adverts that pop, and have done for clients such as Boots and Universal.
  • Eye-catching - Video ads are extremely versatile not only in subject matter and tone but in where they can thrive on the worldwide web. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, video draws in audiences through hooking them with simple, powerful messages. Making an eye-catching video ad means beautiful animations and motion graphics and bold live-action: who could have expected a food fight in our ad for Nutracheck?
  • Informative - At its core, an advert should tell an audience how the product/service advertised will help them, and why it’s the best solution in the market. We balance storytelling with sellability to really pack a punch and get these two crucial things across with verve.

Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled is well-aware of what makes a great video advert. We are eager to use our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to make your next video advert all this and more. Our enviable 50 million views online prove we know what makes audiences tick.

We know that video adverts need to engage audiences quickly and maintain that interest to boost audience retention. That’s why we bring at least four ideas to every open creative brief, use science and data to back-up how we generate concepts, and bring together technology and artistry to develop video advertising that thrills.

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